Episode 7.09: New Business


Sunday, May 24 through Wednesday, May 27, 1970

Sunday, May 24
Rye, NY: The Francis home
Don is making milkshakes with Gene and Bobby when Betty arrives, obviously from a formal affair. Don is dropping the boys off after a weekend. Betty says she is going to be getting her master’s degree in psychology. Don leaves when Henry comes in.

Don’s Upper East Side apartment
Don arrives as the phone is ringing. It’s Megan. She’s sending movers for her things on Wednesday afternoon and is flying out. They discuss the divorce and their lawyers arguing over the settlement amount.

Monday, May 25
Caroline brings Shirley in to meet with Roger, claiming he’s too busy for just one secretary. They are calling someone from Life cereal.

Outside of Don’s office, Harry talks with Meredith about California. When Don comes in, Harry tells him that Megan wants to meet with Harry to find a new agent, and Harry wants to clear it with Don. Don says she’s not his wife and he doesn’t care.

Don then gets a call from someone with a Greek name, which he takes privately.

A restaurant
Don waits at a table and Diana, the waitress from the diner in Severance, comes up, surprised to see him. He was looking for her and wants to see her. He gives her his phone number and leaves.

Peggy and Stan argue over the merits of a photographer, Stan says she was hired just because she was a woman. Then he finds out her name is Pima Ryan, a well-known art photographer who’s never done advertising before. He’s impressed.

Don’s apartment
A phone call wakes Don up. It’s Diana. She’s finished her shift and has a drink in her hand. He invites her over, or says he’ll meet her.

In a suit, Don answers his door. It’s Diana, who jokes that he sleeps in a suit. They kiss.

At some point in the night she wakes him, uncomfortable, but doesn’t want to leave. They talk about their lives. She is from Wisconsin and doesn’t know New York at all.

Tuesday, May 26
Don’s apartment
When he gets out of the shower, Don finds Diana in he door of Sally’s room. He explains his “little girl” is in boarding school, but his boys come every other weekend.

She sits on Sally’s bed, stricken, and explains she has a daughter who died of the flu two years ago.

A studio
Torkleson (the account man) plus Peggy and Stan arrive while Pima is getting the models ready for the photo shoot. Stan is snippy with Pima when Peggy introduces him. When he leaves, Peggy apologizes for him, saying he’s a photographer.

When Don arrives, Roger is hiding in Don’s office, overwhelmed by “two secretaries and three telephones”. Roger explains that Don has to golf with Pete and some reps from Derby Foods. Roger won’t go because Burt Peterson, now at McCann, is the account man.

A messenger arrives with legal documents for Don about the divorce. Roger likens the situation to himself and Jane.

Pima comes upon Stan drawing and says he’s talented. She offers to look at his photographs and give her opinion.

A hotel
Megan arrives at her mother’s hotel. Her sister, Marie-France, wants them to have fun in New York. Megan says it’s not a celebration, but Marie-France is happy to be away from her children.

Don’s apartment building
Don and Diana are in the elevator and Arnold and Sylvia Rosen get in. They are coming from a wedding. Arnie is playfully rude about Don’s love life.

Stan’s apartment
Stan is looking through his portfolio when his girlfriend, a nurse named Elaine, comes home. Stan is stressed that his photography isn’t good, his best work is old. Elaine begins to undress, offering to pose for him.

Don’s apartment
Diana unpacks takeout food for them. They kiss and embrace. She says she is beginning to feel something in her heart.

Wednesday, May 27
Don’s apartment
The phone wakes Don and Diana. He tells her they have to get out of there because Megan and the movers are coming, and reassures her that the divorce is almost over.

When Don arrives, Pete is waiting with golf clubs, and dressed for golf. Don has forgotten and is in a suit. Pete says they can swing by his apartment, but Don says he’ll rent clubs.

Don’s apartment
Megan, Marie, and Marie-France arrive. Marie is full of anger at Don, complaining that he isn’t giving Megan enough. She sees the wine stain on the bedroom carpet and immediately knows it was a woman who drank red wine. Marie-France refers to Megan as a “failure.” Megan is angry.

Megan needs to leave for her lunch appointment with Harry and gives Marie-France the money to pay the movers, specifying the small number of things that are hers. Marie-France is angry and marches out, so Megan gives the money to her mother and leaves.

Pete’s car
Pete complains that they should have stopped by Don’s apartment, and Don explains that Megan is there. Pete is bitter about divorce.

Don’s apartment
Marie has had the movers take all of Don’s furniture. Their truck is full but Marie doesn’t have enough money to pay for it now that the job has changed. Marie calls Don’s office but can’t reach him. Next she calls Roger and demands he come to Don’s apartment with $200 in cash.

Pima comes into the dark room and sees Stan’s photos of Elaine. She suggests that the photos show Elaine doesn’t really trust Stan. She comes close to him and they kiss and begin to undress each other.

Don’s apartment
When Roger arrives, he’s shocked at the empty apartment, asking if Don agreed to this. Marie says he did. She seduces him.

A hotel restaurant
When Harry arrives, Megan has already started drinking. He tells her she’s gorgeous and should be getting lots of roles, and he will definitely help her. Then he makes a pass at her. When she turns him down, he tells her that her attitude about his offer may be exactly why she’s not getting roles. She storms out.

Don’s apartment
Megan arrives, shocked to find it empty of furniture. She sees Roger and is confused. Roger tries to warn Marie, but she comes out, still in the process of getting dressed, and Megan immediately understands what happens. Furious, she leaves.

The moment that Don arrives back from golf, Harry comes in to see him. He asks if Don has spoken to Megan, then tells him that Megan is crazy and likely to say crazy things.

Pima comes in to see Peggy. While they look at the photos from her shoot, Pima attempts to seduce Peggy, who rebuffs her.

An attorney’s office
Don arrives and finds Megan already there, coldly refusing to speak to him. She then begins to berate him, calling him an aging, sloppy liar. He writes her a check for one million dollars. At first she doesn’t believe it’s real, but he assures her it is and insists she take it. She folds it up, hands him Anna’s engagement ring, and leaves.

Peggy and Ed are talking when Stan comes in. He praises Pima and says she should work on other accounts. When Peggy suggests that Pima is a lesbian, Stan says he slept with her. Peggy is surprised, but says that Pima tried to seduce her as well and for that reason, she’s not hiring her for other work. Stan is dumbfounded.

Marie’s hotel
Arriving back, Megan finds Marie-France crying. Their mother has left, refusing to fly home, she is leaving their father for some man in New York. Marie-France blames Megan and New York, and asks how she will explain it to her children. Megan is angry and calls Marie-France a ghoul, saying at least their mother did something about her own unhappiness.

Stan’s apartment
Elaine comes home from work. They’re both tired. She asks about Pima and he says she loved the photos. Elaine is proud of him.

Diana’s apartment
Diana lets Don in. Her apartment is a run-down studio or SRO. Don has brought her a guide book to New York City as a gift. She says she doesn’t want anything from him. He tells her he’s ready for a real relationship and she deserves more and better than “this dump.” She tells him she has another daughter, a living daughter, whom she left with her ex. She doesn’t want to forget her pain, or feel the good feelings that will distract her from it. He leaves.

Don’s apartment
Don arrives home to discover that his apartment is completely empty.

The closing song, C’est Si Bon, plays.

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