Season 6 Episodes


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Season 6

This is an episode list with a brief synopsis. Click “full recap” or “quotes” for more on each episode.

…and don’t forget the Season 6 Cultural References.

1. The Doorway, Part One
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Scott Hornbacher
Original air date: 7 April 2013
Mid to late December through December 26, 1967
Don and Megan go to Hawaii. Peggy struggles with a headphones campaign. Roger gets bad news. Betty befriends Sally’s friend Sandy. (Full recap) (Quotes)

2. The Doorway, Part Two
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Scott Hornbacher
Original air date: 7 April 2013
December 27 or 28 through December 31 (New Year’s Eve) 1967, and past midnight into New Year’s Day, 1968
Roger hosts a memorial service. Betty searches for Sandy. Peggy works on Koss Headphones. Don and Megan host neighbors for New Year’s Eve. (Full recap) (Quotes)

3. The Collaborators
Writer: Jonathan Igla and Matthew Weiner
Director: Jon Hamm
Original air date: 14 April 2013
January 27 through February 1, 1968
Pete offers Hair tickets to a neighbor. Megan and Sylvia have a heart to heart. Don and Sylvia have dinner. Raymond of Heinz brings a colleague to SCDP. Peggy’s late-night chats with Stan continue. Herb Rennet from Jaguar has an advertising idea. (Full recap) (Quotes)

4. To Have and To Hold
Writer: Erin Levy
Director: Michael Uppendahl
Original air date: 21 April 2013
Early or mid-March 1968
Don and Stan work on “Project K.” Harry pitches a solution to Dow’s image problem, then interrupts a partner’s meeting. Joan hits the town with a friend. Megan’s character gets a love scene. Dawn does a favor for Scarlett and meets a friend after work. Don and Megan have dinner with Mel and Arlene. (Full recap) (Quotes)

5. The Flood
Writers: Tom Smuts and Matthew Weiner
Director: Christopher Manley
Original air date: 28 April 2013
April 4 through 6, 1968
Peggy looks to buy an apartment. Both SCDP and CGC attend “the Addys,” where the news of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination breaks. Harry and Pete exchange words. Henry considers a run for the State Senate. (Full recap) (Quotes)

6. For Immediate Release
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Jennifer Getzinger
Original air date: 5 May 2013
May 11 through 17, 1968
Roger pursues leads in the airport. Megan’s mother visits. Dinner with Herb Rennet of Jaguar does not go well. Ted Chaough gets bad news from one of his partners. Ted and Peggy share a late-night kiss. Don and Ted meet in a hotel bar. Peggy and Abe have mixed feelings about their fixer-upper. (Full recap) (Quotes)

7. Man with a Plan
Writers: Semi Chellas and Matthew Weiner
Director: John Slattery
Original air date: 12 May 2013
June 4 through 6, 1968
The former CGC moves into the former SCDP offices. There is merger-associated chaos and some firings. Joan has a sharp pain and gets help from Bob Benson. Pete’s mother is not herself. Don meets Sylvia at the Sherry-Netherland hotel. Don and Ted fly to Mohawk Airlines headquarters. (Full recap) (Quotes)

8. The Crash
Writer: Jason Grote and Matthew Weiner
Director: Michael Uppendahl
Original air date: 19 May 2013
June 1968
Jim Cutler’s doctor provides shots for the creative staff. Frank Gleason’s funeral is held. Don is obsessed with getting Sylvia back, and remembers his childhood. “Grandma Ida” visits the Drapers. (Full recap) (Quotes)

9. The Better Half
Writer: Erin Levy and Matthew Weiner
Director: Phil Abraham
Original air date: 26 May 2013
Early July, 1968
Don and Ted argue over margarine. Don encounters Betty when they both visit Bobby at camp. Ted confesses his feelings to Peggy. Megan’s role on her soap expands. Pete meets with a headhunter. Abe gets mugged, and then stabbed. Arlene and Megan share a couple of bottles of wine. Bob gives Pete a referral for a nurse. (Full recap) (Quotes)

10. A Tale of Two Cities
Writer: Janet Leahy and Matthew Weiner
Director: John Slattery
Original air date: 2 June 2013
August 26 through 30, 1968
Joan has lunch with a potential client. Don and Roger travel to California. Ted travels to Detroit. Bob Benson accompanies Ginsberg to a Manischewitz meeting. The Democratic National Convention dominates the news. (Full recap) (Quotes)

11. Favors
Writers: Semi Chellas and Matthew Weiner
Director: Jennifer Getzinger
Original air date: 9 June 2013
Three consecutive weekdays in September, 1968
Don helps Sylvia and Arnie’s son, Mitchell, who is 1-A. Peggy sees a rat. Don and Ted are each pitching juice accounts. Dorothy Campbell has strong feelings for Manolo. Bob Benson has strong feelings for Pete. Sally and her friend Julie do Model U.N. Sally uses the passkey. (Full recap) (Quotes)

12. The Quality of Mercy
Writers: Andre and Maria Jacquemetton
Director: Phil Abraham
Original air date: 16 June 2013
October 1968
Ken goes hunting with Chevy. Sally visits Miss Porter’s. Don’s drinking reaches alarming levels. Peggy and Ted work on Ocean Spray and go over budget on St. Joseph’s. Everyone sees Rosemary’s Baby. Pete confronts Bob Benson about his past. (Full recap) (Quotes)

13. In Care Of
Writers: Carly Wray and Matthew Weiner
Director: Matthew Weiner
Original air date: 23 June 2013
Several days in November, ending on November 28, 1968
SC&P is opening a “desk” in California and several people vie for the relocation. Pete learns about his mother’s final days and confronts Bob. In Detroit, Pete has bad luck with a Camaro. Sally hangs up on Don, and gets kicked out of school. Don confronts a preacher in a bar. Ted waits for Peggy at her apartment. A Hershey’s pitch leads to a revelation. A partner’s meeting on Thanksgiving morning takes Don by surprise. (Full recap) (Quotes)


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