Episode 2.10: The Inheritance


Week of September 17–23, 1962 (This episode ends just before next week’s episode begins. Given the drinking and the antics afterwards, the office party is almost certainly on a Friday, which places it on September 21. Don and Pete fly to California either on the weekend, or on Monday the 24th, but probably on the weekend.)

Day One
Sterling Cooper
In Don’s office, Don, Peggy, Salvatore, and Paul listen while Pete reads off a list of companies that will be at the upcoming aerospace convention in California. They discuss how to work the convention. Paul is excited about the science of it, but Don focuses them on business.

Pete and Trudy’s apartment
Trudy gets into bed with Pete, asking him if she can go to California with him, and he says no. She brings up the subject of adoption, he’s strongly opposed but she persists.

Don’s hotel
Betty calls Don to tell him that her father had a stroke. She’s distraught, he says he’s coming to get her, but she talks him into waiting until morning.

Day Two
The Hofstadt home
Gloria greets Don and Betty at the door. She insists that Gene is fine and that the Drapers should stay with them. Betty’s brother William arrives, then Gene comes downstairs, seeming hearty and giving his daughter a big hug.

They sit and talk. William is disdainful about the thought of Don finding Gene a New York doctor (and of New York). Then Gene calls Betty “Ruthie.” She corrects him gently. Gene reveals that he’s had two previous strokes that no one told Betty about.

Sterling Cooper
Sheila arrives to meet Paul for lunch. Pete mentions they’re going to California and Sheila is surprised and unhappy. Joan spots them, gives a look, and doesn’t approach. Sheila and Paul argue; he had agreed to register voters with her in Mississippi and is reneging. In the elevator, Paul makes a show of asking Hollis to call him “Paul” instead of “Mr. Kinsey.”

In Pete’s office, Pete and his brother Bud are reviewing their father’s estate, and realizing there’s nothing left. They wonder how long their mother can afford to continue, and joke about killing her. “Remember Rope?” Pete says, and they both laugh. They discuss children, and Pete mentions that they’re considering adoption.

The Hofstadt home
Don, Gene, and William’s wife Judy are doing a jigsaw puzzle. Betty, in the other room, gazes at a portrait of her mother. William comes in through the window and he and Betty discuss Gloria and their father. William resents that Betty lives in New York, Betty is angry about her mother’s things that are missing.

Gene starts yelling at Don, saying he’s untrustworthy.

The Campbell family home
Pete’s mother is signing papers when Pete arrives. His mother tells Pete he’ll be cut off if he adopts. Pete counters by telling her that there is no money left, that her husband spent it all.

The Hofstadt home
Betty and Don go up to their room. They undress. Betty pulls the blankets from the bed, hands Don a blanket, and he lays it out on the floor with a pillow. In the night, she wakens Don, gets on top of him, and they make love. In the morning when he wakes up, she’s gone.

Day Three
The Hofstadt home
Downstairs, Don joins Betty, Gene and Gloria for breakfast. William and Judy arrives, Judy is carrying the jardiniare that Betty had missed the previous day. Betty gets up to clear the dishes, and when she reaches her father’s dish, he embraces her, thinking she’s Ruth, and then grabs her breast. Everyone starts, Don immediately jumping up and stands with Betty. Betty leaves the room and after a bit, comes back and sits down as if nothing had happened. Don puts his hand on her shoulder.

Later, Betty and Don are in their room when Viola, a black maid, arrives. Betty is glad to see her and starts bitching about Gloria and Judy. They discuss her father and Betty begins to crumple. Viola, unlike Betty’s family, is truthful, that Gene is sick and will get worse. Betty cries in her arms.

The Draper home
Don and Betty arrive. Don offers to carry the bags upstairs, and to get the kids, but each time Betty says no. Don says he’s going upstairs for a shower, but Betty again stops him, she wants him to leave. He looks stricken and then angry. He wants to stay, and says she needs him, but she insists he leave.

Day Four
Sterling Cooper
Don arrives, the office is nearly empty. He looks at a brochure for Los Angeles on his secretary (now Joan)’s desk. He hears “Surprise” shouted and goes into the conference room, where everyone is throwing a baby shower for Harry. Bert Cooper enters, says “Happy Birthday,” and leaves. Harry opens a present from Tiffany’s from Jane, and Paul makes a remark about how it’s from Roger as well. Joan freezes for just a millisecond, then hands a knife to Alison (a secretary) to cut the cake.

Don pulls Joan out of the party. He tells her to cancel all his appointments and, as Roger comes in, Don announces he’s going to California. Roger leaves and Don asks Joan to send a memo to Mr. Kinsey.

Back in the party, they’re discussing California, and Harry realizes he’s kind of drunk. Then Hildy, very drunk, tells him how happy she is for him and gives him a big drunk hug. Joan comes up and announces in front of everyone that Paul isn’t going to California. Paul is upset and Joan derives obvious pleasure from demanding his tickets and badges back from him.

Paul goes into his office and calls Sheila, indicating that he’s going to Mississippi because he changed his mind and realizes how important it is.

In the open area, a secretary is sitting on a man’s lap, typing while he kisses the back of her neck. Peggy comes out and sees this, and from across the office, Pete asks Peggy if he can speak with her. Pete, obviously drunk, talks about flying, and then blurts that he hates his mother. He starts talking about adoption but without saying what he’s talking about. Peggy is confused but stays calm as Pete becomes abrasive and sad.

The Draper home
Betty is awake alone in the kitchen. She hears a noise and starts, then locks the door.

Day Five
The Draper home
The next morning, Betty goes out back. Polly is barking at the playhouse. Betty opens the door and finds Glen Bishop camped out in it. She learns he’s been there for a few days, he’s run away and he wanted to see Betty.

She brings him inside. He complains about his mother and her boyfriends. She offers to wash his clothes and gives him a shirt of Don’s to wear. She prepares lunch for him and he says he’s not going home. Then they sit on the couch next to each other and watch TV. Glen tells her he doesn’t like ham, and Betty apologizes and offers to make him macaroni and cheese. He holds her hand and she smiles. Then he tells her he’s going to rescue her.

Carla comes in with the kids, and it’s as if Betty wakes up. She sends Glen up to play with the kids and phones Helen. When Helen comes, she tells Glen he has to go home. He says “I hate you,” and she says “I know” and “I’m sorry.”

A bus to Mississippi
Paul pontificates about advertising.

The Draper home
Helen knocks on the door and comes in, angry, demanding that Betty stops being involved with Glen. Betty turns it around, telling Helen that she’s neglecting Glen. Then Betty reveals that Don isn’t living at home, and they haven’t told the children. They discuss living without their husbands.

On the flight to Los Angeles
Don gazes out the window as the sun comes over his face. Telstar by the Tornadoes plays and the credits roll.

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