Episode 3.02: Love Among the Ruins


April 25-May 1, 1963 

Thursday, April 25, 1963
Sterling Cooper
Ann-Margret sings the opening to Bye Bye Birdie; we pull back and see it’s the conference room with Harry, Ken, Peggy, Sal watching.

Ken explains that Patio diet cola wants something exactly like this Ann-Margret scene for their new commercial. Peggy objects; diet soda is for women and the ad is designed to appeal to men. No one is persuaded.

Friday, April 26
Ossining, NY: The Draper home
It’s breakfast; Betty wants Melba toast, Don wants her to eat oatmeal; he’s worried the baby will be underweight. He looks at photos of furniture; apparently Betty is working with a decorator. Betty wants to go to Tarrytown to see the furniture in person, Don agrees, over the kids’ objections. Overall, Don appears protective of Betty.

Sterling Cooper
Pete and Paul are meeting with the Madison Square Garden people. Paul pulls out a bunch of ‘Save Penn Station’ articles, and then he begins to object to Madison Square Garden and side with the opposition. Pete can’t regain control of the meeting and the clients storm out. Pete tells Paul he’s going to Don.

Joan leads Betty through the office.

Roger, Bert and Don come into Lane’s office; Lane has summoned them to tell them that Campbell’s Soup Great Britain has pulled out. The meeting ends with the announcement that Mrs. Pryce has arrived. As they leave the meeting, they observe that Betty is the center of attention among the secretaries, who are using a pendulum to determine the baby’s gender. As the men pass, Betty is cool to Roger. Don leads Betty out. Joan and Roger, left briefly alone together, are awkward.

A Manhattan restaurant
The Drapers and Pryces are having a fancy meal. The dinner is uncomfortable and Mrs. Pryce is bitchy about New York.

In the car
Betty is upset, and reveals that she’s found out that Gloria has left her father. She has invited her father, brother, sister-in-law and nieces up for the weekend.

Monday, April 29
Sterling Cooper
Mona and Margaret arrive to discuss wedding plans with Roger. Margaret doesn’t want Jane at the wedding. Margaret’s fiance Brooks arrives, and they change the subject to invitations. The camera closes in on the sample invitation which reveals the wedding date of November 23, 1963.

In Don’s office, Don awkwardly spills an ashtray as Mr. Pryce is announced. They lie to each other about their wives, and then Pryce tells Don that he and Roger have to go to lunch with Madison Square Garden and fix the mess.

The Draper home
Betty’s family has arrived. Gene is showing signs of memory loss.

Sterling Cooper
Joan flirts with three men arriving to see Pryce. Peggy watches the flirtation with real interest, nodding to herself.

A Manhattan restaurant
Don is already drinking when Roger arrives, upset by his meeting with his family. Then the Madison Square Garden guy, Edgar, arrives. He’s testy. Don gives him a speech about changing the conversation. Don assures Edgar that Paul is off the account.

The Draper home
All the kids (the Drapers and the Hofstadts) are watching TV> Grandpa comes in to watch the game. The living room has a new couch. Betty, William and Judy talk about Gene. William brings up a nursing home. Betty accuses William of wanting their father’s house.

Don arrives home, says goodnight to Gene, comes into the bedroom. Betty snaps at him. Don asks about Gene but Betty is more upset about William.

Judy and William are in a kid’s room in bunk beds. Judy wants them to move in with Gene, but William finds his father oppressive. He complains about Don and Betty.

Peggy rinses and hangs her laundry. Alone in front of the mirror, she sings “Bye Bye Birdie” and dances about.

Tuesday, April 30
Sterling Cooper
Harry, Don, Pete, and Paul meet about Madison Square Garden. Don tells Paul to keep a low profile, but he’s working on the account. Pryce comes in and kicks everyone out so he can tell Don that Madison Square Garden is to be declined per the home office. Don is angry.

Peggy wants to meet with Don about Patio immediately after this. He’s upset and doesn’t want to meet but she insists. Since he hasn’t seen Bye Bye Birdie, she screens the scene for him. She tries to get him to agree that Ann-Margret is shrill and this isn’t a good idea, but Don sees the power of the image and tells her to zip it. She’s upset.

In the elevator at the end of the day, she stands primly. Roger jumps in. He asks her about her father and she says he passed away.

Peggy comes out of the subway, walks past a bar, looks in, sees the people flirting and laughing, steps in. She says hello to someone who says nothing, then she uses Joan’s flirtatious line and someone responds. She smiles.

The Draper home
Don arrives home to see William plunging the sink. Judy is setting the table, the kids are watching TV. Betty comes downstairs, upset that she’s a bad daughter and that William’s options are (1) put Gene in a home or (2) William and Judy to move in with Gene with Judy to nurse him. Don says “William says,” angry that “the” options are just William’s options, and confronts William privately. He tells William that Gene is moving in with the Drapers, and William is to support Gene financially. He further tells William to get out, tonight.

Then Don sits down at the kitchen table with Gene while William tells Betty and Judy the news. Don watches the conversation, sees that Betty is grateful and happy.

They tell Gene that he’s to move in with the Drapers. He’s not happy.

Peggy is drinking a stinger while the young man she’s flirting with eats. He’s in college. She grabs his hamburger.

Brooklyn: Engineering student’s apartment
Peggy and the guy are making out. She asks if he has a Trojan; he doesn’t, and she can’t take the risk. She suggests “there are other things we can do” and he enthusiastically gets back to making out.

The Draper home
Banging downstairs wakes Betty, who wakes Don. Gene is in the kitchen, pouring all the liquor down the sink; he appears to think it’s Prohibition.

Peggy and the guy are in bed, naked. He’s asleep, she quietly gets up and gets dressed. He wakes up and asks if she wants breakfast, but it’s the middle of the night. He says “I hang out at that place a lot,” and she thanks him and leaves.

Wednesday, May 1
It’s Field Day for the Draper’s children; Sally’s class is dancing around the maypole. Don is smiling and falls into a reverie, stroking the grass with his fingers as he watches the teacher’s bare feet dance around the maypole.

Then the Drapers, including Gene, pose for a picture.

Sterling Cooper
Don arrives in the office following Field Day. Peggy is already at her desk. Peggy steps in to discuss Pampers.

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