Episode 7.01: Time Zones


Friday, January 17 through Monday, January 20, 1969

Friday, January 17, 1969
Freddy Rumsen pitches Accutron to Peggy. She’s impressed. Shirley, Peggy’s new secretary, interrupts to tell Peggy there’s a status meeting.

Roger’s Hotel
Roger, in the middle of a naked group of people asleep on the bed and floor, answers the phone. It’s his daughter, Margaret, inviting him to Sunday brunch. Roger suggests the Plaza.

Dawn ushers the Creative team into a meeting with Lou Avery (Don’s replacement).

Joan hears Ken screaming through his office door. We note he’s in Pete’s old office and has inherited Clara as his secretary. He kicks two people out of his office. He still wears an eyepatch.

Ken tells Joan he has all the accounts and is overwhelmed. He wants Joan to meet with Butler Footwear’s new Head of Marketing in his place. He wants Joan to act as a “underling.”

In the Creative meeting, Lou prefers a different Accutron idea, not Freddy’s. Peggy is frustrated and not hiding it well. Lou doesn’t care.

New York to L.A. Flight
Don shaves and freshens up in the plane restroom.

Los Angeles
Megan meets Don at the airport. Immediately she insists on driving the little sports car she’s acquired so that the seat doesn’t move. Because his flight is late, they have to go straight to dinner and then, she promises, they’re alone for the weekend.

Peggy sees Ted arrive and closes the curtain in the conference room.

Ted meets with Jim. They discuss California. Jim invites Ted to the inauguration.

Los Angeles
At dinner, Megan introduces Don to her agent, Alan Silver. She’s got a callback for the pilot of Bracken’s World. Silver mentions fixing Megan’s teeth.

A hotel bar
Joan meets Wayne Barnes of Butler Footwear. He wants Ken, not her. He talks about “the four Ps”, and says he’s bringing advertising in-house and firing SC&P. She asks him to hold off on his decision a few days and he leaves. She orders a drink.

Megan’s house in “the Canyon”
Megan and Don come in giggling and drunk. He seems to be seeing her place for the first time. She says “my next house” before correcting herself to “our next house.”

Don kisses her. She feels dizzy and is too drunk for sex. He puts her to bed, and watches TV in the living room on her small black and white set.

Saturday, January 18
Megan’s house in “the Canyon”
Megan wakes Don, who has fallen asleep on the couch. She has to go to class. He will going to the office.

Peggy comes into the dark office, calling out to Stan to see if he wants coffee. She bumps into Ted in the kitchen. He makes conversation, she cuts him off, calling repeatedly to Stan, who finally arrives. Once Ted leaves, Stan is really sympathetic.

Los Angeles: Canter’s Deli
Pete comes in wearing tennis clothes. He hugs Don, to Don’s discomfort. Pete flew home for Christmas, saw Tammy, felt awful, came back and discovered Canter’s, which he loves, although bagels in L.A. are terrible.

Pete asks Don about what he’s heard at the office, momentarily, and embarrassingly, forgetting that Don wouldn’t know. He points out that Don’s trip seems arranged to miss Ted, and says Ted is sour and not enjoying L.A.

SC&P L.A. office
Pete shows Don the office. They are joined by Bonnie Whiteside, a real estate agent who is also Pete’s girlfriend. She gives Don her card.

A business school in New York
Joan goes too see a professor to discuss Butler Footwear. She’s there to get a technical argument; she wants his expertise. In exchange, he wants to pick her brain for his research into advertising. He asks questions about commissions versus fees.

Megan’s house
Megan is cooking coq au vin. Deliverymen arrive with a console television. Don has bought it and surprised Megan. She is displeased.

Peggy’s Upper West Side apartment
Peggy’s tenant’s toilet is clogged. The tenant has sent her kid, Julio. He and Peggy argue. She gives him a plunger and shuts the door in his face.

Megan’s house
Megan sleeps in Don’s arms while he watches TV. She wakes up, they go into the bedroom. He suggests sex. She’s shy and nervous at first.

Sunday, January 19
Megan’s house
Don and Megan wake up naked in bed together, snuggling. He says he’s taking the redeye home that night, saying he has to get back to work.

The Plaza
Roger rushes in to meet Margaret, he’s nervous. She tells him she forgives him, but the exchange seems hostile. She’s done some spiritual seeking.

A redeye flight to New York
Don is seated next to a beautiful woman (credited as Lee Cabot). They laugh together.

Roger’s hotel
Roger finds a naked hippie woman in his bed, but there’s a guy next to her. All these people in bed take up room and he wants to sleep. He shoves everyone over and stares at the ceiling.

A redeye flight to New York
Don and Lee talk. She’s a widow who was in California scattering her husband’s ashes; she makes the story amusing. Don is haunted and moved by her tale of losing her husband to alcoholism. He puts his hand around her neck as if to kiss her, but just holds her.

Monday, January 20
A redeye flight to New York
Lee wakes up with her head on Don’s shoulder. They discuss his marriage. He kisses the top of her head. She makes a pass, he warmly says he has to get back to work.

Peggy arrives. Mrs. Rodriquez has called about the plumbing. Peggy tells Shirley to call her sister, and have Anita get Jerry to get his friend the plumber up there. Shirley suggests calling Jerry directly but Peggy says only Anita can ask him.

Lou comes in. Peggy immediately starts in on Accutron. Lou says forget it, she keeps pushing, and he stops her.

Joan goes upstairs to find Ken. Clara says Mr. Butler is coming in this week. Joan, upset, says to get Wayne Barnes on the line right away. Joan takes a drink before taking the call. She reads Barnes the riot act, explaining clearly what a mistake he’s making. He asks for her advice and they begin to work together.

Peggy has asked for new art for Accutron. Stan tells her to let it go but she won’t. She wants things to be better. She feels alone.

Draper apartment: Upper East Side
Don watches Nixon’s inauguration speech while polishing his shoes. Freddy arrives. We learn that Freddy didn’t present his own work to Peggy. Accutron and a dozen other accounts are being presented by Freddy, but created by Don.

The balcony door is stuck open, they’re freezing while they eat lunch and talk.

Ken goes to Joan’s office with her earring, which she left on his desk while on the phone with Barnes. They discuss the account.

Peggy’s Upper West Side apartment
Peggy finds Jerry asleep on the couch, and a note from the plumber, Jimmy, that he will be back in the morning with a part he needed. Jerry leaves so that Anita won’t be alone. Peggy locks up, then falls to the floor weeping.

Draper apartment: Upper East Side
Don is watching TV and it’s still freezing. He can’t get the balcony door to shut. He goes outside, his breath is visible, and sits there, shivering.

The closing song: You Keep Me Hanging On, plays.

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