Episode 3.11: The Gypsy and the Hobo


Monday, October 28 through Thursday, October 31, 1963

Monday, October 28, 1963
Ossining, NY: The Draper residence
Betty, in her bedroom and wearing a coat, finishes packing a suitcase and calls the kids. In the kitchen, Don expresses his objection to store-bought plastic Halloween costumes. Betty is taking the kids to Philadelphia for a week. She asks for money, clearly hinting at the cash in the locked drawer, but Don tells her to go to the bank.

Sterling Cooper
Bert Cooper and an unknown woman greet Roger and Don in Cooper’s office. Roger clearly has a past with the woman, who is Annabel Mathis. She is the head of Caldecott Farms, which makes dog food out of horse meat, and is suffering a PR crisis following the release of The Misfits. She wants to rename horse meat into something appealing to the public. She doesn’t want to rename the company.

As Roger walks her out he asks why she’s showed up, she flirts a little and arranges dinner for the following night.

Ossining: Suzanne’s apartment
Don is waiting in Suzanne’s apartment when she gets home. They kiss. They talk about their relationship, she says that she sees he’s unhappy. He goes to lie down.

Manhattan: The Harris apartment
Joan is prepping Greg for an interview for a psychiatry internship. He reveals his father had a breakdown.

Suzanne’s Apartment
Suzanne gets into bed with Don. She confesses she wants more from him, but says it will pass. Don offers to take her away somewhere for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, October 29
Sterling Cooper
Roger is golfing in his office when the phone rings. It’s Joan Harris. She asks him for help finding a job.

Betty sits at her father’s desk and opens a drawer. William comes in with the family lawyer. William is angry about the house inheritance and walks out. Betty asks Milton (the lawyer) to close the door so they can speak confidentially. She tells him about Don’s secret past. Milton advises her how difficult it will be to get a divorce in New York, and suggests she goes home.

Manhattan: a French restaurant
Annabel arrives; Roger is on his third drink. She doesn’t want to discuss business; they discuss the past. Roger is cool towards her, and bitter about her leaving him. They bicker.

After dinner, they’re both drunk, and they’re laughing together in the lobby. She makes a pass at him and he turns her down; he wants to be loyal to Jane.

Harris apartment
Joan comes home; Greg is in front of the TV. He screwed up his interview. He complains bitterly about his life and how nothing turned out as planned. She conks him on the back of the head with a vase.

Wednesday, October 30
Sterling Cooper
Annabel, Roger, Don, Peggy, and Smitty are watching a focus group; three people and their dogs being fed dog food. The dogs love the food but when the brand is revealed, the dog owners are horrified. Don tells Annabel the name has to be changed, but she refuses and storms out. Roger confronts her in the kitchen; she says he was “the one” but he tells her she wasn’t. She leaves.

Don and Suzanne pull up in front of Don’s house. He’s going inside for a suitcase or something, and they’re going to head off to Norwich. When he walks in, he’s greeted by the kids. Betty sends the kids upstairs and will not be distracted from confronting him.

She brings him into his office and tells him to open the drawer, showing she has the keys. Don tries to stop her, he goes blank and afraid. He goes into the kitchen for a drink, washes his face, she follows. He drops a cigarette, shaky, she sympathizes enough to get him a drink, and sits down with him. He confesses almost everything, omitting that he switched the dog tags on purpose. He is clear that he switched identities to dessert. After he tells the basic story, she wants to talk about his family, showing him the shoebox.

They’re interrupted by the baby crying, but she says “We’re not done.” He brings the shoebox upstairs. He shows her the pictures, telling her his family history, including his real parentage. Betty brings up Adam, Don looks horrified but continues to tell the truth and weeps. She puts her hand on his.

Sterling Cooper
Roger calls “Bob” to see if he’ll hire Joan, saying she’s important to him.

Harris apartment
Greg comes home; Joan is setting the table. Greg apologizes and gives her a bouquet. He’s happy because he’s joined the army to be a surgeon.

Suzanne gets out of Don’s car, looks back, takes her suitcase and walks home.

Don brushes his teeth.

Thursday, October 31
Draper residence
Don wakes up, seemingly surprised it’s morning. He sees he’s alone. He goes to put the pictures back in the shoebox, realizes he doesn’t have to, and puts them back down on the dresser.

Downstairs, Betty and Don greet each other quietly, they seem at peace. He kisses his kids and says he will trick or treat with them.

Sterling Cooper
Don arrives, greeted by Allison. He calls Suzanne, she understands quickly that it’s over; he says goodbye to her.

When Don gets home the kids are in costume and eager to leave. The entire family leaves to trick or treat together. They ring the Hanson’s doorbell, and Carlton asks Don “who are you supposed to be?”

Closing song: Where is Love from Oliver!

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