Mar 292016

Marvel’s Jessica Jones – a Netflix Original. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably either watched this series, been told you SHOULD watch it, been told you HAVE to watch it, or had your life threatened unless you watch it RIGHT GODDAMNED NOW AND CALL ME SO WE CAN TALK WHEN YOU’VE WATCHED IT!  Well, there are reasons behind the hype.

I've Done Something Terrible

Jessica Jones S1 E7: AKA Top Shelf Perverts

Massive spoilers ahead, but if you haven’t watched it yet, I can’t even look at you. OK there’s still hope. You can catch all 13 episodes on Netflix anytime. And a spinoff – Luke Cage – drops on September 30, 2016, also exclusively on Netflix.

This isn’t your typical superhero series. It deals with real issues that have a real impact, especially in the lives of women – rape, physical abuse, emotional abuse, gaslighting, alcoholism, addiction, survivor’s guilt, PTSD, suicide… and it doesn’t pull any punches. Show creator Melissa Rosenberg has crafted a masterpiece that is sometimes hard to watch – but so compelling, it’s equally hard to look away.

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