Episode 5.07: At the Codfish Ball


The episode takes place on a Tuesday through Friday beginning somewhere between September 27 and October 11, 1966.

Rye, New York: The Francis Home
Sally is on the phone with Glen, who is at a boarding school (Hotchkiss, based on the sweatshirt of a student in the background). Betty and Henry are away with the baby, and she complains about being left with Bobby and Grandma Pauline.

While she is on the phone, Pauline, carrying a drink and appearing to be tipsy, trips over the phone cord (which Sally has strung across the hall). Pauline screams in pain and Sally and Bobby run to her.

Manhattan: The Draper Apartment
Don escorts his father-in-law, Emile, into the apartment, carrying luggage. His mother-in-law, Marie, is already inside, they’ve come for a visit. They immediately begin speaking French. Megan asks them to speak English and lets them know she’s made Dover sole for dinner. The phone rings: It’s Sally.

Somewhere in Manhattan
Roger sits talking with Mona. He tells her about using LSD, they discuss his marriage. He asks her to cultivate some business leads in preparation for Don receiving an award from the American Cancer Society: there will be a lot of heavy hitters there, and Mona can casually meet people in advance. She’s impressed with how he’s changed.

The Draper Apartment
Megan is with her parents eating dinner. Don arrives with Sally and Bobby. Don praises Sally for her heroics, but she lies about what Pauline tripped over. Pauline’s ankle is broken; the kids will be staying with Don.

Sally doesn’t like fish, but Megan has prepared spaghetti for her.

Marie, apparently drunk, excuses herself to go to bed. Megan follows to check on her. Marie is passed out with a lit cigarette in her hand.

Peggy, Abe, Ginsberg, and Stan are having Chinese food at the office, discussing Heinz. The guys joke around about Peggy’s cup size and their bra advertising, which makes Abe uncomfortable.

The Draper Apartment
In bed, Don and Megan discuss her parents. Megan is upset that her mother was flirting with Don.


Don is in his office, studying French, when Megan comes in. She has an idea for Heinz, based on serving Sally spaghetti the night before; Don is impressed by it: It’s genuinely good.

Peggy gets a call from Abe, he wants to have dinner tonight and won’t take no for an answer.

Stan and Ginsberg are annoyed that they have to change the art and presentation for Heinz, but Stan says Megan’s idea is better than what they had.

Peggy goes to speak with Joan about Abe’s call. She thinks he’s going to break up with her, but Joan thinks maybe she’s getting a proposal. Peggy realizes Joan could be right and is suddenly delighted. She wants to go home to change. Joan suggests shopping.

Don and Megan are working on the idea in his office when Roger comes in. Megan leaves. Roger is preparing for the ACS dinner; he wants to aggressively seek clients there, although Don is resistant.

Minetta’s Tavern restaurant
Peggy arrives looking incredibly feminine and girlish in her new pink dress. She’s grinning. At first she thinks she’s hearing a proposal, but he wants to live together. She says yes, but is quietly let down. He asks if she still wants to eat and she says “I do.”

The Tower Suite restaurant at the top of the Time-Life Building
Don, Megan, Raymond and his wife (Alice), and Ken and Cynthia Cosgrove are having dinner. Raymond seems full of excuses: He has to rush back to Pittsburgh and can’t stay for the ACS dinner, and he doesn’t want the Broadway tickets Ken has gotten him. In the Ladies Room, Alice tells Megan that Raymond is going to fire them the next day. When they return to the table, Megan whispers the news into Don’s ear. She then prompts Don to give Raymond the idea right away, but presents it as if it’s Don’s, not her own.

Together, Don and Megan present the pitch, and Raymond loves it. They agree to go downstairs to the office right away and sign.

In the cab on the way home, Don is thrilled with Megan and aroused by her talent. They want to have sex right away but with his kids and her parents in the apartment, it seems impossible. Megan suggests they go back to the office, which they do.

Peggy arrives at work, with sounds of laughter in the background. She tells Joan about Abe’s offer. She’s sure Joan will be disappointed in her, but Joan tells her it’s romantic and Peggy becomes pleased. Then Joan tells her that Megan sold the Heinz account.

In Don’s office, everyone congratulates Don and Megan. Megan comes out of the office to tell Peggy, and Peggy, who already knows, greets her with delight. Peggy is proud of her but Megan seems less enthusiastic.

The Draper Apartment
Don comes into the living room to find that Emile is letting Bobby get ink on the rug (there is newspaper laid out, but Emile is not attentive). The women are all shopping.

When Megan, Sally, and Marie arrive with packages, Sally asks if she can go to the dinner: She’s bought a dress. Don says yes.

Marie and Emile begin to have a loud fight in French. Megan explains to Don that Emile’s publisher meeting didn’t go well, and he called his grad student for sympathy. Don at first doesn’t understand why that’s a problem, until Megan says, he should have spoken to his wife.

Peggy’s Apartment
Peggy is preparing a dinner for Abe and her mom, Katherine. Katherine arrives with a “delicate” cake.

The Draper Apartment
Roger arrives in a tux with his tie undone. Marie ties Roger’s tie, obviously flirtatious. Emile notices.

Sally enters in her dress. Don is stunned. He makes her take off the makeup and go-go boots before they leave.

The ACS Awards Banquet
Roger, the Drapers, and Calvets arrive at the banquet. Sally is disappointed that a ballroom has no staircase. Pete greets them.

Roger tells Sally she is his date. He teaches her how to support him and how to help him work the room. Emile and Pete discuss what it is that Pete does for a living.

Peggy’s Apartment
Peggy announces to her mother that she and Abe intend to live together. Katherine gets up to leave and takes her cake with her: They don’t get cake for “living in sin.” Abe leaves to get Katherine a cab, and Katherine and Peggy argue: Katherine would rather be lied to, or have Peggy die alone with a cat.

The ACS Awards Banquet
Marie continues to flirt with Roger. Don accepts his award. Sally struggles to enjoy herself and not be bored. She excuses herself to go to the ladies’ room. Roger goes after Marie.

Megan and her father are briefly left alone at the table. He criticizes her wealth (he is a Marxist) but he also criticizes her for not following her dreams.

Returning to the banquet, Sally looks around, opening doors. She finds Marie giving Roger a blow job.

Don speaks with Ed Baxter, who is Ken Cosgrove’s father-in-law and a senior executive at Dow Corning. Ed tells Don that, although the big players at the banquet admire him, none would work with him because they consider the Lucky Strike letter a betrayal: “biting the hand.” Don is stunned.

Back at the table, every face is dark: Don, Megan, Sally, Marie, and Emile.

The Draper Apartment
Sally calls Glen and tells him she’s in the city at her dad’s. He asks how the city is, and she says “Dirty.”

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