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  1. In this report, posted about 5:30PM ET on 14 July, Rick Porter of Zap 2 It headlines as “Official” yet does not disclose a source. As of 7:20 PM ET on 14 January I cannot find another website confirming Rick Porters report.

  2. did you read the ny post today? not the silly article about sally, the other one. i thought i was in pain over lane. (is this a spoiler? that’s why i’m not quoting the article) but i don’t want to be alone right now.

  3. The widget for submitting news items is not working — validation errors.

    Mark your calendars for Oct 16th — that’s when the Mad Men Season 5 DVD will be released

  4. ‘Submit a News Item’ feature is not working. “Validation errors occured, please fix them.”

    Mad Men Season 5 Emmy® Awards trailer –


    • Lyle,

      Thank you for posting this clip. It really summarizes Season 5 in an interesting perspective that I’ve only come to appreciate as I’m reviewing the season.

      I have also had problems with “the submit a news item” widget with Chrome as my browser. What browser are you using?

      • Thanks Polly, you’re correct the Submit a News widget works perfectly in Safari but not in Firefox. Admin pls note.

        Thanks for the compliment. I produced this trailer and intentionally toyed with public perspectives of Mad Men for its darkest, most ambitious season yet. At this stage anyone who has not seen MM probably willfully ignores it, and for newcomers it’s been easy to write the show off as a form of contemporary nostalgia: the critique or indictment of chauvinistic aspects of its period were always there on some level, but often overshadowed by the way MM glamorizes and eroticizes its own world.

        Not so after this season. This is now clearly a show about broken, selfish people doing broken, selfish things. Its characters were always complex and deeply flawed, now more than ever trapped inside their own concerns and desires and unable to see who another person really is. Combined with the rise of subversion in the marketplace, it’s almost a meditation on narcissism. Like ‘The Sopranos’ before it, MM makes a pretty convincing case the rise of individualism causes most of our problems. Considering its success as now the most honored television drama of all time, we should be heartened by its indictment of our culture’s non-priorities: Buying things will NOT make us feel better.

      • I also have Chrome and the widget isn’t working for me either.

        I’ll try submitting through the backend. Sorry about this, everyone. 🙁

    • Everyone’s OS and browser is different. Not every version of Firefox has problems. This is a 3rd party FREE plugin, so my ability to fix it or get tech support is limited.

  5. Old Mac running Tiger with old Safari here, but the Submit News widget worked just fine for me until now. Something must have changed. I can’t see the 5-item news feed in the right sidebar either.

  6. I am not getting the typical form to complete for submitting a news item but this is a fantastic article. An interview with WM and CH. It is a two part article. As of today, part 1 has been published. Enjoy!

  7. I keep getting an error saying:

    ERROR: Value can only contain alphabetic characters.

    I do not understand this. I am filling out all of the forms correctly. 🙂

  8. Thank-you for telling me that it wasn’t just me. lol

  9. Well here was my article that I found if someone else wants to try posting it

    TVGuide lists some of TV’s Highest Paid Stars in a photo gallery. There’s one Mad Man thrown in the mix.

  10. I have tried repeatedly to submit a news item to your site using every browser available, but get an error message every time. Please take a look at this when you get a chance

  11. This is genius…the cast of Mad Men sing “Never Gonna Give You UP” — someone has way too much time on their hands

    • Thanks for posting this. I saw it 2 days ago but I am unable to submit news items. It still does not work for me so I tweeted it to @lippsisters hoping they would add it.

  12. The Nerve Awards for Love & Sex on Television: The winner for the sexiest scene…

    Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks flirt, Mad Men

    Mad Men featured a lot of sex this year, and much of it — Joan selling herself to land a big account, little Sally being traumatized by the sight of Roger getting a blowjob, poor Lane trying his best to leer — was the TV equivalent of a cold shower. The biggest turn-on the show served up was actually a scene in which everybody kept their clothes on: Don and Joan flirting affectionately in a bar. They banter and confide like the old hands they are; he cheers her up after she’s been served with divorce papers, and postpones going home to the hot young wife he can only connect with through messed-up bouts of angry carpet sex. They don’t get together, but if they ever did, the screen would probably explode.

  13. Hey!
    Can’t seem to post a news item, but I wanted to get the news out to the Mad Men fans that there is a RARE opportunity to bid on an in person, VIP TOUR of the Mad Men set for 2 in Los Angeles AND help a great cause at the same time!

    The item is at auction to benefit Canyon Coop Preschool in Hollywood, CA. We also have lots of other hot TV and Film swag to check out (Girls, Game of Thrones, Law & Order SVU, Clooney signed basketball, Matt Groening-signed stuff, and MORE), but this is personally my favorite item. Bidding on the Mad Men set tour starts at $2500 and the auction ends on December 10. Check it out at:

  14. Hello!
    Can’t seem to post a news item, but I came across this new website created for advertising executives to anonymously complain about the business.

  15. Having trouble posting this in news – it’s a link to new pictures for Season 6:

    No real spoilers that I can see here, more of the already released “party” pictures.

  16. – another interpretation from “The Collaborators”

  17. Christine Garver, aka Moira, talks about her experiences on Mad Men and how much she enjoys it:

    John Slattery is part of THR’s Actors Roundtable, and tells a hilarious story about attempting to dye his hair black for a role.

    (submitting this through the ‘form’ ain’t workin’, so…)

  19. This is a very interesting article about the inspiration behind the Mad Men opening title sequence

  20. Reporting a Jon Hamm sighting. Fox showed him in the stands at Fenway stadium. Top of eight, game two of the World Series – sporting a shiny red Cardinals cap and a beard thick enough to qualify as a Sox player this year.

  21. New today: The Periodic Table of Storytelling. Every Basketcase should have a copy!

    Source: DawnPaladin at deviantART (under TV Tropes).


    Great interview with Jon Hamm in case you have not read this yet. Apologies if this has already been reported.

  23. Don’t you hate it when people are always looking for attention online?
    That being said, there is a brilliant question why shows like Mad Men need so many directors for one season at on episode 45 of The Fame Fatale Podcast

  24. Michael Gladis (MAD MEN – Paul Kinsey) has gotten a recurring role on the new upcoming AMC series: “Feed The Beast”. Filming in The Bronx will begin in February.

  25. AMC has moved the premiere date for its new drama series, FEED THE BEAST, starring David Schwimmer Jim Sturgess, and Michael Gladis (MAD MEN – Paul Kinsey). Feed the Beast, which had been set for May 31, now will debut at 10 PM Sunday, June 5 — following Episode 2 of another new drama series, Preacher. Feed the Beast will shift two days later to its previously scheduled 10 PM Tuesday slot, following a repeat of Episode 1 at 9 PM.

  26. In the unlikely case you haven’t heard yet, Michael Gladis and Beth Behrs are ENGAGED!

  27. This news is only tangentially related to Mad Men, but this NYT article talks about the woman who invented the home pregnancy test, and refers to her as a “real life Peggy Olson.”

  28. Is this the inspiration for the appearance of Don and Betty ?

    Coca Cola ad c1957:

    Resemblance is uncanny.