Episode 1.02: Ladies Room


Approximately April 1960, four days. A few days pass between Days 3 & 4 (Peggy tells Paul on Day 4 that she appreciated the tour “the other day”).

Don Draper and his wife Betty are at dinner with Don’s boss Roger Sterling, and his wife Mona. Don is reluctant to talk about his past. Roger speaks of his nanny, and mentions his daughter sees a shrink.

In the ladies room with Mona, Betty’s hands go numb. Mona puts her lipstick on for her. Betty tells Mona her mother recently died.

On the drive home, Betty’s stomach is a little upset from the fast driving, the lobster Newburgh and the gimlets. She opens the window for air.

That night in bed, Don tells Betty that “of course” he never had a nanny. After he falls asleep she says “Who’s in there?” to him.

After getting her first paycheck, Peggy sees Bridget crying in the ladies room.

Gillette has introduced aerosol for Right Guard, and the guys are taken with the space age qualities of the product. Don enjoys their clowning around, spraying each other (Ken gets the brunt of it).

Stepping away from the fracas, Bertram Cooper persuades Don to take on the Nixon campaign account.

Seeing that Peggy has a “sad” sandwich, Joan walks Peggy past a group of young men (Ken, Dale, and Harry, who have just been discussing Pete’s postcard from his honeymoon in Niagara Falls), saying they’re going to shop through lunch. Of course, this invites the men to take them out instead, and to flirt heavily, and when they get back, Paul also throws a bit of flirt Peggy’s way.

Betty and Francine, who is six months pregnant, gossip about the new neighbor, scandalously divorced Helen Bishop. They check on the kids, who are playing “spaceman” using dry cleaning bag, but neither woman is concerned about safety.

Later, Betty slows down while driving past Helen to watch her moving in, and her hands again go numb. She has a low-speed accident. The kids have fallen to the floor of the back seat, but are unhurt and think it was fun.

Don and Midge spend some play time, and Don doesn’t like that she’s got a TV, because she got it from another man, so Midge throws it out the window. There’s a crash and yelling.

When Don gets home, she tells him that doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her (just like doctors she’d seen about the numbness before), and wonders if she should see a psychiatrist. Don is skeptical. First, because he thinks psychiatry is phony, and then, because he doesn’t want to acknowledge Betty may be unhappy.

Right Guard meeting in Don’s office: he is unhappy with the astronauts and rockets of Paul’s presentation. He says women will buy this product for men, and wonders what women want.

Paul runs into Peggy after having been deflated in the Right Guard meeting. He buys her a sandwich and gives her a tour of the office. He tells her that there are women copy writers out there. She agrees to go to lunch with him the next day.

Later that day, Roger comes into Don’s office, and they discuss the Nixon campaign. Don asks what women want, but Roger says “Who cares?” They discuss psychiatrists, and Don wonders why anyone would be unhappy.

Don comes home that night with a beautiful white gold watch, but Betty, still weepy, again suggests psychiatry. Don arranges for her to see Dr. Arnold Wayne.

After taking Betty to Dr. Wayne at eleven in the morning, Don blows off work to visit Midge.

At the office, Peggy tells Paul she can’t go to lunch after all, because she has to mind the store since Don is out sick. Quite suddenly, he kisses her, and she pulls away.

Later, she starts to put together her desk to leave a little early, but Joan catches her and shows her letters that she’d typed that have errors. Peggy says she’s upset because men are all over her, although Joan suggests this is enjoyable. Peggy looks around and sees all the men with predatory looks, and peeks at the postcard from Pete that she’s taken and kept in her desk, and becomes upset. She’s near tears and goes to the ladies room to cry, but someone else is crying there already, and she pulls herself together.

Betty is at her first appointment with Dr. Wayne, meandering about her hands, the bomb, and feeling anxious. Dr. Wayne silently takes notes.

At her apartment, Midge wakes a sleeping Don and says she has to go out, suggesting he shower and let himself out. He asks her what women want, and then realizes women want “to get closer,” tying this into deodorant.

That night he takes Betty out to dinner, and, once home, surreptitiously calls Dr. Wayne to discuss her.

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  8 Responses to “Episode 1.02: Ladies Room”

  1. The timings in this episode are a bit strange. Don turns up at Midge's apartment at 11am after taking Betty into the city to see the doctor and calling in sick. Midge wakes him and says that it's 7.30 and he then goes to meet Betty for dinner. Dr Wayne later says to Don on the phone that he's had a very interesting hour with his wife, so I'm wondering what Betty was doing for the rest of the day, after being taken into the city by Don. It's probably not meant to be significant, but then why have the characters mention the times?

    Also, is this the only episode where Dale appears? I don't recall him even being in the background in other episodes, not even the election night party, but I could be wrong.

  2. Hi Roberta,

    That makes complete sense – especially in the context of the comment about being hungry. I'd thought about the food/dieting thing in relation to her comment, but not really about the dependence thing before. I'm just picturing Betty wandering round the shops all day while waiting – maybe she even went into Menkens…

  3. Dale was only in Ladies Room, but he'll be in the season 2 premiere, according to his IMDb page. I'd suspected as much when I saw him at the premiere red carpet event thingy.

  4. Helen, I’ve noticed that too about the timing. He drops her off, calls in sick and goes to Midge’s. I guess she’s meant to fill her day so that they can meet after he leaves work, whenever that is (advertising is rarely a 5:00 whistle, though they haven’t really focused on that in this season). To me, the significance would be that she is both dependent on him and revolving around him/his schedule. At dinner she says something about It’s a good thing I’m hungry, which is somewhat about her rules about food and diet, and somewhat about this timing issue.

    This is the only episode where Dale is featured… I can’t remember off the top of my head, but he is around for some of the earlier episodes, but has definitely disappeared by the later episodes.

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