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  1. There's an extra "http" in the "10 Questions for Jon Hamm" link.

  2. I know. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to edit these. It's a feed.

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  5. That's really awesome that Slattery is directing the next episode. I hope he can follow the likes of Bryan Cranston, Clark Johnson, and Steve Buscemi as actors in series directing episodes. (or, in Johnson's case on The Wire, director, then actor, then director again)

  6. Happy Anniversary to Rich Sommer!

  7. Hey, the Mad Men archives disappeared! Where'd they go?

  8. Excuse me, I mean the Mad Men NEWS archives.

  9. We had a bug. We fixed it.

    Dude, that SCDP floor plan is genius. Can we link it permanently in the Bible?

  10. Just subscribing to feedback. Thanks.

  11. Thanks for the news links.
    I have to disagree with the article suggesting that Mad Men evokes sentimental emotion for “outdated aspects of business life”. To suggest that business no longer uses the likes of support staff is clearly written by someone who does not work in business (call centres, account departments).
    Anyway, I suspect that I’m perhaps taking the article too seriously.
    Thanks again for the links!

  12. My favorite site! You are a great writer writing about a great show…MM. When I go to the site by typing in the web address it is old content (5/24). The only way that I can read current content is to do search for BOK ‘Commissions and Fees’ recap. Any thoughts?

  13. I get an error everytime I try to submit a news item so I sent it to @lippsisters on twitter. One is a GMA spoof on the opening credits to MadMen and the other is the new Aimee Mann video in which Jon Hamm plays a video director

  14. I’m still not able to submit news items. I get an error that makes no sense. But this link will provide two videos: Elmo and Jon Hamm; muppet named Mr. Draper with the MadMen theme song

  15. “For all you marketing folks in the D.C.-area that also happen to be Mad Men fans, I have some pretty amazing news: Elisabeth Moss (the actress who plays Peggy Olson in Mad Men) has been announced as the featured keynote speaker at Vocus’ Demand Success 2013 marketing conference at the National Harbor, MD.”

  16. Mad Men is scheduled for the PayleyFest at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on Friday, March 21: Mad Men (7:00 pm) — does this mean that Season 7 will return late March or early April?????

    • That’s been the anticipated date all along — we posted that months ago. We just don’t have an exact date yet.

  17. Both Elizabeth Moss March 29th, 8:15p & Matt Weiner April 28th 8p will be speaking @ 92St Y(YMCA). Ticket info at

    Also just FYI about Mad Men exhibit at Museum Of Moving Image:
    Exhibit is a little small but has a lot packed into it including sets, props, costumes, screen clips. They even have the Writers’ room with current storyboards (covering the final seasons’ episodes). Only thing that is unfortunate is NO PHOTOS are allowed. Although there were a couple of people managed to sneak a few.

  18. New York Times article:

    Growing Up on ‘Mad Men’: A Conversation With Matthew Weiner and Kiernan Shipka

  19. Cool bit of dancing – one of the finalists on So You Think You Can Dance does a solo routine to the Mad Men theme. Here is the YouTube link:

  20. Michael Gladis, Paul Kinsey on MAD MEN, his newest role is in FEED THE BEAST on AMC. It will have a special premiere showing on Sunday June 5 on AMC at 10:00 pm EDT. Followed by Episode #2 two days later on June 7 at 10:00 pm, and then every Tuesday from there. If you miss Ep #1 on Sunday, AMC is repeating it at 9:00 pm right before Ep #2. Here’s the official AMC website – lot’s of cool stuff on it:

  21. Hi all. In the unlikely event you haven’t heard yet, Michael Gladis and Beth Behrs are ENGAGED!

  22. The luminous Christina Hendricks appeared tonight, along with The Wire’s “Omar” (Michael Kenneth Williams) on HBO’s Any Given Wednesday with BIll Simmons.

    This show will repeat (probably for a week) on HBO’s broadcast channels – don’t miss it!