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Season 2

This is an episode list with a brief synopsis. Click “full recap” or “quotes” for more on each episode.

…and don’t forget the Season 2 Cultural References.

1. For Those Who Think Young
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Tim Hunter
Original air date: 27 July 2008
February 14 and 15, 1962
Valentine’s Day is celebrated in various ways. A Xerox machine arrives at Sterling Cooper. Don sees the doctor. Peggy pitches Mohawk Airlines ideas, confronts Lois. Duck wants young hires to pitch Martinson coffee. Joan has a boyfriend. Betty goes riding, meets an old friend, breaks a fan belt. Harry’s wife Jennifer has news. (Full recap) (Quotes)

2. Flight 1
Writers: Lisa Albert and Matthew Weiner
Director: Andrew Bernstein
Original air date: August 3, 2008
In memory of Christopher Allport
Approximately February 24–March 4, 1962
Paul throws a party in his Montclair apartment. Joan confronts him about his girlfriend. The Mohawk Air Lines account is jeopardized by an American Airlines crash. Peggy has dinner with her family. Pete learns some of his father’s secrets. (Full recap) (Quotes)

3. The Benefactor
Writer: Matthew Weiner and Rick Cleveland
Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
Original air date: August 10, 2008
Late March 1962
Harry receives the wrong envelope, and presents a controversial sponsorship opportunity to a client in order to boost his career. Insult comic Jimmy Barrett insults the wrong person, and Don has to clean up the mess. Don also cleans up Lois’s mess. Bobbie Barrett engages in some unusual power politics with Don, and Betty tells Arthur Chase her people are Nordic. (Full recap) (Quotes)

4. Three Sundays
Writers: Andre & Maria Jacquemetton
Director: Tim Hunter
Original air date: August 17, 2008
April 8–22, 1962
American Airlines moves the pitch meeting forward, bringing the staff into work on a Sunday, including Sally Draper. Betty wants Don to spank Bobby. Peggy helps a new priest with his sermon. Anita goes to confession. Margaret Sterling is engaged and Roger finds a way to cope with his feelings of loneliness. (Full recap) (Quotes)

5. The New Girl
Writer: Robin Veith
Director: Jennifer Getzinger
Original air date: August 24, 2008
May 16–18, 1962
After a car accident, Don makes a confession of sorts to Betty. Peggy has a houseguest, and we learn a bit about her time in St. Mary’s Hospital. Pete and Trudy seek fertility treatment. Joan announces her engagement and breaks in Don’s new secretary. (Full recap) (Quotes)

6. Maidenform
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Phil Abraham
Original air date: August 31, 2008
May 29–June 2, 1962
Don and Betty visit Arthur’s country club. Peggy is being left out of after-hours meetings about her Playtex account. Pete and Trudy entertain his brother and sister-in-law. Pete spends time with a model. Jane gets a sunburn. Duck’s kids come for a visit, bringing Chauncey with them. Roger insists that Don and Duck have lunch and make peace. Don spends time with Bobbie, and has trouble shaving. (Full recap) (Quotes)

7. The Gold Violin
Writers: Jane Anderson and Andre & Maria Jacquemetton
Director: Andrew Bernstein
Original air date: September 7, 2008
Four days, Thursday through Monday, beginning between June 21 and July 19, 1962
Don shops for a Cadillac. Jane gets in trouble with Joan. Salvatore and Kitty have Ken to dinner. Don and Betty attend a celebration at the Stork Club, hosted by the Barretts. Don has the Smiths pitch Martinson Coffee, while Paul and Ken explore the new world that is Pampers. Bert Cooper gets a painting. (Full recap) (Quotes)

8. A Night to Remember
Writers: Robin Veith and Matthew Weiner
Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
Original air date: September 14, 2008
between approximately July 21st and August 4th, 1962
The Drapers host a dinner party. Peggy helps Father Gill create fliers for the church. Harry gets help from Joan. Betty makes an accusation. (Full recap) (Quotes)

9. Six Month Leave
Writer: Andre & Maria Jacquemetton and Matthew Weiner
Director: Michael Uppendahl
Original air date: September 28, 2008
Monday, August 6 through Wednesday, August 8, 1962
Don is staying at the Roosevelt. The staff of Sterling Cooper, especially the women, react to Marilyn Monroe’s death. Jane tries to pry into what’s going on with Don. Betty shows signs of depression, stays in, and drinks. Carla offers advice. Betty arranges a lunch date with Sarah Beth. Freddy Rumsen’s alcoholism progresses to a noticeable level, which Pete brings to management’s attention. Roger and Don take Freddy out on the town. Peggy’s career advances. A visit from Mona surprises Don. (Full recap) (Quotes)

10. The Inheritance
Writers: Lisa Albert, Marti Noxon, and Matthew Weiner
Director: Andrew Bernstein
Original air date: October 5, 2008
Week of September 17–23, 1962
Betty’s father has a stroke. Pete and Trudy discuss adoption. Sheila visits Paul at the office. Pete and Bud discuss their family finances. A surprise party at the office garners an expensive gift. Betty has an unexpected guest. Don makes a travel decision. (Full recap) (Quotes)

11. The Jet Set
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Phil Abraham
Original air date: October 12, 2008
between September 24 and October 1, 1962
Don visits Palm Springs. Peggy and Kurt arrange to see Bob Dylan together, and Kurt makes a surprising revelation. Roger and Jane make a decision. Duck has a meeting with Roger he doesn’t like, and a meeting with Roger and Bert Cooper together that he much prefers. Don makes a mysterious phone call. (Full recap) (Quotes)

12. The Mountain King
Writer: Robin Veith and Matthew Weiner
Director: Alan Taylor
Original air date: October 19, 2008
on or after October 11, 1962
Betty gives Sally riding boots and a serious talk. Don visits Anna and gets a tarot reading. Peggy lands the Popsicle account and Freddy’s office. Bert Cooper has lunch with his sister and expresses misgivings about the merger. Roger is enthusiastic. The partners vote yea on the merger, with Don absent. Pete hears about Spence Chapin and tosses a chicken. Later, he confronts his father-in-law. Greg is uncomfortable with Joan’s sexuality, but is okay with date rape. Sarah Beth makes a confession, and Betty is unsympathetic. (Full recap) (Quotes)

13. Meditations in an Emergency
Writers: Matthew Weiner and Kater Gordon
Director: Matthew Weiner
Original air date: October 26, 2008
October 22–26, 1962
Betty visits her doctor. Don visits the stables. The kids visit Don. Betty visits a bar. Pete has a meeting with Duck, a confrontation with Trudy, and a meeting with Don. The guys get the truth out of Lois. Peggy speaks with Father Gill about confession, and then she and Pete have a confessional experience. The merger meeting happens. (Full recap) (Quotes)


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  1. Hi- this is my first comment, but I've been reading this blog (and the "old" one) for about a month and I love it- so useful and insightful!
    The lack of Rachel in these spoilers (and in the promo pics, that, btw, are awesome) worries me. Imdb says that Maggie Siff will appear at least in the premiere, but do we know if she'll be in other episodes?
    I'm glad that apparently we'll be learning something about Peggy's background- reading the episodes description made me realize that we know nothing about her family. I'm also curious about Duck's interaction with the rest of the SC staff, and I already know that I'm goin' to love the sublopts about Harry's "controversial sponsorhip" and Cooper's new "piece of office art"…

  2. *not reading the ep decriptions*

    Hey I came in here just to see the writer/director credits…is this for real, MW wrote ALL THESE EPS? That is incredible, if true!

    The new site looks terrific!

  3. Thanks!

    Again, this is per IMdb, so we'll verify as each ep airs.

  4. she_walks, when asked about Rachel, Matthew Weiner (as usual) would say nothing, but he did point out she has another series and 'that should tell you something.' We think occasional "guest star" shots.

    ProgGrrl, I doubt very much he actually wrote each episode, but until I see with my own eyes, I'm going to have to go with the IMDb.

  5. Matt Weiner, as creator of Mad Men, has a writing credit on IMDb for every episode of season one as well; but if you notice, for episodes like "The Wheel" and "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", he has a second 'written by' credit for the episodes he was credited with writing. So all this means is that the specific episode writers haven't been listed yet.

  6. That's what I was trying to say, but you explained it much better, S. Tarzan.

  7. I think that "Three Sundays" has to be my most-anticipated episode of the seven; the best episodes seem to take the staff outside of a nine-to-five context, like the office party in NvK, or The Hobo Code, where everybody leaves early. Also, my anticipation at seeing Peggy's home life must have tripled when I found that one of the actresses involved is Pam from Big Love.

  8. Thanks guys, that makes more sense now.


    BTW I'm slowly rewatching with the DVDs…and the Jacquemetton's are SO my new favorite writing team. I love their commentary for 105 Babylon. *swoon*

  9. Also hardly a Pete mention in these.

  10. We know from MW's comments on the press tour that Pete has a big storyline in episode two, at least. I assume that the other summaries are just being coy; the initial summary for "Nixon v. Kennedy" mentioned nothing about Harry's storyline, "The Wheel" mentioned Peggy only to allude to her promotion, and for "The Long Weekend", the summary suggest only that Don, Roger, and Joan were all having a night on the town over Labor Day weekend: no heart attack, no roommate. I assume that there will be a lot more with Pete Campbell.

  11. I just watched the whole 1st season of Mad Men (yes, all at once, i don't know what i was thinking!!!), but it is no one of my favorites! Reading this preview has only made me more excited! Thanks for all the information!

  12. My husband and I are in Spain and we cannot get A & E. The first season of Mad Men we watch on itunes. Do you have any idea how long we have to wait to season Season 2?

  13. First, it's AMC not A&E. I'm afraid I don't have info on overseas broadcast. It's on TV in the UK but we get it here in the US first.

  14. Megan,
    I was living in France during MM Season 1, iTunes was the best way I found to get MM.

  15. I thought the only way to get MM on itunes was with a US credit card and billing address since season 1 was only available through the US itunes store (and I'm guessing it will be the same for season 2). I'd love to be wrong on this so please say if so. We in the UK will get season 2 in early 2009, apparently.

  16. Helen, I hadn't considered the US credit card and billing address for iTunes.
    I had set up my iTune account while in the US and it uses my US credit card which has a US billing address.

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  18. Now that we've seen Jackie Kennedy in first episode, I wonder if Marilyn Monroe's death will get a mention on the show, as it happened in August 1962? I'd think it would be all over the NY Post.

  19. Marilyn Monroe died Aug. 5, 1962, (Aug. 5 is my birthday, which is how I know the date) and I would imagine the show would mark it in some way, perhaps by showing a newspaper front page. Also in September 1962, JFK vowed to send a man to the moon, and that was a major event.

  20. OMG you guys! I just discovered that I now have AMC channel HD!!!Eeeeee! I am loing Cablevision these days!!!

  21. #13 Meagan, the entire first episode of season two is online right now at the AMC website:

  22. Good afternoon, everyone. My first post here on this site. Glad to be onboard.

    I am site only about 9 days into my familiarity with Mad Men. Last Friday, I was home working and noticed that Time Warner was offering Season 1 on demand. I thought, "Oh cool, I've always wanted to see that show". Flipped it on to check it out. I was through the entire season by Saturday afternoon. I got hooked faster than on American Spirits. So, I am new to the sensation of Mad Men, but already thoroughly sold.

    Two questions I have on last night's episode 2……and please forgive me if my questions seem obvious, I do not generally read spoilers, blogs, etc. I don't like to spoil the surprise of a fresh episode. But I missed and / or was confused by two things last night. First, what was the piece of paper up on the bulletin board which the girls were laughing at and which upset Joan. I could tell it was about her, but I couldn't see what it was. Second, when Peggy was leaving her Mom's, she opened the bedroom door, and we see two kids. One an infant, one looking to be….four? Which is Peggy's? Or are they BOTH and we have simply to learn this yet?

  23. The paper was a copy of Joan's dricing license with her true age (over 30) and not something I guess Joan wanted to broadcast.

    The baby was Peggy's. The other kids were presumed to be her sister's.

  24. Helen, I see that the AMC website is now showing episode 1 from season 2. I hope that gives you the “jump” on the other UK fans.

  25. Thanks michele – I was so pleased to see that it was available outside the US ( wouldn't give me access). I watched it last night – it's hard seeing Don so sad and Betty so angry, but so good to see a new episode and understand the discussions re FTWTY

    On promotion – there is a US researcher in my workplace today (I work in a university archives department) who saw my season 2 wallpaper on my pc and asked about MM. She said she'd heard of it but not seen it, so I told her to go and do that as soon as she gets home.

  26. Converting one viewer at a time, Helen!

  27. I'm doing my best!

  28. @ My_Luckies,
    there's no telling yet if one of those children is Peggy's. There is the possibility her child was given up for adoption.

  29. I don’t know if Paul’s hometown will come up again, but maybe a history of Montclair post might be interesting if you guys have a slow day. I hear it’s quite diverse and liberal. Also, although it’s years away in show time, my great-aunt lived in Newark through the riots and for her whole adulthood, so that might be an interesting way for Weiner to work in the racial tensions aspect of the 60s.

    I find funny that Paul is living in Soprano-land.

  30. @John Rothschild:

    I think the whole point of the conversation between the sister and Peggy was to show that indeed that is Peggy's baby. Sister stressed out "aren't you going to say goodnight?" That would have been of zero importance if the kids in there were all her sister's. At least that's how I take it. Mentions of Peggy's baby being with her sisters were also in the spoilers, so I do think that is Peggy's baby. Of course any twist is possible but for now I think the intent is to tell the viewers "this is Peggy's baby" And I don't think the sister would've thrown to her face "state of NY didn't think so, doctors didn't think so" if she had given up her baby for adoption. Would've been just downright cruel. Peggy holding her own baby at the end and treating him as if he was some smelly garbage item was the peak moment to say "Peggy doesn't connect to this creature at all, doesn't even feel she is a mother". At least that's how I took it? The baby thinks her sister is his mother and doesn't even feel comfortable with her, starts crying immediately. So she's "disconnected" from family life. That's how I interpreted the whole scene.

  31. Mint, right on all points, although I think there is something deeper to her disconnection… I'm sure it's self-preservation. I assume that she didn't hold her nephews with that kind of distance, so it's more than that she's not his mother. It's that she absolutely cannot be his mother.

  32. Episode 203 – The Benefactor. Don ditches work. Where does he go? What does he do? We know what he did in the past, but what now? Will he roam the streets? Hang out in a bar? What…and with whom?

  33. I’ve been developing the strongest feeling that the new secretary in “The New Girl” will be Sheila, Paul’s girlfriend. I can’t wholly justify it, but I called Pete’s father dying, Paul dating a black woman, Sal getting married, so I think my subconscious must be on to something with this season.

  34. I just realized something that’s been bugging me in the back of my mind. The season started on Valentine’s Day 1962, and then moved to March 1st, but many of the women were running around in short-sleeved or sleeveless dresses. February and early March in New York is typically in the 40s, nobody’s going around in short sleeves except for maybe formal dresses, or skimpy club wear or something. Even Betty could have been a bit more bundled up for her horseback riding.

  35. Jackie, agreed. Even from just a fashion-appropriate standpoint, it’s questionable.

    Last season in Marriage of Figaro, there was all that backyard activity. Pete had just returned from his honeymoon, so it was still March. It all looked like late April, but in reality, that would have been, as we say, unseasonably warm.

  36. Betty wore a coat over her riding outfit. It was bright blue with a wide collar. Also, Bobbie wore a coat with a fur collar and gloves. Don wore a camel colored coat over his suit. And Betty had a coat on over her red dress in the car coming back from the restaurant.

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  38. I just found out that Maidenform was a bra brand. Maybe they’ll be a new client?

    From Wiki:
    “An imaginary situation of a partially undressed dream was exploited in Maidenform’s advertising in the 1950s and 1960s – “I dreamed I…[doing some ordinary activity]… in my Maidenform bra.”, with an illustration of the person wearing only underwear in a public place, appearing proud and cheerful.”

  39. Meditations on an Emergency as the last episode. Hmmmm….
    If he sent Rachel the book, then maybe she returns. OR if it was someone we don't know … OR maybe the title just sums up where Don's personality is at the time.

  40. "Six Month Leave" might be what Dick/Don got in Korea.

    "The Jet Set" might refer to SC bidding on a new airline client. Or, maybe the agency gets an overseas client.

    Fritz Kreisler died in 1962; could there be a Kreisler reference in "The Gold Violin" episode?

  41. I hope "Meditations in an Emergency" will be about the Cuban Missile Crisis. It fits the time span of the season.

  42. Just went to the tv guide website and there is a description and title for the 8th episode:

    Episode Detail: A Night to Remember – Mad Men
    Father Gill tries to convince Peggy to volunteer her talents to a church project; Duck and Don team to woo a foreign-beer client by marketing to a new demographic; Harry turns to an unlikely source for help when his department is overloaded with work

  43. Duck and Don team to woo a foreign-beer client by marketing to a new demographic…

    Oh, lord, they’re going to start pitching directly to hipsters.

  44. SpoilerTV has the following blurb up for "Six Month Leave":

    "Freddy Rumsen strikes out during a pitch meeting with his team; ever-eager Pete seizes a chance to exploit an opportunity at the office; an old friend is the beneficiary of Don's loyalty; Sara Beth proves to be a welcome ally for Betty."

  45. I wonder if the foreign beer is the heavily advertised Heineken?
    I noticed Ken asked for a beer at Sal's house instead of the usual hard liquor or mixed drink. Beer seems like a younger generation or working class thing.

  46. I didn't get a close look but the beer looked like Reingold which was locally brewed and distributed in Brooklyn (where Sal lives). Brooklyn Brewery bought the buildings and are doing pretty good.

  47. SpoilerTV has the blurb for "The Inheritance" now as well:

    Betty visits her ailing father; Paul's girlfriend, Sheila, advises him about his civic responsibilities; Pete's mother tries to put the kibosh on an important family move that he and Trudy are planning.

  48. The book was titled Meditations IN an Emergency, whereas the episode is titled Meditations ON an Emergency. I'm thinking the episode may have to do with the Cuban Missile Crisis, and we'll get the answers about the book of poetry in episode 11 or 12 (The Jet Set or The Mountain King). Maybe Don sent the book to the mountain king…? Heh.

  49. I will not speculate on the episode title just yet; it may be a typo (it may even be my typo).

  50. With all this Sylvia Plath talk, I'm wondering if the emergency is Betty making a suicide attempt?

  51. To me, the Jet set means a lifestyle. I think it may refer to Don joining the country club.

  52. Hello All,

    You have a nice site here, and I am totally into Mad Men.

    The Meditations on an Emergency was definitely the Cuban Missle Crisis. I have some questions, though: Did Betty know the man she met at the bar near the end of the episode? Is she drinking on purpose to lose the baby, or didn't they associate drinking and low fetal birthweight together?

  53. Is it true that John Slattery is going to be killed off by another heart attack? Please say it isn't so. Regis and Kelly talked about this one morning recently. John is a great actor and his character is an important one to the series. Even if Don takes over the agency, the mix needs Robert Morse and John S. too.

  54. I can't guarantee that Slattery won't be killed off, but what I can guarantee is that this is a rumor or misstatement.

    A) Weiner is only just beginning to formulate the next season in his head.

    B) Weiner is ultra-intensely protective of spoilers and secrets. Nothing that big would ever be revealed, even if it were happening. Not ever.

    C) Even if it were true, and the rumor got out, you would not read about it here. We have a strict spoiler policy (among other policies) and we not only won't write any spoilers ourselves, we will delete spoilers (and other things we just don't like, because we're not a democracy). Read all about it in our About section.

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