Season 3 Episodes


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Season 3

This is an episode list with a brief synopsis. Click “full recap” or “quotes” for more on each episode.

…and don’t forget the Season 3 Cultural References.

1. Out of Town
Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Phil Abraham
Original air date: 16 August 2009
Approximately April 1963
Don reminisces about the past. Sterling Cooper is in turmoil as a change in command takes place. Don and Salvatore visit Baltimore. Peggy is unhappy with her secretary. Betty seems contented in her pregnancy. (Full recap) (Quotes)

2. Love Among the Ruins
Writer: Cathryn Humphris & Matthew Weiner
Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
Original air date: 23 August 2009
April 25-May 1, 1963 
Sterling Cooper works on Pepsi Patio, and woos Madison Square Garden. Roger discusses wedding plans with Mona & Margaret. The Pryces and Drapers dine out. Betty’s family comes for a visit. Peggy stops for a drink after work. Sally participates in Field Day. (Full recap) (Quotes)

3. My Old Kentucky Home
Writer: Dahvi Waller & Matthew Weiner
Director: Jennifer Getzinger
Original air date: 30 August 2009
May 3 and 4, 1963
Roger and Jane Sterling throw a Derby Day shindig. Paul, Peggy and Smitty work on Bacardi on a Saturday. Joan and Greg Harris have a dinner party. Sally reads to her grandfather. (Full recap) (Quotes)

4. The Arrangements
Writer: Andrew Colville & Matthew Weiner
Director: Michael Uppendahl
Original air date: 6 September 2009
Three days from June 3–June 11, 1963
Peggy seeks a roommate. Sterling Cooper learns about Jai Alai. Gene goes driving, smells oranges. Sal shows Kitty how he’ll direct a commercial. (Full recap) (Quotes)

5. The Fog
Writer: Kater Gordon
Director: Phil Abraham
Original air date: 13 September 2009
June 20 through approximately June 27, 1963
The Drapers visit Sally’s teacher. Pete has an innovative advertising plan for Admiral. Betty goes into a fog. Don drinks with a prison guard. Pete and Peggy have lunch invitations. (Full recap) (Quotes)

6. Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency
Writer: Robin Veith & Matthew Weiner
Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
Original air date: 20 September 2009
June 30–July 2, 1963
PPL comes to visit Sterling-Cooper. Ken lands the John Deere account, with unexpected results. Greg Harris gets disappointing news. Joan receives a cake. Sally is afraid of baby Gene, and a Barbie doesn’t comfort her. (Full recap) (Quotes)

7. Seven Twenty Three
Writer: Andre Jacquemetton & Maria Jacquemetton and Matthew Weiner
Director: Daisy Von Scherler Mayer
Original air date: 27 September 2009
July 19–23, 1963
Betty redecorates. Conrad Hilton visits Sterling Cooper. Don is confronted with an ultimatum. Peggy visits Duck to return a gift. Don takes Sally to see the solar eclipse through a camera obscura. Betty’s involvement with the Junior League reunites her with a past acquaintance. Don picks up hitchhikers. (Full recap) (Quotes)

8. Souvenir
Writer: Lisa Albert & Matthew Weiner
Director: Phil Abraham
Original air date: 4 October 2009
A Friday through Thursday in August, 1963
Betty works to save the Ossining Reservoir. Henry helps. Don and Betty visit the Rome Hilton. Pete meets an au pair in the building, and visits Bonwit Teller. Sally plays with Ernie, fights with Bobby. (Full recap) (Quotes)

9. Wee Small Hours
Writer: Dahvi Waller and Matthew Weiner
Director: Scott Hornbacher
Original air date: 11 October 2009
August 28–September 18, 1963
Both Don and Betty have trouble sleeping. Don visits Connie in the night, and works with Peggy and the Smiths on the Hilton campaign. Betty has a correspondence, and holds a fundraiser. Salvatore directs the Lucky Strike commercial. Lee Garner, Jr. phones Harry. Don visits Miss Farrell. (Full recap) (Quotes)

10. The Color Blue
Writer: Kater Gordon and Matthew Weiner
Director: Michael Uppendahl
Original air date: 18 October 2009
Monday through Friday somewhere between late September and mid-October, 1963
Sterling Cooper has a fortieth anniversary shindig. Paul and Peggy compete on the Western Union account. Don meets Suzanne’s brother. Betty opens a drawer. Paul is inspired when speaking with Achilles. Suzanne takes the train. (Full recap) (Quotes)

11. The Gypsy and the Hobo
Writer: Marti Noxon, Cathryn Humphris, and Matthew Weiner
Director: Jennifer Getzinger
Original air date: 25 October 2009
October 28–October 31, 1963
Annabelle Mathis of Caldecott Farms has a past with Roger. Don and Suzanne plan a trip. Betty and William meet with the family lawyer. Greg doesn’t really want to be a psychiatrist. Don and Betty have a long talk. The kids go trick-or-treating. (Full recap) (Quotes)

12. The Grown-Ups
Writer: Brett Johnson and Matthew Weiner
Director: Barbet Schroeder
Original air date: 1 November 2009
November 21–25, 1963
Lane makes a decision about the Accounts job. Margaret has wedding jitters. President Kennedy’s assassination affects everyone. Betty has a realization about her marriage. Pete and Trudy stay home. Roger phones Joan. (Full recap) (Quotes)

13. Shut the Door. Have a Seat
Writer: Matthew Weiner and Erin Levy
Director: Matthew Weiner
Original air date: 8 November 2009
December 11–16, 1963
Connie tells Don that PPL and Sterling Cooper will be sold. Don confronts Bert. Betty tells Don some serious news. A conspiracy is formed. Don and Betty talk to Sally and Bobby. Roger makes a phone call. Betty takes a flight. (Full recap) (Quotes)


  6 Responses to “Season 3 Episodes”

  1. An anachronism in "Out of Town"? When the accounts were being split between Peter Campbell and Ken Cosgrove, I think I heard one of the accounts mentioned being "Chevron."

    The Chevron Corporation didn't exist back in the day — the company name was created in 1984, as the name of an entity that emerged from the merger of Standard Oil of California and Gulf Oil.

    Did I hear it right?

    • Bill Magness, you heard right. I remember Chevron gas as a kid. I'm actually not finding what I need in Wikipedia (and I'm too sleepy to research further), but it says "the company celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2004".

      I think that perhaps Chevron was always the brand, just not the name of the larger corporation. Sterling Cooper talks about Gillette, not about Procter & Gamble. Chevron is how they would refer to the brand/client.

  2. Actually, I thought I heard Joan mention "P&G" as well as Gillette.

  3. I got a giggle that Pete didn't get the Campbell's Soup account.

    I remember reading, for a paper on advertising I was doing, that Campbell's always demanded their print ads be on the top of a right-hand page following a left-hand page of print, and that this became known as "The Campbell's Soup spot."

  4. #1 Bill Magness: Chevron was definitely around in the early 60's, at least as a brand. An anachronism is something in the present that is strongly associated with the past, or perhaps considered obsolete. And I've never used this term myself, but what you are describing is apparently known as a "prochronism", in which something appears in an account of the past that couldn't have been there because it didn't exist at that time.

  5. I wonder if we'll see Smitty and Kurt again? I can totally see them being part of the third the "Home Office" let go. The old-fashioned Brits probably don't take to the young and openly homosexual. They never mixed well with the core junior execs at SC and were only hired at Duck's insistence.

    If they were let go, I bet the home office will be scrambling to get them back within a year when Beatlemania hits.