Episode 7.06: The Strategy


Mid-to-late June, 1969:  a day sometime earlier, then a Friday through Monday.

A day in June
A Burger Chef parking lot
Peggy asks questions of a housewife in a station wagon. She and Mathis are paying for Burger Chef meals and doing market research.

An LA to New York flight
Pete and Bonnie watch a movie as they discuss their working vacation in New York. She wants to pay for part of the trip but he’s getting everything (hotel, Broadway tickets) for free. They discuss that he’s still married to Trudy. She wants to meet Tammy but he’s not ready for that. She wants to have sex in the restroom. He’s thrilled.

Don’s Upper East Side apartment
Don is cleaning up, getting work off the table.

Joan’s Greenwich Village apartment
Joan rushes off to work, saying goodbye to her mother and Kevin.

Bonnie comes into Don’s office, followed by Pete. Pete wants Don to be there for the Burger Chef presentation.

In the conference room, Stan, Peggy, and Lou are getting ready. Don comes in with Pete. They’re all at least surprised, and Lou is downright hostile at Don’s presence. The market research showed that  “Mom” feels guilty about getting fast food, so the ad gives her “permission” from “Dad.”

The New York Athletic Club Steam Room
Roger is taking a steam when Jim Hobart of McCann comes up to him. They discuss Burger Chef, and  Hobart hints he wants to hire away talent.

Lou’s office: Pete and Lou praise Peggy’s presentation, but Pete wants Don to do the presentation to the client, saying it’s Peggy’s decision, but putting her on the spot. Peggy is further blindsided to learn that Ted is already in the meeting via phone. Pete praises her while pigeonholing her as a woman. Her face falls as she closes the door behind her.

Bob Benson arrives with guys from Chevy, including Bill Hartley, who is newly promoted. We see that Clara (Ken’s secretary) is pregnant. Kenny comes out, greets them, mentioning that he has to “keep an eye” on his kid, they all look at the eyepatch for a beat. Joan walks up, greets Bob with a kiss on the cheek.

Peggy comes to see Don, she tells him he’ll present to Burger Chef and say’s it’s her own decision. He thanks her. He has another idea for the campaign, but she says they already have a strategy. When she closes the door and he’s alone, he’s thrilled. As she leaves the office, she sees Megan coming in and gives a big hug.

They go to Peggy’s office, Stan comes in and also hugs Megan. They discuss Ginsberg. Don enters, surprised that Megan is there, it’s awkward; she doesn’t seem to know about his diminished status.   The Drapers leave. Peggy is grumpy with Stan but doesn’t tell him what happened.

Jim Cutler and Roger Sterling discuss Philip Morris and Don.

Bob Benson’s hotel
Bob is awakened by a phone call.

A New York police station
Bob gets Bill Hartley, whose face is badly beaten. A disgusted cop says “he tried to fellate an undercover officer”.

A taxicab
Bill wants to keep everything hush-hush, no hospital and just call in sick. He knows Bob will be discreet. He’s clocked Bob, but Bob denies he’s gay. Hartley reveals that Chevy is firing SC&P and taking the XP work in-house, as they always intended. The work was intended as an audition. Buick will offer a great job to Bob. Bill’s wife “understands,” he says.

Peggy’s Upper West Side apartment
Peggy wakes in the middle of the night, starts looking at work, then shoves it aside.

Cos Cobb, CT: Campbell home
Pete arrives. A maid, Verna, is there to hand off Tammy, Trudy isn’t home. Tammy is shy with him.

Draper apartment
Don wakes up, sees Megan putting breakfast out, smiles. He gets up and puts his arms around her.

SC&P/Stan’s apartment
Peggy arrives. She calls Stan, he has a date. She wants him to come into work, but lets it go. She knows there’s a better idea than the current strategy.

Campbell home
It’s evening. Pete brings Tammy home. Trudy is not there although her car is in the driveway. Pete says he’ll stay to tuck Tammy in. Pete calls Bonnie, lying. He tells her to see O Calcutta without him, claiming Trudy forgot and Tammy’s alone.

SC&P/Draper apartment
Peggy phones Don. She starts discussing different ideas, saying her original strategy is tainted because he mentioned a different one. She wants him to come in, but he gets off the phone and has dinner with Megan.

Campbell home
Pete is still there, beer in hand, when Trudy gets in from a date. Both are angry. He thinks she was with Charlie Fidditch. He puts his beer right into a homemade cake before leaving.

Joan’s apartment
Bob comes to the door, hugs Kevin, gives Gail flowers and Kevin an Erector Set, claiming he couldn’t find anything for Joan.

Draper apartment
Don gets out of the shower to find Megan tearing through the apartment, pulling things out. She’d said she was only getting summer things, but it seems like she’s getting everything. He says he’ll be out to see her in late July. She suggests a vacation together somewhere else.

Pete’s Hotel
Bonnie comes in from shopping to find that Pete ate without her. He was in a bad mood, has been working and leaving her on her own. She’s angry.

Don arrives. Peggy is angry and combative. She thinks the strategy is shitty. He tells her he wants to do whatever she wants, and that the idea is good, but she’s not having that. They get to work

Joan’s apartment
Bob and Joan have a drink, Gail and Kevin are asleep. He tells her he did get her a gift, pulls out a ring and proposes. He tells her about losing Chevy and him going to Buick. They’ll want him to have a wife. She rejects him, tells him he shouldn’t be with women, and says she wants love, not “some arrangement.”

Don and Peggy are really working, going at the idea. Peggy reveals her frustration, she’s just turned thirty, doesn’t know why she’s alone or what she did wrong. Don tells her she’s doing great. Her idea comes. My Way starts to play on a radio. Don relates it to the campaign without saying so. He asks her to dance. She puts her head on his chest. He kisses the top of her head.

Flight to LA
Bonnie and Megan are both on the same plane, each alone.

In a partners meeting, Jim Cutler says it’s official they’ve lost the Chevy XP, and blames Roger. Roger sees that Joan already knew. Jim says they should have a big article in the media, showcasing the computer and announcing Harry Crane is a partner. Disgusted, Roger leaves. The vote is taken and everyone but Joan says “aye,” Joan then leaves.

Joan goes into Roger’s office. He’s mad she didn’t tell him, she explains the whole. Roger realizes what Jim Hobart wanted—McCann is afraid SC&P will steal Buick from them. He’s happy and thanks her.

A Burger Chef
That evening, Peggy joins Don and Pete at a table and pitches her idea. Pete is resistant, but Don supports her. The camera backs away, making the Burger Chef seem idyllic.

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