Episode 7.08: Severance


Monday, April 27, through Friday, May 1, 1970

Monday, April 27
Don coaches a beautiful model through a seductive audition in a fur coat. The camera pulls back to reveal Ted, Pete, and two others in the room. She leaves and another woman in another fur comes in.

A New York City diner
Don, in a booth with three beautiful women, all of them in formal wear, tells a story about his stepmother, Abigail. Roger, also in a tux, joins them.

After being rude to the waitress, Roger leaves $100 bill as a tip, by way of apology. Don thinks he knows the waitress, she says no. He looks back at her before leaving.

Don’s Upper East Side apartment
Don gets his phone messages from a service. He has had four calls from three different women. He gets the number for Tricia, a stewardess on layover. Later, he lets her in, and they immediately begin making out. Later again, they’re both drunk; she spills red wine all over the carpet, he covers it with the duvet. She finds an earring, he says it belongs to his ex-wife and tosses it.

Tuesday, April 28
Joan, Peggy, and Harry meet with Art and Marvin from Topaz pantyhose. They’re concerned about competition from L’eggs. Marvin suggests they use a green topaz-shaped container. Ken arrives to take the Topaz guys to lunch.

Don comes in, Meredith asks about the party. There’s more casting.

Peggy encounters Mathis in the kitchen, he wants to set Peggy up with his brother-in-law. Peggy points out that it would be awkward at work no matter what happens.

Joan comes to see Don about Topaz. Don suggest turning Topaz into a department store brand, they’ll be Macy’s house brand, McCann represents Marshall Fields, so approach McCAnn with the idea.

Ken Cosgrove’s home
Ed, Ken’s father-in-law, is discussing Dow Chemical personnel changes; he’s retiring and a variety of people are moving into different positions up the ladder. Ken gives him golf clubs as a retirement gift.

Another casting call: Rachel Menken Katz comes in wearing the fur from the opening scene. She says nothing to him, just does the audition, Don is transfixed.  She says, “I’m supposed to tell you, you missed your flight”. He says, “You’re not just smooth, you’re Wilkinson smooth”.

Don’s apartment
Don wakes up in bed with his date from the opening scene. Rachel was a dream.

Ken Cosgrove’s home
Cynthia is watching TV, having been awakened by the baby. Ken joins her. Her father has opened her eyes to the idea of Kenny quitting. She has money, they could buy a farm and he could write. They argue.

Wednesday, April 29
Don arrives and tells Meredith to call Rachel Katz at Menken’s and set a meeting about Topaz.

Offices of McCann Erickson
Peggy and Joan meet with three men from McCann to request access to department store clients. They are rude and the sexual innuendo is non-stop, directed almost entirely at Joan.

Ken arrives a few minutes late. Shirley (now his secretary) tells him Roger and Ferguson Donnelly of McCann are waiting for him. They fire him, primarily because “Ferg” hates him from his McCann days.

Offices of McCann Erickson
In the elevator, Joan expresses her fury. Peggy says “at least we got a yes”. She suggests Joan has a hand in her own treatment because of how she dresses, which further infuriates Joan, who implies Peggy isn’t pretty enough to be treated that way.

Meredith tells Don he has a meeting on Monday with Mr. Rosenthal of Menken’s. She tells him Rachel Katz died last week. Don is shocked.

At the end of the day, Mathis says goodnight to Peggy. She says she will accept the dinner invite, but Mathis and his wife made other plans. She finally says “Give him my number.”

The same diner
Don returns. The familiar-looking waitiress, “Di,” tells him she knows what he wants and heads out to the alley. He joins her there, they immediately have sex. Back inside, she tells him,  “You got your hundred dollars’ worth, you can go”.

Thursday, April 30, 1970
When Don arrives, Kenny stops him in the hall. Kenny says he’s been fired. Don says he’ll call Jim Hobart, but Ken says he sees it as a sign, that it’s time to live “the life not lived.”

Joan gets a call from Dennis Ford at McCann. She refuses the call, gets up and gets her coat.

Ken and Pete meet to go over accounts. We learn that Clara left because she was “big as a house” and that “Torkelson” wouldn’t marry her.

Ken starts talking about how he’ll write instead of staying in advertising. Pete says he’s envious. Pete says he thought he was changing his life in California and now it seems like a dream. Kenny looks angry.

Bonwit Teller
Joan is trying on some magnificent clothing. The shop girl offers Joan a discount as a former employee, but Joan denies having worked there.

Ted comes in to see Don. Wilkinson has narrowed down to three girls. Vogue is throwing a party in the Village tonight, and Ted invites Don to cocktails at his apartment right around the corner. Don says okay.

A restaurant
Peggy is at dinner with Mathis’s brother-in-law, Stevie. The waiter brings Stevie the wrong food, he doesn’t want to make a fuss. Peggy is unimpressed, then Stevie said that “Johnny” said Peggy was fearless. She’s flattered and the dinner goes better.

The Katz apartment
Don knocks at the Katz’s door, where Rachel’s family is sitting shiva. He talks with Barbara, Rachel’s sister, who realizes who he is. He gives a cake and she asks after his family. He explains he’s getting divorced for a second time. He sees two kids, realizes they’re Rachel’s. He becomes tearful. After a short conversation she walks away from him.

A restaurant
Peggy and Stevie are laughing and tipsy, having a great time. We learn he’s a recently unemployed lawyer. She says she’s never taken a vacation. Then she says, let’s go to Paris right now.

Peggy’s Upper West Side apartment
Peggy can’t find her passport. They’re kissing. She tells him to stop. She doesn’t want to sleep with him tonight. They postpone Paris. She kicks him out.

Don’s apartment
Don lays on his bed watching President Nixon on TV.

Friday, May 1
Peggy’s apartment
Peggy’s alarm wakes her.

Roger and Pete are meeting on accounts when Ken comes in uninvited. Ken says he is taking over as head of advertising for Dow, he’s going to be their client.

Peggy finds her passport in her desk. Stan comes in with Fleischman’s art. Peggy has a hangover. Mathis comes in with Alka Seltzer, having heard all about it from Stevie. Now that she’s sober, she says it was nothing.

Don is leaving for the day when Meredith brings him research for the Menken’s meeting first thing Monday, which he has forgotten about. He stares at the folder name.

The same diner
Don returns again. Di says nothing will happen between them. He says he had a dream about Rachel and she died. She gives him some advice, then tells him she doesn’t want to encourage him, and if he comes back, bring a date.

The closing song, Is That All There Is, resumes where it left off from earlier in the episode.

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