Episode 2.12: The Mountain King


This episode takes place on or after October 11, 1962 (the date on the check), approximately one week before October 22, 1962.

The Draper Home
The house is untidy, and we hear Betty nagging Sally and Bobby. Then she sits at the desk and signs Don’s paycheck. Reaching for a cigarette, Betty finds she’s almost out, and gets up to find more, then, following her nose, finds Sally smoking in the bathroom. Sally ditches the cigarette, and Betty angrily tells her “You could burn the house down.” She pulls her by her ponytail, puts her into the closet, and sends Bobby upstairs. Betty tells Sally about her punishment through the door, and Sally asks why she won’t let Daddy come home. Softening, Betty opens the door and tells Sally that Daddy is on a trip, then lets her out of the closet.

Don gets off a bus marked “San Pedro.”

Sterling Cooper
Ken, Peggy, and Sal meet in Peggy’s office to discuss the Popsicle account. The copy machine is a distraction. Sal asks for refreshments and Peggy pulls a bottle of booze and paper cups out of her drawer, serving the guys drinks. They discuss childhood treats as a ritual.

Hildy tells Pete that he has an appointment with the adoption agency Spence Chapin. Hildy is thrilled. Pete clearly not.

Bert Cooper’s sister Alice arrives. He inquires about her “companion” Florence. She refuse to take off her shoes. They eat lunch and discuss the merger. Bert has misgivings, Alice is in favor. Bert muses about his love of cows.

Don walks up to a house, hears The Hall of the Mountain King being played on the piano, and knocks.

Flashback: the 1950s
Don the car salesman steps hurriedly into his room with the mysterious blonde from The Gold Violin. We find that she’s the real Don Draper’s wife. At first he persists in lying, but she is confrontational, and at last he tells her the truth. She says her name is Anna. He offers her money, Don’s Purple Heart and dogtags, and tells her his real name.

California: 1963
Anna answers the door and gives Don a warm hug. A young boy, Teddy, is playing the piano. Don applauds. The boy is there for a lesson. Anna introduces him as her friend Dick. He seems unable to articulate why he’s there; he asks if he can take a shower and lie down, and she says “of course.”

The Campbell Residence
Pete comes in from work agitated. He immediately starts shouting at Trudy about not wanting to adopt. She yells back and Pete throws the roast chicken out the window. She storms into the bedroom and Pete pours himself a drink.

Joan and Greg in bed
The Million Dollar Movie is showing The Day the Earth Stood Still as Joan and Greg cuddle and kiss, semi-nude, in bed. He says he’s tired, she gets on top; he’s obviously turned off by her aggression and stops things. Uncomfortable, he asks “Where’d you pick that up?” and Joan reminds him that they agreed there was “no before.”

Sterling Cooper, at night
Peggy, alone in the office, takes a cigarette from a secretary’s desk, lights it, stretches, and appears to be content.

San Pedro, California: Anna’s porch
Anna joins Don on the porch, bringing him a beer. We learn that he paid for her home, that they’ve kept in touch, but it’s been a long time. She asks him about his children and, although he’d been relaxed, his jaw tightens. She tells him he doesn’t have to talk about it but he can, that they met to make each other’s lives better. He begins to talk about what happened, how disconnected he feels. He doesn’t know what he’s do.

Sterling Cooper
Roger comes into Bert Cooper’s office. They argue about the merger. Roger is excited, Bertram is angry that Roger’s divorce is motivating this, but he agrees to a meeting of the partners.

Pete dictates a letter or memo about aerospace. His father-in-law calls. Tom threatens Pete with pulling the Clearasil account, and makes it plain that Trudy’s happiness is the only thing that will save the account. Pete tells him to go ahead and pull the account, he doesn’t need Tom running, and ruining, his marriage.

San Pedro, California
Don is resting on the couch when Anna puts a bag of new clothes on top of him.

Flashback: A Christmas Eve in the late 50s

Don gives Anna a present and tells her he’s met Betty. He’s in love and wants to marry her, which means “Don” and Anna must divorce. Don refers to “out here,” implying this is Christmas in California, and says he’ll always take care of Anna financially. Anna tells him it’s probably their last Christmas together.

San Pedro, California
Don on the couch looks fondly at Anna.

Sterling Cooper
In the conference room, the Popsicle presentation takes place: Two guys from Popsicle, Ken, Peggy, Sal. They say Don is sick and approved their campaign, and Peggy runs the presentation. She shows them “Take it, break it, share it, love it” and it’s a big success.

The Draper Home
Betty, in slacks, phones Sarah Beth. She asks about private school for Sally, then leads the conversation to Arthur. Sarah Beth begins to cry and confesses to Betty that she slept with him. Betty seems disgusted, Sarah Beth tells her she’s awful and hangs up on her.

Sterling Cooper

Peggy gets a lecture from the Xerox repair geek. She waits outside of Roger’s office and asks for Freddie’s old office. Roger is amused and says yes.

Joan walks up and introduces her fiance to them both. Peggy leaves. Joan says they’re going to La Cote Basque, and Roger says “I thought you hated French food.” Greg’s previously smug face falls. Roger leaves. Joan and Greg are about to leave but Greg insists she fix him a drink. He follows her into Don’s office and closes the door. He comes on to her and she says no. He grabs her wrists and forces her down. She persists in saying no while he rapes her. Finally, while he holds her face down, she stares into the furniture and disconnects. Afterwards, they go to dinner as if nothing had happened, but she leaves the red flowers he’d brought her behind on her desk.

The next morning, the partners meet: Bertram Cooper, Senior Partner, Roger Sterling, Senior Partner, Alice Cooper, Secy/Treasurer, Donald Draper absent, attorney Mr. Whitehouse.

San Pedro, California
“Dick” sees some guys working on hot rods. He talks with them about rebuilding and cannibalizing cars, and the fascination of the paint job. Dick introduces himself and says he’s looking for work.

Sterling Cooper
The partners vote in favor of merger. Bert hesitates a long time before voting yea, Roger sighs and looks extremely pleased. Everyone leaves. Bertram sits behind his desk pensively as the camera backs away.

The next morning, Peggy is moving her things into her new office. She says hello to Joan, inquires about Don. Joan congratulates Peggy on the office, and they discuss Greg. Peggy is enthralled, Joan is cool but finally says how great he is. They are interrupted by Ken and Harry, who are welcoming Paul back from Mississippi. Paul notices something different about Peggy but can’t place it, she says it’s nothing. We learn that Sheila dumped Paul. The men learn that Peggy has a new office and both Paul and Harry are angry. While Peggy gazes proudly at her new door, Joan tells her she’s getting married at Christmas. Peggy is enthusiastic, and Joan looks empty.

The Draper Home
Peggy calls Sally into the living room. She gives her riding boots in a somber gray box, telling her she’s a big girl. Sally is thrilled. Betty, reiterating that Sally is a big girl, tells Sally that her father is away because of a disagreement, she doesn’t know where he is or when he will be back, but everything will be okay.

San Pedro, California
Don is fixing a chair for Anna. Anna lays out Don’s Tarot cards. He gets restless, and he finds Meditations on an Emergency on her shelf, it is the copy he sent to her in For Those Who Think Young. Reading the cards, she especially notes the Sun and the Resurrection (Judgement).

Anna, an intuitive reader, looks over the cards to find where to start, and focuses on the World. “She’s the soul of the world” Anna tells Dick. He thinks about what she tells him, looking out the window, which dissolves into..

Peggy’s office at Sterling Cooper
Pete knocks and comes in. Peggy is having a drink. Pete is clearly pleased for her. He tells her he’s lost the Clearasil account. She is sympathetic. She asks Pete what happened in LA with Don, and he tells her Don disappeared. Pete wants to gossip about Don but she shuts him down. He congratulates her as he leaves, and she sits behind her desk drinking.

San Pedro, California
Don walks into the ocean, letting waves was over him, and the credits begin as an old time hymn plays.

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