Cultural References: Season 5


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Ep 5:01/5:02 A Little Kiss

Young & Rubicam douse poverty protesters with paper bag water-bombs.

Masters & Johnson

The Addam’s Family (Don calls the Francises “Morticia and Lurch”)

I Love Lucy (Peggy asks Megan if she’s ever seen Lucy)

Pete refers to a “damn U-2,” presumably the submarine.

William Paley


Elvis (will sing at Pete’s daughter’s birthday)

The Domino Theory

Heinz Beans

Campus sit-ins

Equal Opportunity Employers

Zou Bisou Bisou” references the hit song of the same name as well as, potentially, the movie The Millionairess, starring Sophia Loren.

Ep 5:03 Tea Leaves

Henry works for Mayor John Lindsay of New York City, who he doesn’t want posing with Michigan Governor George Romney.

The Rolling Stones played New York City on July 2, 1966 and Asbury Park Convention Hall the following day.

Don tells a fan that the Rolling Stones did a cereal commercial.

The Forest Hills Tennis Stadiums Music Festival of July 2, 1966 featured The Rolling Stones, The Standells, The Ronettes, The Trade Winds, The Ugly Ducklings, The Rogues, The McCoys, The Syndicate of Sound.

Megan’s friends go to Fire Island.

Peggy is tired of seeing imitations of the Volkswagen ads.

Bewitched: The girl backstage likens Don to “Durwood” and Harry to Mr. Kravitz.

Charlton Heston hanging around naked.

Backstage there’s a poster for Joan Baez.

Michael pretends to be related to Allen Ginsberg.

Betty watches Ozzie and Harriet.

Right fielder Pete Fox died on July 5, 1966; Michael Ginsberg’s father reads it in the newspaper.

Ep 5:04 Mystery Date

The Richard Speck nurse murders

The one-year anniversary of Watts

Riots in Cleveland and Chicago

The 1966 Airline strike is mentioned in regard to the Mohawk campaign, and LBJ’s (President Johnson’s) position is also mentioned.


Roger calls Peggy “Trotsky.”

Sally sees a commercial for the game Mystery Date.

Peggy says she was “discovered like Esther Blodgett.”

Ep 5:05 Signal 30

The driver’s ed film Signal 30

England wins the 1966 World Cup

Ken has a meeting with someone from Farrar Straus.

Edwin Baker explains that Jaguar is merging with BMC (British Motor Cars)

Red tin of William Greenberg brownies

Pete brags that his family helped create the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.

Roger calls Lane “Heathcliff,” and calls Ken “Edgar Allen Poe”

Cynthia calls Don “Superman”

The Campbells live in Cos Cob and discuss the origin of the name.

Don likens Megan’s bra to Fort Knox

Charles Whitman mass murders at the University of Texas

One of Ken’s stories has been in Galaxy.

Pete and Roger are discussing the Braniff 250 crash of August 6, 1966. Roger mentions Braniff’s award-winning advertising.

Ep 5:06 Far Away Places

Abe wants to see The Naked Prey, but Peggy ends up seeing Born Free.

Michael Ginsberg was born in a concentration camp.

While using LSD, Roger mentions Dr. Leary.

At the party, Roger flips through the June 24, 1966 issue of LIFE Magazine.

Back home, Roger hallucinates that he’s at the 1919 World Series, the “Black Sox” game, and that there are Model Ts and Model As in the parking lot.

Don and Megan visit the Howard Johnson’s in Plattsburgh, NY.

Ep 5:07 At the Codfish Ball

Based on a sweatshirt worn by another student, Glen Bishop appears to attend The Hotchkiss School.

Sally refers to Pauline as Bluto.

Glen wants Sally to buy the (Loving) Spoonful album, which she says is on the radio all the time (Summer in the City hit #1 in August of 1966).

Abe suggests Minetta Tavern for dinner.

The dinner with Raymond 11 floors above SCDP in the Time-Life Building appears to have been at the Tower Suite. Raymond assumed it was for employees only–which was true during the daytime.

At dinner, Ken mentions a somewhat toothless Truth in Packaging law.

Don reads The Fixer by Bernard Malamud. Megan says he typically reads James Bond.

Don refers to the babysitter as Francis the Talking Mule.

At work, Don reads The Berlitz Self Teacher French.

Roger references the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

Mary Lasker and the American Cancer Society are discussed.

Dow-Corning, Corning Glass, and Napalm

Marxist theory

The new Eward Albee play for which they have tickets is A Delicate Balance which opened at the Martin Beck Theatre on Thursday, September 22, 1966.

Roger refers to a woman as Margaret Dumont.

Ep 5:08 Lady Lazarus

During the Chevalier Blanc pitch, the movies A Hard Day’s Night and The Birds are mentioned.

The client wants a Beatles sound. Alternative suggestions are: Herman’s Hermits, Chad and Jeremy, The Zombies, The Merseybeats.

Head Ski Company in Lutherville, MD

Allen Funt

Don has dinner at Danny’s Hideaway.

Pete claims to have seen Howard at the Oyster Bar.

Megan had an Off-Off-Broadway callback.

Cool Whip

President Johnson’s tour of the Western Pacific is mentioned on the radio.

Pete wants to meet Beth at the Hotel Pennsylvania.

The death of 12 New York City firefighters is mentioned on the radio.

Megan shows Don The Beatles “Revolver” album and suggests he play Tomorrow Never Knows.

Ep 5:09 Dark Shadows

The New York Times profile on the advertising industry, November 20, 1966

The Oyster Bar

Manischewitz Wine

Fiddler on the Roof

Fundraiser for [Jacob] Javitz

Betty attends Weight Watchers.

Megan’s friend Julia reads for a part on Dark Shadows.

Megan watches the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

There was a Thanksgiving 1966 smog emergency in New York City.

Ep 5:10 Christmas Waltz

Lane’s solicitor references Hansard Procedure negotiations.

Roger commemorates Pearl Harbor Day.

Roger calls Edwin Baker “Bazooka Joe.”

Paul is a member of ISCKON and worships at the New York Krishna Consciousness Center under the tutelage of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Don and Megan attend American Hurrah.

Paul has a script for Star Trek and mentions “Mr. Roddenberry.” Harry mentions it competes in its time slot with My Three Sons and Bewitched.

Peggy mentions the ad agencies McCann, Y & R, K&E and B&B, as well as The A&P.

At the Jaguar dealership, they discuss the Mark II and its problems with dampness, and they drive the XKE.

Don tells Joan he thought she was dating Aly Khan.

Harry mentions Myron “Mike” Weinblatt, a former president of the NBC Entertainment office.

Mohawk Airlines machinists go on strike.

Ep 5:11 The Other Woman

They eat lobster from The Palm.

Herb Rennet said Joan was built like a B52.

Don mentions watching [Johnny] Carson.

Peggy uses Lady Godiva in an ad pitch.

Pete reads Goodnight Moon to Tammy.

Ted tells Peggy he will take her to eat at La Caravelle.

Ep 5:12 Commissions and Fees

Don runs into someone from “Dancer” (Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample)

Lane is offered a chairmanship of the 4As (American Association of Advertising Agencies)

The 4As have an annual trip to The Greenbrier.

Bobby wants to watch The Wild Wild West.

Megan looks at potential movies: Georgy Girl, Alfie, Gambit, Night of the Generals, Blow Up, A Fistful of Dollars

Sally watches Jack LaLane on TV.

Sally and Glen visit the dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History. Glen tells her Theodore Roosevelt killed the animals on display.

They have a shot at Dunlop Tires; Don would prefer Firestone.

Dow’s current agency is McManus.

Ep 5:13 The Phantom

Peggy is working on a new “ladies cigarette” from Philip Morris.

The new Butler commercial is Beauty and the Beast.

Roger is staying at The Stanhope.

Joan mentions a dentist in the Chrysler Building.

Marie and Megan were going to go to The Cloisters.

Beth is getting electro-shock therapy for her depression.

The conductor calls Howard “Max Schmeling.”


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