Basket of News, April 29, 2015

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Apr 292016

 Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner talked with a very small audience at UPenn.

Weiner also participated in a cool poetry event.

This in-depth interview with Better Call Saul producers Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould discusses hints they’ve dropped in the show, and how astute fans are at picking them up. This article speculates on Better Call Saul season 3, including some of the above astuteness.

Better Call Saul is in the top ten of cable TV shows.

January Jones on life after Betty Draper Francis.

There are a bunch of Mad Men/Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt links, including Decider, a chronicle of how the two shows “collide”, and thoughts about a Kimmy Schmidt joke from Bustle. Continue reading »


Basket of News, April 15, 2016

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Apr 152016

There is much Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt news, much of it involving Jon Hamm. First, the news that Jon Hamm will return for Season 2 of the show. Next, this Sepinwall interview with Ellie Kemper. Not to be outdone, the New York Times also speaks with Kemper.

This is way cool: Explore Don Draper’s apartment with this interactive 3D model.

RIP Merle Haggard: The connection between Merle Haggard and Donald Draper.

Caity Lotz (Mad Men’s Stephanie) on her new superhero role.

Here’s a Christina Hendricks video interview.

TV’s New Golden Age: This beautiful video shows first and final frames of some significant shows, including Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Continue reading »


Basket of News, April 8, 2016

Apr 8, 2016

Jon Hamm’s film, Baby Driver will include more locations in Georgia. If you read French, here’s an article about Jon Hamm’s upcoming film High Wire, a political thriller. Ferguson, MO schools superintendent reaches out to Jon Hamm (in English). January Jones talks about Mad Men and her new beauty product endorsement. She also discusses her […]

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Basket of News, April 1, 2016

Apr 1, 2016

Did the late appearance of Basket of News and the absence of a Better Call Saul recap strike you as an April Fool’s trick? Nah, I don’t go in for that. I’m just sick in bed. Set your DVR! Matthew Weiner will appear on Celebrity Jeopardy in May. The governor of Georgia vetoed an anti-LGBT […]

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Basket of News, March 25, 2016

Mar 25, 2016

If you can trust the National Enquirer (big “if”) this is a lovely story about Jon Hamm. Ann-Margret talks movies, music, men and motorcycles on eve of 75th birthday, including her reaction to Mad Men’s use of Bye Bye Birdie. Fear the Walking Dead’s Frank Dillane wants a Mad Men cross-over. John Slattery is part […]

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Basket of News, March 18, 2016

Mar 18, 2016

Elisabeth Moss talks Mad Men and Top of the Lake. Lots of Rich Sommer (Harry Crane) news this week! First, Basketcase Gregg found a New York Times article about Firewatch, an interactive drama video game with Rich voicing one of the main characters. Rich, an avid gamer, is also a part of the web series […]

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Basket of News, March 11, 2016

Mar 11, 2016

Kevin Rahm (Mad Men‘s Ted Chaough) is set to co-star in a Fox pilot based on the movie Lethal Weapon. Mad Men‘s Vincent Kartheiser has signed on to a new series; Debt, a WGN America drama. Christina Hendricks on talks about confronting the femme fatale stereotype in Hap and Leonard. Charlie Hofheimer (Mad Men‘s Abe) has been […]

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Basket of News, March 4, 2016

Mar 4, 2016

Christina Hendricks has a new TV show (Hap and Leonard), so she’s doing the interview rounds: The Observer and Sepinwall both weigh in. The best part about this mini-interview with Hendricks is when they start getting her character’s name mixed up. Basketcase Jahngalt found a meaty NPR interview with Joe R. Lansdale, who created the […]

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Basket of News, February 26, 2016

Feb 26, 2016

Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks talks about her new role on Sundance’s Hap and Leonard, which is starting to get good reviews. It’s probably a relief to be in a comedy, since working in an emotionally draining movie, Dark Places, was tough for her. Basketcase Gregg found an older interview (from May, when finale madness kept […]

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Basket of News, February 19, 2016

Feb 19, 2016

Mad Men’s Jennifer Getzinger (a Basket of Kisses favorite) will direct the pilot Miranda’s Rights. The article pointed out she’s the only woman directing a network pilot. …Which makes this article even more important: Made By Women is an organization founded to mentor women directors, and it includes Leslie Linka Glatter (Mad Men, Homeland). Alison […]

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Basket of News, February 12, 2016

Feb 12, 2016

Sunday is the “mid-season premiere” for The Walking Dead. You can download an app that lets you watch the first four minutes here. The app will also give you access to the first half of the season (full episodes). If you don’t want to watch the full four minutes, here’s a new trailer. And here’s […]

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Basket of News, February 5, 2016

Feb 5, 2016

Yikes! There is a Russian Mad Men, and Matt Zoller Seitz is all over it. Seitz has also written video essays about four movies that inspired Mad Men. Lots of SAG news, including a lavish fashion spread in PopSugar, a Kristen Wiig/Jon Hamm reunion (they co-starred in Bridesmaids and Friends With Kids), and ICYMI, Roberta […]

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Basket of News, January 29, 2016

Jan 29, 2016

Jon Hamm received a Golden Globe labeled “John Hamm”. You can’t make these things up. Elisabeth Moss confirms that Season 2 of Top of the Lake will begin filming in the spring. Jared Harris (Lane Pryce of Mad Men, and currently killing it on The Expanse) will be a part of Robert Zemeckis’s new Brad […]

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