Season 5 Episodes


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Season 5

This is an episode list with a brief synopsis. Click “full recap” or “quotes” for more on each episode.

…and don’t forget the Season 5 Cultural References.

1. A Little Kiss Part 1
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Jennifer Getzinger
Original air date: 25 March 2012
May 27–June 4, 1966
Peggy pitches Heinz. Roger and Pete compete over Mohawk. Megan throws a surprise party for Don. Joan is home with a baby and her mother. (Full recap) (Quotes)

2. A Little Kiss Part 2
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Jennifer Getzinger
Original air date: 25 March 2012
June 6 and 7, 1966
Lane finds a wallet with a photo in it. Megan and Don are a little frosty after the party. Roger and Pete clash over office space. Harry embarrasses himself and Megan when he is overheard. Roger bribes Harry. Peggy apologizes. Joan visits the office. (Full recap) (Quotes)

3. Tea Leaves
Writers: Erin Levy & Matthew Weiner
Director: Jon Hamm
Original air date: 1 April 2012
June 29 through July 5, 1966
Betty sees a doctor after a visit from her mother-in-law. Pete signs Mohawk. Peggy interviews writers. Don and Megan have a business dinner. Don and Harry see the Rolling Stones. (Full recap) (Quotes)

4. Mystery Date
Writers: Victor Levin and Matthew Weiner
Director: Matt Shakman
Original air date: 8 April 2012
July 15 and 16, 1966
Don has a bad cold and encounters Andrea in the elevator. Peggy negotiates with Roger and drinks with Dawn. Joan prepares for Greg’s homecoming, and an accordion is played. Sally hangs out with Pauline. Michael Ginsberg pitches Butler. (Full recap) (Quotes)

5. Signal 30
Writers: Frank Pierson and Matthew Weiner
Director: John Slattery
Original air date: 15 April 2012
July 30 through sometime shortly after August 8, 1966
Pete takes driver’s ed. Lane befriends a Senior VP at Jaguar. The Campbells host a dinner party. Ken tells Peggy about his secret life as Ben Hargrove. Lane and Pete come to blows. Joan brings Lane an ice bucket. (Full recap) (Quotes)

6. Far Away Places
Writers: Semi Chellas and Matthew Weiner
Director: Scott Hornbacher
Original air date: 22 April 2012
Approximately September 8 and 9, 1966
Peggy fights with Abe, struggles with Heinz, goes to the movies. Ginsberg’s father visits the office. Roger and Jane go to a party at her psychiatrist’s apartment. Don and Megan go to Howard Johnson’s. (Full recap) (Quotes)

7. At the Codfish Ball
Writer: Jonathan Ingla
Director: Michael Uppendahl
Original air date: 29 April 2012
Late September or early October 1966
Don receives an award from the American Cancer Society. Roger is enjoying the results of his trip. Megan’s parents come for a visit. Sally and Bobby unexpectedly come to stay. Megan has an idea for Heinz. Abe asks Peggy an important question. (Full recap) (Quotes)

8. Lady Lazarus
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Phil Abraham
Original air date: 6 May 2012
October 17–20, 1966
Megan makes a career decision. Roger gives skis to Pete. SCDP pitches Cool Whip. Pete talks with Howard on the train, then meets Howard’s wife, Beth. (Full recap) (Quotes)

9. Dark Shadows
Writer: Erin Levy
Director: Scott Hornbacher
Original air date: 13 May 2012
November 11–24, 1966
Don competes with Ginsberg on the Sno Ball pitch. Betty reveals important information to Sally. Megan helps her friend Julia rehearse. Roger and Jane go to dinner with Manischevitz representatives. Betty attends Weight Watchers. Henry worries about his career. (Full recap) (Quotes)

10. Christmas Waltz
Writers: Victor Levin and Matthew Weiner
Director: Michael Uppendahl
Original air date: 20 May 2012
December 6–9, 1966
Lane speaks with his solicitor in England and meets with the bank, discusses bonuses with the partners, then works late to write a check. Don and Megan see a play. Jaguar is back to being a possibility. Joan gets a surprise and Don takes her out for a drive and a drink. Harry catches up with Paul. (Full recap) (Quotes)

11. The Other Woman
Writers: Semi Chellas and Matthew Weiner
Director: Phil Abraham
Original air date: 27 May 2012
January 16–20, 1967
The Jaguar pitch takes an unexpected turn. Joan considers her options and receives a necklace and a partnership. Peggy has lunch with Freddie Rumsen and an important meeting with Don. Megan has a callback for a play. (Full recap) (Quotes)

12. Commissions and Fees
Writers: Andre and Maria Jacquemetton
Director: Christopher Manley
Original air date: 3 June 2012
February 1967
Jaguar requests a fee structure rather than a commission structure, causing Bert Cooper to look through the company accounts. Lane and Don have a serious meeting. Don and Roger get a meeting with Ed Baxter of Dow Corning. Lane gets a new car and comes into the office on a Sunday night. Sally and Glen go to the museum. (Full recap) (Quotes)

13. The Phantom
Writers: Jonathan Igla and Matthew Weiner
Director: Matthew Weiner
Original air date: 10 June 2012
Three consecutive weekdays between March 20–24, 1967 and another weekday a short time later (perhaps a few days, perhaps longer).
Don has a toothache. Marie visits for Easter. SCDP has its best quarter ever and considers expanding. Pete encounters Howard and Beth on the train, and then sees Beth alone. Megan is frustrated by her career and asks Don for help. Don encounters a friend at the movies. (Full recap) (Quotes)


  7 Responses to “Season 5 Episodes”

  1. Can someone remind us when Roger knew that Joan’s baby was his? As far as viewers knew he believed she had the abortion. Then when Joan visited the office with the baby & Roger held him, it seemed very dramatic for the audience knowing that it was his but him not knowing. What did I miss?

    • Reeve, we didn’t see Joan’s pregnancy grow on-screen, but it was mentioned. Megan and Peggy discussed Joan working almost to the end of her pregnancy. Roger certainly knew, once Joan was showing, exactly whose baby it was.

      • Thanks…But do you agree that there was nothing on-screen to show that Roger knows?
        I remember nothing between Roger and Joan between the day after the aborted abortion and Joan’s visit to the office when Roger held the baby …

        • We only saw a few weeks, she wasn’t showing yet and it was being kept from the audience, so we couldn’t see.

  2. In the season finale, The Phantom, when Don encounters the friend at the movies, they are about to watch the Peter Sellers version of Casino Royale, which premiered in the US on April 19, 1967 at the earliest.

    • Very good observation. According to wikipedia, it didn’t open in the US until April 28, and it was indeed in NY. It seems like quite a bit of time passed from the last episode, i.e., more than the typical month or so.

      I’m a big fan and I enjoy figuring out the timeline for this series. This forum has been very helpful.

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