Episode 3.08: Souvenir


A Friday through Thursday in August, 1963

Sterling Cooper
Hildy comes into Pete’s office to finish off work for the evening, it’s five o’clock. He asks her about her plans. Paul and Harry come in, followed by Ken. They discuss getting out of town, and Don traveling for Hilton.

Ossining: The Draper residence
Betty is working on the Save the Reservoir campaign. Don comes in with his laundry. On Betty’s suggestion, he joins the kids catching lightning bugs.

Manhattan: The Campbell apartment
Pete comes home to an empty apartment, struggles to get his shirt off, sits down.

The Draper residence

Betty is making phone calls for the reservoir while Don lies on the couch watching TV. Hilton’s office calls. Don is being sent to Rome on Tuesday night. Don suggests Betty come with, Betty points out they have a two month old, Don, rubbing her shoulders and stroking her arm, suggests they could stay at the Waldorf any time.

Saturday and/or Sunday
(Note: To the best of our knowledge, Davey & Goliath aired in New York on Sunday mornings, yet Pete is wearing different slacks in the morning and evening, suggesting that perhaps these are two different days.)
The Campbell apartment
Pete eats cereal in front of the TV in his tshirt, watching Davey and Goliath and laughing.

Cut to: Pete, in a black shirt, is passed out seated on the couch. He wakes up; the TV is on. He takes the garbage out to the hall incinerator, finds a woman crying and trying to get a party dress down the chute. Her name is Gudrun, she’s the Lawrence’s au pair. She confesses she borrowed Mrs. Lawrence’s party dress and stained it. The Lawrences are coming home Thursday. Pete offers to try to help her and takes the dress, which has a Bonwit Teller label.

The Draper residence
Betty gets up to the alarm, then cut to Betty in the kitchen, drinking coffee and reading paperwork, then cut to Betty arriving home with Don’s dry cleaning, then cut to Betty dressed up. She puts her lipstick on in the vanity mirror where Sally is seated. Sally watches the procedure with great interest. Betty strokes Sally’s shoulder as she leaves without saying a word. Sally smiles into the mirror.

Ossining Town Board Meeting
Betty, Francine, and Mrs. Farrelly wonder where Henry is; just in time, he comes in, and when the issue is raised he has a letter from the governor’s office suggesting that the study of the reservoir water quality was not conclusive. The Board suspends development until further study can be done. Henry nods at Betty with satisfaction.

Outside, Henry, Betty, and Francine head to their cars. Francine is impressed and seems to see a little something between Henry and Betty; enough to decide to leave them alone. Betty is driving her dad’s Lincoln for good luck. She and Henry linger at her car. He leans in. They kiss. She drives away.

The Draper residence
Don is packing for his trip. Betty comes home and does a happy dance when telling Don they won. Don hugs her and is obviously pleased to see her so happy. Betty is giddy and fills in a lot of story, Don enjoys listening to her.

In the night, Betty wakes Don to ask if she can change her mind and come to Rome with him. He agrees.

Manhattan: Bonwit Teller
Pete presents the dress to a saleslady. She’s not helpful so he asks for the manager. The manager turns out to be Joan. They greet each other and Pete shows her the dress. She immediately realizes it’s too big for Trudy but she helps him and is extremely efficient. He asks how she is, she asks after the office, and then he asks how she is again. Greg, she tells him, is thinking of going into psychiatry. Pete asks Joan to never tell Trudy. When he leaves, she puts her head in her hands.

The Rome Hilton
Don and Betty arrive. Betty smells something unpleasant; rubber or diesel. Don leaves her a moment to check what’s going on. An Italian man lights her cigarette.

They enter their room; the bellhop praises Betty’s Italian. She criticizes Don’s over-tipping, then admires the view. Connie phones and speaks with Betty.

Cut to them napping on their bed before dinner, we hear church bells through the window. Betty wakes up and phones for a beauty salon appointment.

The Draper residence
Francine leaves the kids with Carla for “an hour or two at most.” The Board is trying to pull a fast one (“Jap us”) on the reservoir issue.

Betty, ultra-glam, takes a table at the hotel’s outdoor café. Two men at the next table flirt with her. She is cool. Don sits one table over on the other side. They pretend to be meeting for the first time and flirt. The Italians give up and leave, and the Drapers continue to flirt until Connie arrives. He flatters Betty.

After dinner, Betty and Don return to their room. Betty imitates Connie. They embrace, warm and playful; she is proud of him, kisses him, pulls her to him to undress and kiss, and they begin, with great eroticism, to make love.

The Draper residence
Bobby spies on Sally and Ernie playing in the bathroom. Sally kisses Ernie on the cheek, Bobby teases Sally and Sally chases him and punches him repeatedly. Carla breaks them up.

The Campbell apartment building
Pete brings the new dress to Gudrun. She is delighted and thanks him. He invites her to celebrate, but she says she has a boyfriend. She kisses him on the cheek and shuts the door. Back in his apartment,, he drinks alone in the dark. Later, drunk, he knocks for Gudrun again, waking her. He insists on seeing her in the dress, she tells him he must be very quiet (the children are asleep). When she goes to get the dress he shuts the door and kisses her.

The room phone wakes Don. It’s Connie. Betty is stepping out of the shower. Connie invites them to breakfast while Betty signals no. Don says he’ll meet Connie afterward. They get kissy in bed but Don gets up to get ready. Betty follows Don into the bathroom and drops her towel.

Thursday night
The Draper residence
Don and Betty arrive home; Carla greets them with the baby. She asks about the trip, and Don looks warmly at Betty when he says “Short but sweet.” Carla mentions that Sally has a temper problem. The minute Carla starts talking about it, Don looks uncomfortable and leaves to check the mail. Betty thanks Carla for telling her about Sally.

The Campbell apartment
Pete is eating dinner alone when the doorbell rings. It’s Ed Lawrence, who invites himself in to discuss Gudrun. Pete immediately starts lying. When confronted, though, Pete looks guilty and apologizes. Ed tells him not to mess around in the building.

The Draper residence
Betty makes Sally apologizes to Bobby. Don is still kind of glowing from the trip, lights Betty’s cigarette like an Italian. Betty looks disaffected after he leaves.

The Campbell apartment building
Trudy is chatting with Pete about her trip as they get into the elevator. Gudrun and the Lawrence kids get in. Trudy greets the kids cheerily as Gudrun looks stiffly forward. They enter the apartment. Trudy is so happy to see him, cuddly and kissing. Pete pushes her off, he says he has to get to work. She thinks he’s guilty because they saw kids, but he still looks guilty and can’t even speak. She leaves the room and slams the door.

The Draper residence
Betty goes into the living room, looks at the fainting couch, and calls Sally. She gives her a lecture about kissing boys, then sends her to play.

The Campbell apartment
Pete comes in. Trudy is stiff. She’s made a big spread but looks straight ahead, without eye contact. They make formal, forced conversation. He interrupts her to ask her not to go away any more without him, and reaches for her hand. She is quiet, thinks, and agrees.

The Draper residence
Francine and Betty go into the kitchen. Francine gives her money for Carla, mentions that the board may reverse them. She asks about Italy and reminisces about a vacation with Carlton. Francine slyly suggests that if there are further reservoir fights it would be an excuse for Betty to get more help from Henry, but Betty says “I’m done with that.”

Don arrives home, greets Francine and kisses Betty. Francine excuses herself. Don looks at Betty with a smile.

In the bedroom, Don sits on the bed and Betty comes in. He pulls her toward him, but she says “don’t.” He gives her a gold charm of the Coliseum so that he can have it put on her bracelet. She is bitter.

There’s a Small Hotel plays.

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  1. am putting this in proper episode: Rome Hilton in this ep was shot at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion in Los Angeles in anyone cares