Episode 3.13: Shut the Door. Have a Seat


December 11–16, 1963

Wednesday, December 11, 1963
Draper Residence
Don in bed, in the attic, realizes his alarm has not gone off.

Hilton Hotel

Don enters Hilton’s suite. Hilton tells Don that McCann Erickson is buying Putnam, Powell & Lowe, and Hilton is therefore moving his New York business elsewhere. Don is angry. Connie isn’t having it. They shake hands. Don leaves.

Sterling Cooper

Don arrives and looks around, thinking.

Flashback – Whitman Farm
Young Dick Whitman watches his father object to the farm cooperative’s pricing. Archie quits the co-op and kicks everyone out.

Sterling Cooper
Don goes to Cooper. He wants to buy Sterling Cooper back from McCann. At first they argue, but he persuades Cooper and they begin to strategize. Cooper points out that they need Roger and Don shifts a little, knowing they have yet to make peace. Cooper insists that Don be part of the conversation with Roger.

They go to Roger’s office; he is on the phone with Jane, who is obsessed with the Kennedy assassination. Roger is shocked by the news, but quickly catches on. He pushes Don to apologize, which Don does, but then he says he wants to retire rich. Ultimately, he’s sold on their pitch.

Draper residence
As soon as Don walks in, Betty sends the children upstairs and tells Don she’s hired a divorce attorney. He tries to talk her out of it, suggests she see a shrink, and then tells her forget it, he won’t let her, but she stands firm.

Thursday, December 12
Sterling Cooper
Lane steps into Cooper’s office and finds Roger, Don, and Cooper seated on the couch. Bert tells him “Shut the door and have a seat.” They offer to buy Sterling Cooper from McCann but Lane points out their offer is too low, and says he is sorry and has enjoyed working with them.

Lawyer’s office
The attorney explains to Betty and Henry that it is hard to get a divorce in New York and suggests she go to Reno for six weeks. Henry doesn’t want her to fight for money, he wants to take care of her.

Sterling Cooper
Lane calls Saint John Powell and learns that Don was right; it is PPL for sale, not just Sterling Cooper. Lane realizes his position is tenuous and slams down the phone.

Draper residence
Don comes home to a dark house and goes straight to the attic. Sally is asleep on his cot. He sits and thinks.

Flashback – Whitman Farm
Dick watches Archie and Abigail argue; they have no money. Archie gets angry, grabs his jug of moonshine and calls Dick to accompany him; he’s going to drive his crop to Chicago. In the barn, Dick takes a pull of the moonshine, which amuses Archie, who is very drunk A flash of lightning makes the horse jump; the horse catches Archie in the face as Dick watches; Archie is killed.

Draper residence
Don gets in bed behind Sally and sleeps with his arm around her.

Friday, December 13
Sterling Cooper
Lane, Roger, and Cooper come into Don’s office. Don says “Close the door. Have a seat.” They discuss the situation, Don realizes the only way out is for Lane to fire them. Cooper offers to make Lane a partner and suddenly Lane becomes cooperative. Lane points out they need accounts. He can inform London that they’ve “all been sacked” at noon New York time, which gives them until Monday morning to get accounts and a staff together before PPL finds out what’s happened. They agree they can only approach people who are a certainty, and they all assent by vote. Lane fires them all.

Don leaves his office energized and starts giving orders. He calls Peggy in, saying “Shut the door. Sit down.” Don tells Peggy he’s starting a new agency, and tells her to get ready to go with him. She realizes he doesn’t appreciate her and turns him down.

Campbell apartment
Pete is nervous; he has to look sick. He called in sick because he had an interview with Ogilvy, and now Roger and Don are arriving. When they come to the door, Trudy greets them and excuses herself. Roger lays the cards on the table about the sale, and Don says they want to bring him on board. Pete makes Don tell him why he’s valuable. Don says they’ll make him a partner if he can deliver his accounts by Sunday. They shake.

When Don and Roger leave, Pete sets to work, getting Trudy to help him. They kiss.

A bar in Manhattan

Roger and Don sit at the bar. Don tells Roger he needs a divorce attorney. Roger says “so it’s true” and names Henry Francis. Don is shocked, Roger is embarrassed and apologetic.

Draper residence
Betty is asleep in bed. Don wakes her, furious, demanding to know who Henry Francis is. He pulls her physically out of bed, calls her a whore. The fight wakes the baby. Betty stands her ground.

Sunday, December 15
Sterling Cooper
Pete is in the elevator, Harry steps in. Lane, Cooper, and Roger quickly tell Harry the situation and tell him that he has to decide right away, and if he says no they’ll lock him in the storeroom until morning. Harry quickly begins to plan. No one knows, though, where anything is. Roger says he’ll make a phone call.

Draper residence
Betty and Don sit down with the kids and tell them that they’re getting a divorce. It doesn’t go well. Sally storms out. Bobby won’t let go.

Peggy’s apartment
Don arrives. He tells her she was right, he’s taken her for granted. She’s cool. He says “sit down.” He tells her how valuable she is. He tells her he needs her. She is moved to tears.

Sterling Cooper
Joan arrives. She knows everything and she knows what to do. Don arrives with Peggy. He is pleased to see Joan.

They decide to start in the art department. When Don’s key doesn’t work, he kicks down the door. Roger asks Peggy to get coffee: She says no. Bert supervises the moving of his valuable art. As they’re leaving, Don asks Joan to find him an apartment. Roger tells Don not to bother locking up. He takes a look back.

Monday, December 16
Sterling Cooper
Allison sees the mess in Don’s office and says they’ve been robbed. Hooker lets Lane know that Saint John is on hold for him. Saint John furiously and impotently fires him. Lane is positively jolly as he hangs up and leaves.

The Pierre
Joan is organizing everything; everyone is present.

Sterling Cooper
Allison is crying as they all realize what’s happened. Ken says Pete tried to poach John Deere. Paul angrily realizes that Peggy is gone.

The Pierre
Pete is on the phone with a client and Don is typing. Trudy arrives with sandwiches for everyone. Trudy’s presence gets Don thinking; he phones Betty and tells her he won’t fight her. He rejoins everyone, enjoying the sight and sounds of their work.

A plane
Betty, baby Gene, and Henry are on a flight to Reno.

Draper residence
Carla brings chocolate milk to the kids and sits down with them.

The Roosevelt
Don takes his suitcases out of the cab and heads into his hotel.

Closing song: Shahdaroba, Roy Orbison