Episode 6.06: For Immediate Release


May 11 through 17, 1968

Saturday, May 11
Bert, Pete, and Joan are in the office on a Saturday night; an underwriter is reviewing their books. They stand to make a lot of money with a public offering. The underwriter suggests $9 a share, Bert counters with $12.

When Bert and the underwriter leave, Pete and Joan discuss that they haven’t told Don yet. Joan is thrilled about how much money she’ll make. Joan reminds Pete that tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

Sunday, May 12
Roger’s Hotel
Roger is in bed with a blond stewardess named Daisy. She has to go because she’s seeing her mother. We learn that he met her in the First Class lounge, and that she’s helping him by spying for leads.

Cos Cobb, Connecticut: The Campbell home
Pete gets in bed with Trudy, who is asleep. At first responsive, she turns him down. He is there for Mother’s Day.

The Draper apartment
Megan’s mother, Marie, is visiting, she is sick of being Grandma to her other daughter’s kids and escaped to Megan. Arnie knocks at the service door, he needs wrapping paper because Mitchell, his son, came home unexpectedly and Arnie has to arrange a Mother’s Day present for Sylvia. He and Marie flirt.

Peggy’s apartment
We see Peggy and Abe’s new digs: They’ve purchased a fixer-upper on the Upper West side, which Abe is working on when Peggy gets home. They have an upstairs tenant who is a junkie. Peggy is clearly frustrated with the living situation. She arrives home from visiting her mother with curtains that her mother gave her. Peggy doesn’t like the noise of the neighborhood.

Monday or Tuesday (May 13 or 14)
Pete tells Don that Herb Rennet of Jaguar called and canceled their dinner. Pete suggests he and Don have dinner (presumably to discuss the IPO) but Don declines. When Don enters his office he finds Roger waiting for him; Rennet canceled with Pete because he wants dinner with Roger and Don behind Pete’s back.

That can’t be good news, so Roger suggests bringing wives to soften whatever blow Herb plans to deliver; he suggests that Megan bring Marie.

Jim Cutler, Frank Gleason, and Ted Chaough are meeting together. A secretary is taking notes although it’s not usual for a creative meeting. We learn they’ve resigned Alfa Romeo to work on a Chevy bid. Gleason is upset. Ted ends the meeting to speak with Frank privately, and Frank reveals he has pancreatic cancer. He says the other two must buy out his shares which could ruin the company financially.

Roger gets a call from Daisy…she has a lead whose flight is delayed. Roger hangs up to run over to the airport with a travel bag.

Draper apartment
Megan and Marie are coming in and encounter fans of Megan’s soap on the elevator. Megan gives autographs.

JFK Airport
Roger greets Daisy, who points out the lead. He sits with and befriends the man who introduces himself as Mikey. He says he’ll get them drinks but makes sure Daisy brings him water and only Mikey is drinking, and tells Daisy to get him on Mikey’s flight.

Draper apartment
Megan and Marie are getting ready for dinner that night. Megan tells her mother that her marriage is distant; Don is far from her. Marie sees it’s Megan’s fame, which makes Don uncomfortable. She advises Megan to dress sexy and entice her husband.

A restaurant
We see Peaches Rennet dominating the conversation in a dull manner that drives Marie to distraction. Don rejoins the table, unable to find Roger (who is at the airport). Marie insults Peaches in French while Megan and Don try to feign interest.

Late night (around the same time as the dinner); Bert goes into Pete’s office, and tells Pete they got an offer at $11 a share. They’re both thrilled.

Pete tells the ubiquitous Bob Benson to send Joan in. Bert tells Pete they can have a meeting with the other partners tomorrow.

A restaurant
Peaches is telling a story about puppies. Marie can’t stand it. Then Peaches invites the women to powder their noses so that the men can discuss business. Herb ogles Megan and comments as the women leave. Then he explains he wants a young writer who does flyers for Herb to “help” Don with his creative work on the account. Don, insulted, is done, and fires Herb, ending the relationship with Jaguar.

Draper apartment
In the bedroom, Don grabs Megan and kisses her, pulling her panties down.

In the living room, Marie is opening a bottle of wine for herself and answers the phone. It’s Roger. When she realizes he called for Don, she hangs up on him.

A Lexington Avenue “Party House”
Pete and Bob Benson are at a whorehouse. Bob wants to pay for Pete, but the prostitute tells him it’s too late. Pete sees Tom Vogel, his father-in-law—they’re both frozen and horrified.

Next Day (May 14 or 15)
Pete stops by Ken’s office. He’s distraught about his father-in-law. Ken is amused and assures Pete that since they were both someplace they shouldn’t have been, they’re both safe.

Ken takes a call from Jaguar. As Don walks in and asks Caroline where Roger has been, Pete comes flying down the stairs, partly on his butt, screaming at Don that he’s harmed the company. He reveals the public offering was happening and says Don ruined it.

Joan brings them into the conference room for privacy while the whole company watches. Pete is still screaming that Don fired Jaguar, while Don wants to know why he didn’t know about a public offering. In the midst of this, Roger walks in, announcing he has a check from Chevrolet for $10,000 to do spec work on their new top-secret car.

Don imagines that Joan will be pleased but she’s not, and calls Don out. Then Don summons creative into his office. Roger presents what he has. He shares a secret file: The XP-887 is designed by computer; it has no name and no pictures.

Peggy finds Ted on the floor of his office. He’s drunk, trying to get television reception.

Ted kisses her, then apologizes. She leaves.

Draper apartment
In the elevator, Don encounters Arnie, who has quit his job because he didn’t get the opportunity to do a heart transplant. Arnie wants them to go drinking, but Don has brought home work.

Don comes to bed late; he thinks he’ll shower and stay up all night. Megan tells him she wants him to feel confident, and gives him a blow job.

Thursday, May 16
JFK Airport
Roger and Don await their flight to Detroit in the First Class lounge. They see that Dancer Fitzgerald Sample has about eight people on the flight. A guy from Dancer (whom we later learn is Lou Avery) comes over and tells them he knows Vicks is dumping them; he razzes them about it.

Pete is on the phone with Vicks, screaming that his father-in-law has to take his call, just as Joan comes in to say Roger has called about Vicks. Pete runs out saying he’ll fix it. Bert tells Joan that “Roger will handle it.”

JFK Airport
Roger lies to Don, telling him that Dancer is just screwing with them and that Daisy will lose their luggage.

Vicks offices
Pete frowns at pictures of Trudy and Tammy on Tom’s desk. Tom comes in. Pete tries to make nice.

Tom is done, he doesn’t care, he kicks Pete out.

Peggy’s apartment
Peggy complains to Abe; she hates the neighborhood, the paint fumes, the noise. She doesn’t like change but he’s optimistic about the future and wants them to be part of that future. She visualizes Ted Chaough reading Emerson as she kisses Abe.

Don can’t sleep and heads to the bar. Ted arrives at the bar, sees Don and gets mad. He tells Don that if one small firm is in the mix with big guns like Dancer, they have a chance, but when two small firms are invited along with two top ten firms, then the small agencies never make it (the same as Heinz Ketchup, although he doesn’t say that). Neither CGC nor SCDP has the manpower to fight this fight.

They tell each other their pitches; both are good.

Don proposes a collaboration.

Friday, May 17
Offices of General Motors
Don and Roger warily greet Jim Cutler and Ted.

Campbell home
Pete is siting at the table when Trudy arrives, he tells her to sit. He tells her about her father, telling him he saw him with a prostitute at a whorehouse. She responds by telling him they’re done.

It’s late at night and Peggy is called into Ted’s office. She’s surprised he’s back and freshens her makeup before going in. Don’s there with Ted. They explain they won Chevy, and that the two companies have merged.

She’s scared and shocked. Don shakes her hand. CGC is moving to the SCDP offices; she asks who she reports to—Ted (for now). In her office, she shuts the door and can barely breath for a moment, then writes the press release.

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