Episode 7.12: Lost Horizon


Tuesday, September 8, 1970 (day after Labor Day)
Don arrives at McCann, apparently his second day there. Meredith greets him, he’s staying at the Plaza and he has a new apartment. While packing for him, she’s found personal items of his and hands him an envelope that includes cash, his Social Security card, and Anna’s/Megan’s diamond ring. She reminds him he’s taking Sally back to school tomorrow.

After she leaves the office, Don hears whistling wind and realizes his window is loose.

Harry is supervising the dismantling of the computer room. Roger comes up. Harry is thrilled with the move; Roger rejects Harry’s attempt to be friendly.

Shirley lets Roger know she’s resigned because advertising isn’t a comfortable industry for blacks. She thanks him.

Two female copywriters, Libby Blum and Karen Schmidt, come to welcome Joan, soliciting work on her “female” accounts. Joan says the accounts they want are Peggy’s. They invite her for drinks after work.

Peggy comes in with a box of her stuff. She takes it back to her office, where she finds Ed. She explains her office at McCann isn’t ready. He says he’s not going to McCann and doesn’t have a job, so he’s hanging around making long distance phone calls. She gives him work to do for Dow.

Don comes to see Hobart, Ferg Donnelly is there. Hobart tells him about upcoming meetings, including with Conrad Hilton. They’ve also got Miller, which is introducing a low-calorie beer aimed at men.

Hobart says getting Don was something he’s wanted for ten years.

Joan and Dennis are on the phone with Avon. Dennis interrupts her repeatedly and proves he hasn’t read the brief, inadvertently insulting the client. She’s upset with him, and corrects him on several things. He’s offended and storms out.

Peggy’s apartment
Peggy is watching TV and eating when Marsha, her secretary, comes to the door. She explains that McCann thought she was a secretary and that she can work in the secretarial pool until it’s straightened out. Peggy says she’ll work at SC&P until she has an office.

Wednesday, September 9
Joan warmly greets Don in the elevator. When she says it’s been a little rough, he offers to interfere on her behalf even though he doesn’t know what’s wrong. She declines.

Meredith has put together a decorating idea board for Don’s new apartment. She declines his offer to pay her to be his decorator, and reminds him he has lunch with Miller Beer.

Joan greets Pete and Ferg, who are heading to a Sears meeting. Pete is thrilled to see her and wants her on Sears. She asks to speak with Ferg. She says the client didn’t like Dennis and Ferg says he’ll take care of it.

Ed is speaking Japanese on her phone when Peggy arrives. He gives her a message from Stan, who’s at McCann. The art he did for Dow is offensive, she tells him it’s unacceptable. He quits. The overhead lights go out. He asks her to call him when she’s settled and leaves.

Don is surprised at the size of the meeting; it’s a room full of creative directors. Don hears the phrase which Hobart used to describe him (“bring us up a notch”) quoted to Ted. Bill Philips of Conley Research introduces himself, and then leads the meeting. He describes their target beer-drinking customer. Don looks out the window at an airplane, seems to make a decision, and gets up and leaves. The meeting continues. Ted, watching Don leave, smiles.

In her office, Joan unpacks a bag lunch. Ferg comes in. He doesn’t like that she pushed Dennis around and implies Peggy won’t be supervising anyone. But then he says that now it’s just Joan and him on her accounts. He implies strongly that sex with him is part of it, and then indicates she won’t be given any new accounts.

The Francis residence: Rye, NY
Don arrives to pick up Sally. Betty is reading Freud in the kitchen. Sally has already left for school with her friend. Don didn’t get the message.

She’s achy from carrying books – yesterday was registration. He rubs her neck and they are warm with each other. He asks about the boys, but they won’t be back until evening. He decides to leave.

Peggy is trying to make instant coffee without any kitchen equipment, heating the mug on the burner. She burns her hand and drops the full cup of coffee, leaving it on the floor.

Cross Bronx Expressway/I95 South
Don, driving, sees his exit and stays on 95 instead, which will take him towards 80 West.

Joan’s apartment: Greenwich Village
Joan is in bed with Richard. He indicates Gail is away with Kevin. He wants her to take off work and go away with him. She’s short with him and explains she has trouble at work with “the wrong person”. She doesn’t want to quit because they owe her half a million dollars.

Highway near Cleveland
Don is listening to the car radio. He hears Cleveland news, then starts hallucinating Bert Cooper, telling Bert he’s going to Racine, Wisconsin. “Bert” tells him he shouldn’t chase the waitress. Don responds that he’s “riding the rails.”

Thursday, September 10
Peggy hears the pay phone ringing in the hall. It’s Marsha. They got her an office; Peggy says she’ll head right over. Then she hears organ music and starts looking to see where it’s coming from, finding Roger playing the organ.

Roger wants a drink and there’s no liquor left, she offers vermouth left over from the Cinzano campaign.

Joan gets a gift from Ferg, with the note “pick a weekend”.

Jim Hobart finds Meredith at Don’s desk and presses her for information on his whereabouts. Meredith stonewalls.

A roadside
Don is pulled over by the side of the road, gets out to relieve himself.

Peggy and Roger are drinking. She tries to get away to go to McCann, he gives her Cooper’s painting and persuades her to stay. He’s sad about letting go of his company, she’s excited about the future. As she drinks, she starts to get giggly.

Racine, WI
Don rings a doorbell, asking for Mrs. Baur. He introduces himself as Bill Philips of Conley Research and says that Mrs. Diana Baur has won a contest.  She invites him in, saying that’s her husband’s ex-wife. While he waits, Diana’s daughter speaks to him.

Joan comes to see Jim Hobart. She asks for help, reminding him that she was a partner, and indicating that Ferg isn’t a good match for her accounts. Hobart is pleasant but unmoved. The conversation quickly becomes adversarial; he doesn’t care about her “little stake” or her former status. She threatens him with the EEOC and the ACLU. He offers to buy out her partnership for fifty cents on the dollar, she says no, he kicks her out.

Racine, WI
When Mr. Baur comes home, he immediately knows that Diana didn’t win a contest. Don then says he’s with a collection agency and demands Diana’s whereabouts. After being told only that she’s in New York, Don leaves. Baur follows him to the car, telling him he knows he’s not a collection agent, and sayng Diana left a “trail of bodies” behind her; Don isn’t the first to come looking.

Drunk, Roger plays the organ while Peggy roller skates.

The road
Don drives.

Friday, September 11
Roger comes to see Hobart, Hobart is furious at everyone from SC&P; Don is missing and he wants to fire Joan.

Peggy walks in wearing sunglasses, with Cooper’s painting under her arm.

When Joan arrives, Roger is in her office. He advises her to take the money Hobart offered. She argues at first, but then tells Roger to tell Hobart he has a deal, taking her pictures and her Rolodex.

The road
Don passes a tractor, then picks up a hitchhiker and says he can take him to St. Paul.

The closing song, Space Oddity, plays.

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