Episode 7.05: The Runaways


Approximately May 1969, a Friday through Monday

New York: SC&P
At the photocopier, Stan finds a series of cartoons by Lou called Scouts Honor. He takes the folder.

Peggy joins Don in the elevator. He tells her he’s seeing Megan not this weekend but next. She says Lou approved him being on her Handi-Wrap team, she’s formal and specific that he’s on the team.

In the office, Ginsberg is yelling at the computer.

Stan shows Shirley (now Lou’s secretary) the cartoons. The guys all laugh.

Anna’s niece Stephanie calls Don. She’s now a a hippie, pregnant, and asking for money. Don is delighted to hear from her. He sends her to Megan and says he’ll be there tonight.

Los Angeles: Megan’s place
Megan is hanging out with her friend Amy when Don calls to say Stephanie is on the way and he’s flying out tonight. Megan is sympathetic about Stephanie and loving towards Don.

The creative team is discussing Burger Chef, but mostly joking about Scout’s Honor. When Don arrives, they let him in on it. Don gives his Hand-Wrap work to Stan and leaves.

Rye, NY: The Francis home
Henry and Betty are participating in a neighborhood progressive dinner.

Megan’s place
Stephanie arrives at Megan’s door. There’s an awkward hug. Megan offers her food and a shower, and makes her welcome.

Stan and Mathis joke about Scout’s Honor in the men’s room. Lou overhears. Lou leaves without saying anything. Stan and Mathis join the Creative meeting in Lou’s office. As Stan tries to apologize, Lou loses his temper and yells about Scout’s Honor, creativity, genius, and patriotism.

Lou angrily demands the entire team stay late. Don tells Meredith to put him on the last flight out.

Francis home
Betty, Henry, and the neighbors are talking about kids being wild and vandalism. Betty relates the rebelliousness at home to lack of support for the war, but Henry says he agrees with Nixon that the war should end. Betty disagrees; the neighbors are uncomfortable.

Don brings work to Lou as he’s leaving, but Lou says he has to stay. They exchange words. Don calls Megan to tell her he’s stuck. They discuss Stephanie.

Megan’s place
Stephanie and Megan talk. When Stephanie says “I know all his secrets” about Don, Megan’s demeanor changes. Quickly, she starts trying to frighten Stephanie about how Don will be towards her. Then she writes a check and lets Stephanie know she should get gone, saying “no strings” while indicating the string is that she leave.

Francis home
Henry and Betty argue after the party. She had stayed home with a headache, sending him alone to the next four houses/courses in the progressive dinner.

Henry’s mad she discussed the war, saying he’s their “elected representative.” He tells her to stay in her place; “Leave the thinking to me!” She apologizes, he’s still angry. Bobby listens at the door.

Now that Don has missed his flight, Lou leaves the office, telling Don that, on second thought, the work can wait until Monday.

Francis home
As Betty cleans up, the phone rings, and she asks “Is she okay?”

Megan’s place
Don arrives in suit and hat. Amy is there. Megan is awkward, asks Amy to excuse them, tells Don Stephanie left. Don is upset that he didn’t get to see Stephanie; Megan lies about what happened.

Ginsberg is in the office, hears the hum of the computer, sticks tissues in his ears, smiles. Then he comes out of his office and sees Lou and Cutler talking in the computer room. He ducks, watches them speak but can’t read their lips, and sneaks back into his office.

Francis home
Sally and Henry arrives. Sally has black eyes and her nose is taped. Betty is immediately angry, sally immediately disdainful, and they default to argument. Betty says Sally was irresponsible, and her face is important, Sally is sarcastic about how important one’s looks are because you have to get a man. Betty sends Sally to her room.

Megan’s place
Amy answers the phone, Megan comes out to get it, all dolled up for the party.

Peggy’s Upper West Side apartment
Ginsberg arrives, unexpected. He tells Peggy that Lou and Cutler were having a secret meeting in the computer room and says they’re “homos.” Julio, the upstairs neighbor, comes to the door. Ginsberg asks if can work there, she says okay. Julio and Peggy watch TV while Ginsberg works.

Megan’s place
Megan’s party is in full swing. It’s a mixed group, some hippies, some not. Megan is the only one with very done-up hair and a designer dress.

Someone asks Megan to dance and she does, don looks aghast. She sees Don looking on, gets someone else to dance with the guy.

Harry Crane arrives with a date, surprised that the party she invited him to is Megan’s. Don invites Harry to leave and get a drink.

Francis home
Bobby comes into Sally’s room. He’s worried Betty and Henry will divorce. They discuss running away, but he’s too little for her to take. They’re sweet to each other.

Peggy’s apartment
Peggy wakes up, having fallen asleep on the couch fully dressed. She finds Michael staring at her, watching her sleep. She tells him to go. He raves about the computer, then tries to kiss her. She kicks him out, telling him there’s something wrong with him and he should see a doctor.

Los Angeles: A bar
Don and Harry are drinking. Harry says he’s happy to see Don and respects him. Harry reveals that he wants to protect Don, not get rid of him. Lou and Cutler are pursuing Commander Cigarettes, and if they land it, Don has to go. Don is shocked, wants to know how long it’s been going on. There’s already a media plan. Don thanks him and they keep drinking.

Megan’s place
When Don gets home, no one is there but Megan and Amy. Don goes to bed, Amy follows, then Megan; Megan is engineering a threesome.

Megan’s place
Don wakes up in bed with two sleeping women, goes into the kitchen. Megan joins, they kiss. Stephanie phones. As soon as Don speaks with her, Megan starts slamming things. Stephanie is in Oakland; Don tells her to call as soon as the baby comes.

Don explains that Harry’s news means he has to get back right away. Amy leaves, uncomfortable.

Francis home
Henry returns from taking Sally to the doctor (her nose is not broken) and then back to school. Betty is sitting in the kitchen. Henry wants to move, which is enough to get Betty angry. She doesn’t want to be told what to do, even as far as leaving the kitchen.

Ginsberg comes in to see Peggy, saying he’s alleviated the pressure and is himself again. He says he has feelings for her but she’s not interested. He hands her a box, with his nipple in it. She screams. He’s serene. She tells him to sit and wait, leaves, takes her secretary’s phone and makes a call.

New York: The Algonquin Hotel
Don walks into a meeting with Cutler, Lou and three men from Philip Morris. Don says he’s prepared to leave the agency. Then he sells his Lucky Strike experience, adding that he’s met with “the opposition” and knows the anti-tobacco strategy. Then says what a coup it would be if other tobacco companies saw that Philip Morris got Don to apologize for the letter.

Michael Ginsberg is taken away on a stretcher. Peggy cries, Stan rides down with him. Peggy eyes the computer angrily.

The Algonquin Hotel
Don is outside when Lou and Jim Cutler come out. Don hails a taxi, they take it.

The closing song plays, Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line, performed by Waylon Jennings.

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