Episode 7.04: The Monolith


April, 1969—from about the 14th to the 22nd.

An evening near April 14
Los Angeles
While Pete and Bonnie are at dinner, Pete runs into George Payton from Vicks. He learns that George is now with Burger Chef. George says that Tom Vogel, Trudy’s father, had a heart attack. Burger Chef is putting McCann in review; George would love to work with Pete again.

A Thursday or Friday several days later, probably April 17 or 18
Don arrives at the office, finds it empty, and realizes there’s a meeting upstairs. He sees everyone gathered around Cutler and Harry in hard hats, introducing Lloyd from Lease Tech. The creative lounge is becoming the computer room.

Don and Roger discuss the computer. Don wants to know why he wasn’t in on the decision—it preceded him. Roger invites Don for a drink but Don declines, citing contract rules.

The creative team argues and complains while cleaning out the creative lounge. Michael wants the couch but it won’t fit in his office.

Don sees a partner-level meeting that he’s not invited to, goes into his new office, which used to be Lane’s, and closes the door. He finds Lane’s old Mets banner and throws it away.

On a conference call, Pete and Ted tell the East Coast team about Burger Chef. Cutlers wants to call Ted home to run the campaign, Ted says he’s not leaving and suggests Peggy. Don isn’t in the meeting. Lou is. Pete suggests Don and Roger agrees. It’s been three weeks and Don hasn’t been put to work.

Lou pulls Cutler aside. He implies they agreed not to let Don near anything, but Cutler says to just use him as a copywriter.

Caroline runs through the office playing with Roger’s grandson Ellery. Mona and Brooke are there to see Roger. Brooke is drinking. Margaret has run away to a commune. She’s been gone ten days. Brooke doesn’t want the Sterlings involved and doesn’t want to share details. He wants to go after Margaret and leave Ellery with Mona. Mona wants Roger to go, but Roger agrees with Brooke and lets him go. After Brooke leaves, Roger and Mona argue about Margaret.

The computer construction is noisy, Don leaves his office, talks with Harry and Lloyd. They discuss computers.

Peggy reports to Lou, nervous. Lou offers Peggy a $100 per week raise,  then gives Her Burger Chef and tells her Don is on her team, she is happy about the account. She’s freaked that she has to inform Don he’s working under her.

She goes to knock on Don’s door, nervous, changes her mind, and tells her secretary, Marsha, to send Don and Mathis to her office.

Peggy assigns Mathis And Don 25 tags each for Burger Chef.  Don keeps his face cool. They leave she smiles at how the meeting went. Don goes into his office. The Mets banner is now hung up. He throws his typewriter at the window and leaves.

Monday, April 21
When Don arrives, Meredith flirts with him, tells him he has a meeting with Peggy, and gives him the Burger Chef research. Roger arrives, checks that Don is in but doesn’t go to see him.

Caroline gives Roger a message from Mona. Brookes is in jail in Kingston.

In Peggy’s office, Don hasn’t shown up for the meeting, she sends Mathis to get him. Don is playing solitaire and says he “can’t make” the meeting. Peggy is angry at the news, moves the meeting to the end of the day.

On the way to Kingston, NY
Roger and Mona are in the car, heading to Kingston. Brooks was arrested for getting in a fight in a bar after failing to get Margaret to leave her commune.

Don is reading when Lloyd of Lease Tech comes in. He wants to discuss advertising. Don is a good listener and persuasive about the value of advertising. Harry interrupts to take Lloyd to lunch. Don thinks, goes to see Roger, but he’s gone for the day, goes to see Bert. He tells Bert that Lease Tech is a good prospect.

Bert rejects the whole idea of Don bringing in new business and is nasty to him, comparing him to a dead man. Don storms out, goes into Roger’s office, takes a bottle, and sneaks it into his own office under his coat.

A commune in Kingston
Roger and Mona arrive at the commune, they see Margaret, who is now called Marigold. She’s in full hippie drag. She hugs Roger. Mona rejects her hug, then allows it. She wants to show them around, but Mona tells her Ellery misses her.

Mona tells Margaret she understands how bleak it is to be a young mother, but you have to accept it. Margaret says she won’t accept it and wants to be happy. She points out that Mona was miserable. Mona is insulted and wants to leave. Roger hands her his car keys and says he’ll take the train home. He asks “Marigold” to show him around.

Don is passed out drunk on his couch, wakes up, sees the Mets banner, and makes a drunken phone call, saying he wants to go to a Mets game.

The commune
Roger, Marigold, and two hippies prepare food. The hippies say they run on consensus and everyone does what they want. They share a joint.

Freddy arrives; he’s the person Don called. Don is back on the couch, still drunk. Freddy walks him out. Don stops to tell Lloyd he’s the devil, then they leave. Peggy sees Freddy, says hello, he and Don leave. She’s annoyed. Then Joan stops by to tell her the raise was approved in a partner’s meeting (that, again, Don wasn’t in).

Peggy tells Joan about Don. Joan tells Peggy that there were rules set for Don but doesn’t say what they were.

The commune
Roger and Marigold sleep in a hay loft. They look at the stars and moon through an open roof. She says she’s happy here, he kisses her on the forehead.

Don’s apartment
Freddy brings Don home, puts him on the couch. Don still wants to go to the game but Freddy lets him sleep it off.

The commune
After Roger is asleep a hippie guy approaches Marigold, they leave to have sex.

Tuesday, April 22
Don’s apartment
Freddy wakes Don with coffee. Don doesn’t remember that Freddy stayed or that they didn’t go to the game. Freddy berates him, for drinking and for not taking the opportunity to do his work.

The commune
Roger is up early and upset that he can’t find his daughter. He seems upset that she had sex with the guy, he demands she leave, saying Ellery needs his mother. He tries to physically drag her away. They wrestle. He asks how she can leave her baby. She asks how he could always be at work and never with her. She’s angry and bitter and says it’s not that hard to leave her baby, he’ll be fine. Roger walks away.

Don arrives, declines a Danish. Peggy arrives, sees that the creative lounge is now fully a computer room. She says good morning to Don, who says “I’ll have your tags by lunch.”

The closing song: On a Carousel, by The Hollies, play.

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