Episode 7.02: A Day’s Work


Thursday, February 13 and Friday, February 14, 1969
Thursday, February 13, 1969
Draper Apartment: Upper East Side
Don wakes to an alarm at 7:30. He goes back to sleep and wakes at 12:34.

He watches TV and eats crackers in his bathrobe. When he starts to drink, he carefully marks the liquor bottle. He sees a cockroach.

Don dresses snappily in a suit and tie and answers the door. It’s Dawn. It’s around 8pm, she’s giving him information on clients and Lou. She’s “spying” for him but she is refusing to sneak around, only bringing him information that is openly available.

Miss Porter’s School
Sally and two friends make plans to “attend” a funeral the following day. Sally’s roommate’s mother has died. The girls will blow off the funeral and use the opportunity to go shopping.

LA Office of SC&P
Pete and Bonnie (his girlfriend, whom we met last week), come into the office, drunk and excited after a successful business meeting. They’re about to sign something. They start having sex on Pete’s desk. Ted comes in, doesn’t look, says hi to them both, and goes into his office. They laugh.

Friday, February 14
Peggy, Stan, and Ginsberg on the elevator discuss Valentine’s Day. The guys mock Peggy’s single-ness.

Peggy sees red roses at her secretary’s desk. Stan teases her. Peggy brings them into her office.

Roger arrives, laughingly relates a rude anecdote to Lou, who is uninterested. Lou mentions that Ogilvy signed Hershey.

Shirley greets Peggy in her office, sees the flowers, tries to say something, and is interrupted by Peggy. Peggy “realizes” that the flowers, which have no card, must be from Ted.

When Shirley leaves, Peggy calls Moira and tells her to give Ted a coded message, saying “the client” isn’t receptive to his “pitch.”

Grand Central Terminal
Sally and her two schoolmates are on the train, when Sally notices her purse is missing. She leaves to go find it, saying she will take a later train.

In the kitchen, Dawn and Shirley chat. Shirley is angry because Peggy took flowers that her fiancé had sent. Dawn tells her she should say nothing.

A restaurant
Don has lunch with Dave Wooster of Wells Rich Greene. They chat coyly about Don’s situation, Dave alluding to rumors of Don being let go from SC&P, Don saying he has a contract and a non-compete clause.

Sally comes in and enters what she thinks is her father’s office. Lou tells her Don isn’t there and suggests she can find him at home. Sally looks for Joan but her office is locked—it’s lunch time.

A restaurant
As Don and Dave continue their lunch, Jim Hobart stops by their table and tells Don he’s picking up the tab.

Peggy gives the flowers the evil eye. She gives them to Shirley, who still doesn’t say where they came from, but is pleased.

In a partner’s meeting, Pete, on the phone, talks about signing the Southern California Dealer’s Association in exhaustive detail. Jim wants Bob Benson to fly in for the signing, making sure that Chevy is on board. Roger disagrees, Pete should close the deal he worked for, but Bert agrees with Jim. Pete offers to fly to Detroit. The connection is lost; California can hear but New York can’t, so Pete and Ted hear the whole argument between Jim and Roger.

Draper apartment
Don gets home from his lunch to find Sally waiting for him. Don lies and says he was in the office, Sally doesn’t correct him. She explains her situation and he offers to drive her back to school and write a note for her.

Dawn comes back with a Valentine’s gift for Lou’s wife. Lou tells her that Sally showed up; he is angry.

Dawn immediately calls Don to tell him that Sally was in the office.

Draper apartment
Don and Sally prepare to leave. Don doesn’t say that he has learned Sally knows he lied.

Lou calls Joan and Dawn in. He Dawn moved off his desk and doesn’t want to allow Dawn to say what happened. Dawn tells him off anyway. Joan agrees to handle it, and then slams the door hard enough to make the picture on the wall move.

SC&P Los Angeles
Roger calls Pete and tells him he has to accept Bob Benson’s involvement. Pete is disgusted. Roger hangs up on him and Pete continues to insist, not realizing he’s talking to himself. Then he goes and complains to Ted that there’s no point in striving. He feels invisible.

Meredith comes to Lou’s desk, Dawn will switch with her and sit at reception.

In Don’s car
Don questions Sally, who is terse and surly. Finally they confront the lie they both know about, and she is furious at how he has embarrassed her. Going to his apartment means she might see “that woman” (Sylvia). She tells him to stop talking about it.

Peggy is drinking and smoking on her couch. Ted calls, she doesn’t take the call. She goes to Shirley and wants to throw the flowers away. Shirley tells her that the flowers are her own. Peggy is embarrassed and angry. She yells at Shirley, goes into her office, and winces at what she’s just said.

Bert sees Dawn at reception, turns around and goes to Joan. He does not want a “colored” person at reception where people can see her.

A house for sale in Los Angeles
Bonnie is preparing a house to show when Pete arrives. He wants her to take the day off with him. They discuss the frustration and thrills of being in sales. He’s turned on by her but she won’t leave her open house.

A diner between Manhattan and Farmington, CT
Don and Sally sit together. She won’t eat. He explains how he lost his job, and that he is trying to fix it but doesn’t know how. He admits he was ashamed.

Peggy goes to Joan, she wants Shirley off her desk, not fired, and won’t explain why. As Peggy leaves, Jim enters through the other door and Joan snaps at him. Jim realizes Joan has two jobs and suggest that Joan take an office upstairs and work the Accounts job exclusively.

A diner
Sally calls her friend, Carol, to explain where she is. When she returns, Don has ordered her a patty melt, which she eats.

Dawn moves into Joan’s old office, she’s the new Office Manager.

Roger and Jim end up in the elevator, leaving together. Jim says he’d hate to have Roger “as an adversary.”

Miss Porter’s School
Don drops Sally off. As she leaves, she says, “Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.” Don looks stricken.

The closing song plays: This Will Be Our Year by The Zombies.

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