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Ep 7:01: Time Zones
Accutron Watches

Roger suggests brunch at the Plaza.

Lou references Gladys Knight and the Pips.

Ken mentions Jerry Lewis.

Megan got called back for the pilot of Bracken’s World.

Jim Cutler mentions the inauguration; later Don watches it on TV.

Wayne Barnes of Butler Footwear believes in the 4 Ps.

Don watches Joey Bishop on TV.

Megan has the February 1969 issue of Playboy.

Pete and Don eat Brooklyn Ave. sandwiches at Canter’s Deli.

Pete lives near the Tar Pits.

The business school professor mentions Rockefeller.

Don watches the opening of Lost Horizon.

Lee Cabot wanted to scatter her husband’s ashes at Pebble Beach, but settled for Tom Sawyer Island in Disneyland.

Freddie Rumsen likens himself to Cyrano.

Among “Freddie’s” clients are Oscar Meyer, 7 Up, and the Superbowl.

In the final scene, Don watches Jack LaLanne on TV.

Ep 7:02: A Day’s Work
Don uses an early digital alarm clock.

Don watches The Little Rascals on TV, eats Ritz crackers, and reads the January 21, 1969 issue of Look Magazine.

Don watches That Girl on TV, in an episode that mentions Charlie Chaplin.

Sally and her friends mention Capezios, and refer to someone as
Sergeant Snorkel.

A shop on St. Mark’s place carries Pochahantas boots.

Don references the Hooterville telephone operator, used by both Green Acres and Petticoat Junction at that time.

They discuss the Knicks and (Bill) Bradley.

Lou uses Sweet and Low in his coffee.

The funeral was at 81st and Madison, making it Franke Campbell, a non-denominational home offering both Christian and Jewish funeral services.

The cemetery was “near the racetrack,” making it Beth David Cemetery, near the Belmont Racetrack, meaning Sarah’s mother was Jewish.

In the car, Don and Sally listen to WABC AM, where the news mentions Sirhan Sirhan’s trial.

Bert says he’s for the “national advancement of colored people,” which is a reference to the NAACP.

Ep 7:03: Field Trip
Don sees the movie Model Shop, which opened in New York February 11, 1969. We see this clip.

Megan follows a director to the Brentwood Country Club, where he has lunch with Rod Serling,

Lou references Joey Heatherton

Don drinks Nesbitt’s with his sandwich, and reads the April 4, 1969 issue of Time Magazine

Ken took a picture of his son at the Central Park carousel.

Lou references Longfellow Deeds.

Betty watches My Favorite Martian on TV.

Ep 7:04: The Monolith
Burger Chef is pitching Disneyland.

Harry references a TV show that was cancelled, in which Tim Conway was attempting suicide—the show was Turn On.

The IBM 360 is being installed.

Roger mentions Guiding Light.

Mona says she read about drug addicts in Life Magazine (link to a story on communes like the one they visit—that story was in July, later than their visit).

Don is reading Portnoy’s Complaint.

Don wants to see the Mets at Shea Stadium.

Margaret and Roger reminisce and Jules Verne, From the Earth To the Moon.

Fred references Jack Johnson.

Roger references Shangri-La.

Ep 7:05: The Runaways
Peggy is working on the Handi-Wrap account.

Michael refers to himself as Cassandra.

Stan mentions Dr. Freud.

Stephanie is staying in MacArthur Park

Lou says that Underdog was created by Chet Stover of Dancer Fitzgerald.

As a cartoonist, Lou is compared to Mort Walker (creator of Beetle Bailey) and Mort Drucker (of Mad Magazine).

Lou also references Bob Dylan and Blowing in the Wind

Lou says the creative team is a bunch of flag burners.

Phil Silvers is on the TV when Betty is in bed.

Henry calls Betty “Emily Post.”

The Francis neighbors are concerned about vandalism on Peck Avenue.

The Dynamic Duo

Commander Cigarettes, made by Philip Morris

Amy shouts “Wilma!

Ep 7:06: The Strategy
Pete has tickets for Oh! Calcutta!

Kevin Harris watches a Road Runner cartoon.

Bob brings Kevin an Erector Set.

Chevy is giving the XP campaign to Campbell Ewald, which Hartley refers to as “in-house”.

Burger Chef location

Mile High Club

Hobart mentions McDonald’s.

Roger mentions Leo Burnett.

Roger and Hobart are at the NY Athletic Club.

I Am Curious Yellow

Pete calls Peggy “Hemingway”.

Ep 7:07: Waterloo
Everyone watches the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Roger Sterling says “So let’s have another cup of coffee let’s have another piece of pie?” quoting Irving Berlin’s “Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee” from 1932′s Face the Music.

Megan is going to see The Wild Bunch.

In her presentation to Burger Chef, Peggy mentions Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, and the Vietnam War.

The musical number at the end is “The Best Things in Life Are Free,” introduced in the 1925 musical Good News.

Ep 7:08: Severance
Casting for Wilkinson razors

Roer calls Di “Mildred Pierce,” and notices she’s reading The 42nd Parallel by Jon Dos Passos (from his USA trilogy). Seeing Di reading, one of the women mentions NYU.

One of Don’s callers met him at Cosmopolitan.

Art or Marvin of Topaz calls Harry “Mr. Potatohead”.

Regarding a Vogue party, Don says to Meredith, “David Bailey wants to take your picture”.

Joan reads the May 1970 issue of an issue of McCall’s while waiting for Don.

Don mentions Macy’s and Marshall Fields to Joan.

Cynthia compares her father, Ed, to Jack Nicklaus.

Ed is thrilled he “cooked” a Pop-Tart.

“Ferg” Donnelly says “I don’t care if you know a girl from Kalamazoo.”

Peggy listens to WQXR.

Rachel’s family requests donations to the National Jewish Hospital at Denver.

Stevie went to Emory University in Atlanta.

The speech by Richard Nixon that we saw was delivered on April 30, 1970.

Ep 7:09: New Business
Betty references Fairfield University, and says the dean is “a distant Rockefeller”

Don mentions the New York Jets.

Cinzano Vermouth is being advertised.

According to AMC, the restaurant where Diana now works is Guv’nor Steakhouse.

Diana is from Racine, WI.

Diana mentions Architechtural Digest and Avon.

Roger references Marlin Perkins.

Derby Foods, maker of Peter Pan peanut butter


Le Pavillion

Elaine mentions Picasso and Guernica

Megan and Harry meet at the Plaza for lunch.

Megan’s agent represents Angie Dickinson.

Harry compares Megan’s looks to Ali McGraw and Brigitte Bardot.

Ep 7:10: The Forecast
Joan stays at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel; Dee asks if she’s seen Warren Beatty there.

Dee tells Lou to take Sunset (Boulevard) to Highland (Avenue) to Cahuenga (Pass), taking him from Beverly Hills to Universal City.


Richard wants to take Joan to Malibu and to the Biltmore in Santa Barbara.

Dinner at the Oak Room

Colonial Williamsburg

Rye Playland

Purchase College

Sally says Glen cried over Kent State.

Betty refers to Sally as Jane Fonda for her anti-war attitude,

Richard tells Joan a story about the Palos Verdes golf club.

Don looks at Look Magazine, Consumer Reports, Newseek and the New Yorker, all of them New Year’s issues about 1970.

Kevin Harris watches Sesame Street.

Meredith mentions the World’s Fair.

Sally’s friend mentions Senator Dodd

Bobby wants to watch the Brady Bunch.

Ep 7:11: Time & Life
Dow Chemicals has Ziploc as a product.

Ken’s favorite wine is Chateau Margaux 1953.

Tatsunoko Productions, which does Speed Racer

A mausoleum at Greenwood.

Ep 7:12: Lost Horizon
Don is staying at the Plaza.

Don mentions Air Wick, introduced in 1943.

Shirley is going to work for Traveler’s Insurance.

The McCann ladies drink at the Oyster Bar.

Jim Hobart references Moby Dick, referring to Don as his “white whale”.

Miller Beer, and the future Miller Lite–McCann really did buy an agency in Milwaukee to get Miller Beer.

Peggy is watching McCloud.

Ferg references Columbia University.

Betty is reading Sigmund Freud, Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria

Gene attends Cub Scouts.

Don references On the Road.

Joan mentions the EEOC and the ACLU. She cites Betty Friedan’s march down Fifth Avenue (August 26, 1970), the Ladies Home Journal sit-in of March 18, 1970, and the 1970 Newsweek lawsuit over gender discrimination.

Ep 7:13: The Milk and Honey Route
Pete takes Tammy to Lyman Orchards.

Pete calls Tammy “Wonder Woman”, and tells her he’ll take her to Friendly’s.

Pete refers to Lincoln Center.

Betty is referred to as Mrs. Robinson, a reference to The Graduate.

Elizabeth Taylor and Danny Kaye are mentioned as Learjet customers.

Paperback books seen are The Godfather (1969), The Woman of Rome (1947), The Andromeda Strain (1969), and Michener’s Hawaii (1959).

Duck is in Grand Central Terminal.

The dinner with Learjet is set for the Four Seasons.

Don watches the Flip Wilson Show, which premiered September 17, 1970. He watches Season 1, Episode 3, on October 1, 1970. He sees a routine with Redd Foxx.

Pete remembers being at The Polo Grounds with his father.

Ep 7:14: Person to Person
Don is with guys want to race at El Mirage.

In the traffic meeting, Lorraine mentions Esso Research and Engineering.

Don talks to Sally about the rocket-like car that broke the land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. This was the Blue Flame on Friday, October 23, 1970.

The Esalen Institute is not mentioned by name, but the location and type of experiences offered at the retreat center are meant to evoke Esalen.

Old Lyme, CT.

Nathan’s frankfurter

Coney Island

Charles Manson ruined hitchhiking.


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  1. The Playboy February 1969 issue featured actress Pamela Tiffin, who appeared in the 1964 movie For Those Who Think Young, also the title of Mad Men S2E1
    (fan site:

  2. 7.01 – Freddy and Don did not work on the Super Bowl. Freddie mentions the Super Bowl as an advertising year landmark (along with Christmas, and Easter approaching). He’s saying that the more major tentpoles of the advertising year that pass by without the agency calling Don, the more they’ll realize that they can get by without him, and Don will be viewed as increasingly irrelevant by other agencies.

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