Episode 7.07: Waterloo


July 16 through 22, 1969

Wednesday, July 16, 1969
Bert Cooper’s apartment
Bert Cooper watches the launch of Apollo 11, asking his maid to stop vacuuming so he can hear it.

Thursday or Friday
A small plane over California
Ted pilots two Sunkist clients over orange groves. He is depressed, speaking fatalistically. He cuts the engines, horrifying the clients.

Friday, July 18
Jim Cutler assures Ted over the phone that their conversation is private, although Pete is in Jim’s office. Pete is outraged that Ted acted crazy. Ted says he wants out of advertising and wants his partnership bought out.

After the call, Lou Avery comes in to say Commander Cigarettes is officially dead. He’s angry, especially that Don ruined it. Jim dismisses him.

Rye, NY: The Francis home
Betty and Henry greet weekend house guests, the Glaspies. Carolyn is a college friend of Betty’s. The family is Richard, Carolyn, and two boys, Sean, and Neil. Sally is immediately attracted to Sean.

In the conference room, Harry talks about his impending partnership; now that it’s coming, Jennifer is no longer talking about divorce. The meeting gets started, a rehearsal for Burger Chef.

Peggy’s Upper West Side apartment
Peggy is startled by the workman who is putting in a ceiling; he’s not the regular guy. Rather, he’s an assistant and she’s obviously attracted. He gives her his phone number as he leaves, in case she needs odd jobs done, he says. He says “her son” was very helpful, and she explains she’s the landlady and Julio is a tenant.

Francis home
Caroline and Betty chat as they put out breakfast. Sally comes in, ready to go to her lifeguard job. Her hair is done up and she has makeup. When she leaves, Betty remarks on it, amused.

Stan and Mathis discuss the moon shot. Meredith wants to speak with Don privately. She shows him breach of contract letter from SC&P’s attorney referencing the Commander Cigarettes meeting. Meredith makes a pass at Don, he turns it down.

Don confronts Jim, then calls all the partners out into the hall. The other partners are surprised and upset that their names were signed to a letter they didn’t know about. Jim says the breach is clear and didn’t require a vote, but Don quickly calls a vote of the partners as to who wants him let go. Jim (with Ted’s proxy) and Joan vote yes, Don, Pete, Roger, and Bert vote no. Don angrily says he stays. Afterwards, Joan tells Jim he shouldn’t have sent the letter.

Peggy’s apartment
Julio knocks, he wants to watch TV. She’s busy packing, but lets him in to try to get his opinion on what to wear for the presentation. He insists he has to watch the moon landing on Sunday, she says she’ll leave him a key, as she’ll be in Indianapolis.

Julio says his mother has a job in Newark and they are moving. Suddenly he hugs her and she cries, holding him.

Don’s Upper East Side apartment
Don, too, is packing. He phones Megan, who is sunning on her balcony. He tells her about the letter, saying he thinks he’s done there, and maybe now he can move to California. She says nothing, drinks her wine. He asks if that’s what she wants and she doesn’t say yes. He understands it’s over. She cries.

Roger goes into Bert’s office, refusing to remove his shoes, wanting to discuss Don and the company. Bert is trying to look at all the pieces in play. He sees Jim as a leader, and doesn’t see Roger as one. “A leader is loyal to his team,” he says, and Roger and Don are his team, while Jim is not. Bert voted to keep Don even though he doesn’t want him.

Sunday, July 20
Flight to Indianapolis
Don indicates to Pete that his marriage to Megan is over.

Francis home
Sally calls Bobby and Gene in from the yard, the moon landing is happening.

A hotel in Indianapolis
Peggy, Don, Harry and Pete all watch the moon landing.

Roger’s hotel
Roger, Mona, Brooks, and Ellery watch the moon landing.

Bert Cooper’s apartment
Bert and his maid watch the moon landing.

Francis home
The two families watch together. The older son, Sean, complains that it’s a waste of money. Don phones. Sally mimics Sean, telling Don it’s a waste. Don tells her not to be cynical, she doesn’t want her brothers thinking that way. She agrees.

Roger’s hotel
Roger takes a phone call; it’s bad news.

Roger comes into the office and removes Bert’s nameplate from his office. Bert has died. Joan arrives and hugs Roger. Jim Cutler arrives and starts saying that now Don can go, because the vote balance has changed. Roger is disgusted and asks Joan if this is how they’d talk if it was Roger who had died.

Francis home
Sally goes out to the yard. Sean’s brother Neil is looking through the telescope. He thinks it’s better than TV. He shows Sally how to use the telescope. She kisses him.

Monday, July 21
A hotel in Indianapolis
Don gets a call from Roger with the bad news. Roger is crying. Don goes to Peggy’s room and tells her she has to give the presentation. She’s panicked and wants to refuse. He explains that if he wins it and is then fired, she’ll be left with nothing. If she presents and wins, then the account is hers no matter what.

A deli in New York
Roger meets with Jim Hobart. At first, Hobart is coy, but Roger spells out McCann’s problem—they have Buick but they are probably about to lose it to SC&P. McCann says “uncle”. He wants to hire the whole Chevy team, but Roger suggests McCann buy the whole company; that SC&P be an independent subsidiary of McCann with Roger as president. Ted must stay, because Chevy loves him.

Indianapolis: The Burger Chef Offices
Peggy is briefly frozen with fear, and then begins talking about connection, and gives a moving presentation. Don looks on with pride.

Don’s apartment
When Don arrives home, Roger is waiting in the hall. He explains that McCann has offered to buy 51% of “Sterling Cooper”. Don points out they formed SCDP to get away from a McCann buyout, but Roger believes it will save them from Cutler’s computerized version of the company, and offers an example of another creative agency that was bought by McCann but stayed independent.

Tuesday, July 22
The partners, including Ted, begin entering Roger’s office. Harry tries to enter but is kicked out by Roger—he’s not a partner yet and doesn’t belong. There’s a lot of chaos; they have to announce Bert’s death to the company, Ted alludes to an announcement of his own, and Jim Cutler is still talking about getting rid of Don. Roger takes control of the meeting. He’s got coffee for everyone and insists they sit and listen. He tells them about the buyout offer. Jim is firmly against it, but Pete and Joan are thrilled with the money they will make from their shares. Ted, still depressed, wants to say no, but McCann won’t buy without him. Don gives Ted a heartfelt speech about how, in the end, he will need to work. Ted says yes. A vote is called and finally, even Jim votes yes (“It’s a lot of money”).

They leave to gather the company together and make the announcement about Bert. Peggy runs up to Don as people gather—they won Burger Chef.

Don goes downstairs to the empty offices, and sees a vision of Bert doing a song and dance. When it’s over, he sits on the edge of the same desk where Ida Blankenship died, and puts his head in his hands, perhaps weeping.

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