Episode 5.02: A Little Kiss, Part Two


Monday, June 6, 1966
Outside the SCDP offices
Lane arrives at the office in a cab. He finds a wallet on the seat of the cab. Hhe doesn’t want to give it to the cab driver, who is black, instead he gives his own card to the cabbie, and takes the wallet in.

Draper apartment
Don wakes up alone, and shaves with the shaving brush he got for his birthday.

Pete stops in to see Lane. He tells him about Mohawk and says he’s called a partner’s meeting. Lane excuses himself to take a call from his wife. He assures her that a threatening letter from their son’s school is meaningless; he’s getting float on the money. While talking, he goes through the wallet and sees a sexy picture of “Dolores.”

Harris apartment
Gail Holloway is flirting with Apolo, the super, while Apolo plays with the baby. Joan kicks him out while Gail protests. Gail implies that someone needs to flirt with to get good service and Joan, she indicates, is too fat. When Joan gets angry, Gail retaliates by showing Joan the SCDP ad—the joke ad pointed at Y&R, although neither know it. Gail tells Joan she’s being replaced.

The Drapers arrive, cool towards each other. Caroline gives Don a plant as a birthday present. Roger comes up to Don singing “Frere Jacques,” teasing about Megan, and then shows Don the fake help-wanted ad.

Roger and Don head for the partner’s meeting in Pete’s office. Don, Roger, Lane, and Bert are piled up on the couch. Pete points out that his office is tiny. He is responsible for almost every SCDP account and wants Roger’s office, but Roger won’t give it up. Roger offers to settle it physically, which shocks Pete. They all leave with the situation unresolved.

In the kitchen, Harry and Stan talk about the party, and Harry goes on and on about wanting to have sex with Megan while Megan overhears. She pushes past him, furious, while he stammers.

In Lane’s office, he receives a call from Dolores. They flirt, and he suggests hand-delivering the wallet to her. She defers and they agree she’ll meet him at his office.

Roger leaves word that he wants to see Harry, and Harry is immediately afraid he’s in trouble over what he said about Megan. He goes to Roger’s office. Harry is afraid he’s being fired. Roger wants Harry to give Pete his office. Roger pays Harry $1100 as a bribe to trade offices.

Joan arrives at the office, very dressed up, with the baby. The receptionist offers no help in getting through the door with the carriage. The receptionist, Meredith, at first doesn’t know who Joan is.

People begin greeting Joan. Don is very sweet. Megan at first ducks, then kisses her. Peggy comes out and gives her a hug. Then Roger arrives and offers veiled comments that Joan knows are about him being the father.

Joan goes in to see Lane. She’s trying to find out if she’s been replaced. Meanwhile, Peggy leaves the baby with Pete. When Peggy and Megan are alone together in the creative lounge, Megan tells her she’s angry about what Peggy said at the party. Megan is upset at everyone, including Don and all her coworkers. She asks Peggy permission to go home; she doesn’t feel well. Peggy apologizes and lets Megan go.

In Lane’s office, Lane has Joan helping him work on finances; Joan asks directly if she’s being replaced and mentions the ad. Lane tells her she’s desperately needed back. She begins to cry, she misses the office, and Lane misses her; he comforts her. When she calms down, Lane imitates Megan’s Zou Bisou hilariously. Then Meredith brings the baby in.

Pete comes in to Harry’s office and sees the office exchange happening, which surprises Pete. Then Pete is angry because he didn’t want a bigger office so much as Roger’s office.

Peggy comes in to see Don and apologizes. She then tells Don that Megan went home. Don says he’s going home.

Scarlett lets Lane know that the owner of the wallet, Mr. Polito, is there, rather than Dolores. He takes Dolores’s picture out of the wallet before bringing it out. Polito counts the money and is delighted it’s all there. He insists on giving Lane a reward.

Draper apartment
Don arrives at home, Megan is cool to him. Then she takes off her robe, standing just in her black underwear, still angry while she cleans up and demands he not look at her. She expresses her anger while teasing him sexually, combining the fight with a very sado-masochistic sexual encounter.

Pete sits in Harry’s office, pleased with his new digs. He tells Clara to pencil in an early morning appointment with Coca-Cola in Staten Island, and let Roger see it.

Draper apartment
Megan and Don, post-coital, discuss the party and what happened.

Tuesday, June 7
Sterling apartment
At the crack of dawn, Roger gets up to go to Staten Island.

Metro North train
Pete tells Howard he’s getting an in-ground pool.

Pryce apartment
Lane talks with Rebecca at the door as he’s leaving. She asks for money; we learn she’s not allowed to write checks, and when he opens his wallet, we see he has Dolores’s picture.

The Harris apartment building
Joan and Gail are in the elevator rocking the baby; the vibration has put him to sleep. They’re clearly exhausted.

The elevator lets the Drapers out at SCDP; they are again happy. They see a reception area full of African-Americans. The partners ask why they’re all there, they discuss that they’re responding to the fake ad. Some partners are amused, some not, but Lane is firm that they can’t afford to hire anyone. However, when Y&R sends an African statue as a counter-joke, it is too shameful. Lane announces to the waiting people that they’re hiring a secretary and asks the women (only) to give him their resumes.

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