Episode 7.10: The Forecast


Three consecutive weekdays in June, 1970

Day One (a weekday)
Don’s Upper East Side apartment
Don’s realtor, Melanie, lets herself into his apartment and finds patio furniture in the living room. She finds him still in bed. They had agreed he would have the apartment ready for her to show before work, so he scrambles to get ready, moves the furniture back to the patio, and leaves.

Los Angeles: The Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Joan is woken by a collect call from her mother, who puts Kevin on the phone.

Roger asks Don to meet with him. Roger has been invited to a McCann retreat in the Bahamas for presidents of the subsidiary companies. Roger wants Don to write a report on the future of SC&P.

SC&P West
Joan greets Lou Avery at the Los Angeles office. He’s on the way out. They are interviewing job candidates and the first one doesn’t come in until noon. He’s disinterested in meeting with her in advance.

Don is shaving while Meredith takes notes on the forecast report. Peggy comes in and tells him she needs his sign-off on the Peter Pan cookie work.

In the conference room, Peggy, Mathis, Ed, and Pete are there for the cookie presentation. Don doesn’t like the work and asks if they have something else. They do. Ed has misgivings, but Don says it’ll work and to prepare it.

SC&P West
Lou is late getting back for the first interview, with Jim McCloud. Dee reveals he’s meeting with Hanna-Barbera about “Scout’s Honor” (and not about SC&P work). A man walks in, Joan asks if he’s McCloud, he says yes, and she begins chatting with him. Then Lou walks in with McCloud, and the man confesses his name is Richard Burghoff, and he said he was McCloud just to talk to Joan. He asks her to dinner.

The Francis home, Rye, NY
With Betty’s supervision, Sally is signing traveler’s checks in preparation for her “Teen Tour” trip. They joke around.

Don’s apartment
Melanie says that Don’s apartment won’t sell because it’s too sad. Don gives her an imaginative way to pitch the sale.

Day Two (a weekday)
The Beverly Wilshire
Joan and Richard are in bed together, she says she has an early flight. He wants her to cancel her flight and stay, and starts describing the traveling they could do. He’s retired, divorced, and has money. She declines, saying she loves her work, and denying she has children when he asks.

Don asks Meredith to find the press release from when SCD&P was founded, then he brings donuts and coffee in to Ted. He picks Ted’s brain about the future. Ted’s dreams are for bigger accounts: oil, or even a pharmaceutical.

Joan takes a call from Richard, he’s in New York. She suggest they meet at the Oak Room.

While Don is at the candy machine, Pete and Peggy come out, arguing over the Peter Pan cookie account. Ed and Mathis fought in front of the client and derailed the meeting. Don breaks the fight up and offers their needed next steps.

The Francis home
Glen comes to see Sally. He shakes the maid’s hand. He invites Sally to join him and Paula (a girl he’s with) at Playland. Betty comes out, and greets Sally’s friend without recognizing him. Then she flirts with him.

Glen reveal’s he’s joined the army. Sally is furious with him and refuses to go with them to Playland, storming upstairs. Betty says she’s proud of him.

Don is trying to think about the future, using the Dictaphone.  Mathis comes in. He wants to know how to fix the situation with the Peter Pan account. Don offers advice about using humor instead of a serious apology, giving a situation with Lucky Strike as an example.

The Oak Room
Over dinner, Richard catches Joan checking her watch and asks if she’s married. She says no, but confesses she has a little boy.

The Francis home
Sally leaves a tearful message for Glen. She wants to apologize and say goodbye; she’s leaving on a trip and needs to say goodbye. Glen isn’t back.

Richard’s hotel
Joan calls her sitter, Maureen, to arrange to be able to stay later with Richard. He admits he doesn’t want to be involved with a woman with young children. She leaves.

Peggy comes to Don; Ted told her to do her own performance review, but she wants the feedback. Don starts asking her about the future. She has a goal—first female Creative Director, and he persists in asking “what then?” until she’s upset and leaves.

Day Three (a weekday)
Joan’s apartment
Joan impatiently waits for Maureen. When she arrives, Joan is nasty and tells Maureen she’s ruining her life. She rushes to the door. When Kevin says goodbye, she stops long enough to say goodbye and leaves.

Mathis enters the Peter Pan/Tinkerbell cookie meeting by using Don’s Lucky Strike joke. It falls flat and the client is appalled.

In his office, Don stares out the window, discussing the future with Meredith. Mathis storms in, blaming Don for the joke, and insulting Don, saying ‘guys like him’ never need to apologize. Don fires him.

Joan is told that “Jim McCloud” is there to see her. She finds Richard waiting with flowers, he apologizes and says he wants her in his life, and her son.

Francis home
Glen comes to visit Betty. He asks for a beer, then he makes a pass at Betty. She says she can’t because she’s married. He confesses that the real reason he enlisted is because he flunked out, and that enlisting got him out of trouble with his step-father. He thought the one good thing that would come out of it was that he could win over Betty.

A Chinese restaurant near the Port Authority bus terminal
Don is at dinner with Sally and her friends from school, prior to their departure on Teen Tour. The girls talk about their futures. Carol wants to be a senator, Yolanda wants to be a UN translator. Sally hates being asked what she wants to be. Sarah flirts openly with Don.

Port Authority bus terminal
Don takes the girls to their bus. Sally tells Don she’s disgusted with him for flirting with a 17 year-old. Don says Sarah is “fast,” but Sally says both her parents “ooze” when attention is paid to them. Her goal is to be nothing like them. Don tells her that she is like her parents, and it’s up to her to be more.

Francis home
The boys run through the kitchen. Betty tells them it’s time for bed, although she relents and lets them watch TV. She takes Bobby’s gun and throws it away.

Don’s apartment
When Don gets home, the couple Melanie told him about earlier is signing—he’s sold his apartment. He steps outside and looks stricken.

The closing song plays: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, by Roberta Flack.

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