Episode 6.07: Man with a Plan


June 4 through 6, 1968*
This appears to be three consecutive days, but the first two days might have happened a week or more before Kennedy’s assassination. Dorothy Campbell says it’s May but she has dementia.

Tuesday, June 4, 1968
72nd and Park: The Draper’s building
Don gets into the elevator at 17 and presses Lobby. At 16, the doors open and he hears Sylvia screaming at Arnold. Arnold is going away, his luggage already in the hall. Don quickly closes the elevator door before Arnie can get in.

There are movers in the former SCDP offices and boxes in the halls. Ted arrives, followed by Peggy. She says hello in the Creative lounge, introduces Stan and Ginsberg to Ted. Stan introduces Margie.

Joan is giving office and secretary assignments. Moira insists she get a copy of Joan’s notes for Ted. When Peggy arrives, Joan greets her warmly, hands her notes off to Moira, and shows Peggy to Harry’s old office. Joan pauses for a sharp pain in her side. They’re happy to see each other. There’s a handwritten “Coffee Chief” sign on Peggy’s door.

When Don arrives the partners are already in conference room. Bert is giving a speech (that will be given to the whole staff). Ted and Frank Gleason have just won a Clio for St. Joseph’s Children’s Aspirin. When Pete arrives, there’s no chair for him. He sends Moira to find one, she gives him her seat, then Ted jumps up and offers Moira his own chair. Meredith and Joan are impressed.

Roger and Jim have new business with Fleischmann’s margarine. We see there are tensions in the meeting between the two (former) companies, but Jim and Roger seem to like each other.

Mohawk Airlines perceives a conflict with CGC’s NY State Thruway account and want it resigned. Jim points out the NY State money is already spent. Ted, Pete, and Don will fly to Mohawk to straighten it out. Ted will pilot his own plane. Clara interrupts with an urgent call for Pete.

Pete speaks to Billy, his super. Pete’s mother, Dorothy, has arrived at his apartment. She is showing signs of dementia. Pete calls his brother, Bud, to pick her up.

Sylvia calls Don. She wants him now. At first he says no, the office is so busy, but when she says she needs him, he tells her 12:30 at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel.

Roger fires Burt Peterson.

Sherry-Netherland Hotel
Don arrives at Sylvia’s hotel room. Kiss. Bed.

In the Creative lounge, Ted says they’re not waiting for Don and starts a “rap session” about margarine.

Sherry-Netherland Hotel
While dressing, Sylvia talks about her son in Paris and her fight with Arnie. Don doesn’t want her talking about Arnie, he starts dominating her. At first she treats it like he’s bossy and she can’t be bothered, then she gets that it’s sexual and puts his shoes on for him. He sends her back to bed naked, then takes the key and leaves.

Don arrives in Creative, joins the margarine meeting, and Ted immediately adjourns. Privately, Ted tells Don that forty minutes late is too much. Don goes into his office without saying anything.

Sherry-Netherland Hotel
Sylvia answers the phone. Don tells her she has to wait and not know when he’s coming back. He tells her not to answer the phone. She’s turned on and starts touching herself, which continues when he rings the phone and she doesn’t answer.

Don goes to Ted with a bottle and 2 glasses, calling it “an olive branch.” When Ted stops at one, Don pushes him to drink more.

Pete Campbell’s apartment
Pete arrives and Bud is ready to leave. He refuses to take Dorothy home with him. He’s angry because Pete didn’t give the SCDP public offering to his firm. Dorothy is driving people away, has hit Bud’s wife, Judy, and fired her own cleaning lady. She can’t be in her own apartment alone, and Judy won’t have her. Bud tells Pete it’s his turn, not knowing Pete no longer lives with Trudy. When Bud leaves, Pete tells his mother she’s staying at the apartment tonight.

Don and Ted, drunk, brainstorm about margarine.

Sherry-Netherland Hotel
Sylvia answers a knock at the door. There’s a Saks Fifth Avenue box with a sexy red dress in it.

Bob Benson goes into Joan’s office with paperwork. He finds her sick and distressed, with sharp pains and apparently vomiting. He suggests appendicitis but it’s on her left side. She doesn’t want to leave and have everyone see her. He tells her he’ll get her out the door by acting like he’s bothering her.

From the Creative lounge, we see Joan and Bob leaving in the background, Creative is discussing various accounts (Topaz, Secor) when Ted and Don come in. Ted is obviously very drunk. He passes out on the table. Don sends the team home, leaving Ted to sleep it off. Peggy tries to wake Ted and is obviously mad at Don.

A hospital emergency room
Bob brings Joan a soda. He’s called home for her and gotten the babysitter to stay but he’s staying with her because they can’t reach her mother. Joan is paler and starts talking about dying. Bob takes her to the desk, where the nurse doesn’t bother to look up to tell them they should wait. He makes up a story about Joan drinking furniture polish, which gets Joan immediate attention, she’s brought right in.

Sherry-Netherland Hotel
Sylvia, wearing her new red dress, is reading. When she hears Don at the door she stands up, posing. He’s thrilled with how she looks. They’re not going out, he constructs a fantasy where she has no purpose but his pleasure, and exists only in this hotel room. He has her undress.

The Draper apartment
Megan is asleep alone. Don gets in bed without waking her.

Wednesday, June 5
A hospital room
Ted visits Frank Gleason. They discuss Don.

Pete Campbell’s apartment
Pete argues with his mother. She is both observant and beginning to forget things and he’s using her memory lapses to manipulate her.

When Don arrives, Peggy is waiting in his office. She tells Don to stop competing with Ted and “move forward.”

Clara interrupts a conversation between Harry and Pete to say there’s been a fire (without indicating to Harry who it is). Pete says to delay the trip to Mohawk.

Sherry-Netherland Hotel
Don tells Sylvia he’s flying upstate and he wants her ready when he gets back. He takes her book with him.

Ted and Don agree they can’t reschedule Mohawk, so they’re flying up without Pete. Ted assures Don that the heavy rain won’t affect the flight.

A private plane
The flight is bumpy. Ted is intensely focused, Don seems terrified. When they break through the clouds it’s sunny, and Don reads Sylvia’s book. Ted looks pleased with himself.

Joan’s apartment
Bob arrives with a gift for Kevin. He wants to drop it off and leave, but Gail insists he come in, at which point he says he’s checking on how she is because the hospital won’t give information to him. He says left his overcoat on his chair at the office so they don’t know he’s gone.

When he leaves, Joan says he’s trying to keep his job, but Gail defends him. Joan reveals it was an ovarian cyst. Gail makes eyes at a potential romance, but Joan says he’s not interested. Joan smiles at Kevin’s gift (a football).

Pete is back and asks Clara to call Mohawk. She tells him they went without him and the meeting went well. He’s furious.

Sherry-Netherland Hotel
Don arrives. Sylvia comes out of the bathroom fully dressed. She had a dream about going back to Arnie and realizes it’s time for her to return to her marriage. She ends things with Don. He says “Please.” She hesitates, then is ready to leave. He’s stricken. The red dress is left behind.

Bert, Roger, Joan, and Jim Cutler discuss who will get fired. When they agree Bob Benson should go, Joan points out his value and they all agree to fire Lawrence of CGC instead.

The Draper’s building
Sylvia and Don are in the elevator, not speaking or looking at each other. She gets off at her floor without looking back.

In their apartment, Megan talks to Don about a vacation. He’s tuning her out; her voice gradually disappears.

Thursday, June 6
Pete Campbell’s apartment
Dorothy wakens Pete at 6am to tell him that Kennedy has been shot, but he thinks it’s dementia again.

The Draper apartment
Megan watches the news about Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, crying. Don continues to dress, then sits on the bed. They don’t touch or interact, and they look in different directions.

The closing song plays: “Reach out of the Darkness,” by Friend and Lover.

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