Pete Campbell


In the pilot, he’d just turned 26; born 1934. He confirms, when he visits a doctor, that he was 11 or 12 in the summer of 1945.

Graduated from Dartmouth in 1956.

Married Trudy Vogel in March/April 1960.

Has a brother Bud and two parents, Andrew (played by the late Christopher Allport) and a mom, Dorothy Dyckman Campbell. Andrew died in March 1962 in the American Airlines Flight 1 crash. Dorothy began to show signs of dementia in 1968. She died of drowning in November 1968, probably murdered by her “nurse”, Manolo.

His parents had a house on Fisher’s Island.

His mother’s family, the Dyckmans, are New York City royalty. At one time they owned most of Manhattan, north of 125th street. His grandfather lost the fortune in ’29.

Attended Deerfield Academy prep school.

Was in a fraternity in college. They were rivals with Psi Upsilon. His frat brother Chip is now a lawyer.

Has been called “Humps;” “Humps the Camel” Campbell.

Has a cousin Bethany, a cousin Sarah, and an uncle Skip.

Purchased an apartment on Park & 83rd in 1960.

Daughter, Tammy, born August 1965.

Moved with Trudy and Tammy to Cos Cobb, CT sometime between November 1965 and May 1966.

Separates from Trudy and gets a Manhattan apartment February 1968. (Apartment # is 1004.)


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  1. I believe that Pete probably attended Dartmouth College. In the episode where he is almost fired, Cooper lists the associations that the firm does not want to lose, including Deerfield Academy, The Maidstone Club (a very exclusive waspy club in the Hamptons), and Dartmouth, among others. If he was 26 in April 1960, he probably was class of 1956 at Dartmouth. Deefield Academy was then and still is a huge feeder prep school to Dartmouth. Also, Dartmouth had then and still has fraternities.

  2. Excellent guesswork; if we can confirm, we’ll include it.

  3. Does he have a Heisman trophy?

  4. The Fraternities they mention inclued; Psi U and Alpha Delta Phi were both at Dartmouth as well. Alpha Delta Phi being the fraternity that Chris Miller was a part of. (National Lampoon's Animal House). ADPhi also is very very small nationally.

  5. Matt, I have often wondered about that trophy in Pete's office. At first I thought it was a Heisman but now know it is not. I absolutely can not place what KIND of trophy it is.

  6. Pete was most likely in the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity in college. They ("DKE") are one of the affiliations Cooper mentions when he lists the downsides of firing Pete.

  7. It took a year, but I have confirmation from last night! Pete did go to Dartmouth. By the way, at Dartmouth the DKE house was right next to Psi U and they were definitely rivals at that time. DKE ceased to exist around 1970 after a name change. PSI U is still there. And yes, I confess I have had a minor obsession with this as I went to Dartmouth and Dad is Dartmouth 1956. I swear Pete walked off the pages of Dad's Aegis. (Dartmouth yearbook). THe look is so accurate.

  8. He has an uncle named Herman.

    When Duck first called him from Gray and Duck identified himself to Pete's secretary as Herman. When Pete still believes it is his uncle he asks if his aunt is OK – Aunt Alice, perhaps?

  9. […] age of a person at first marriage was younger than at any time from 1890 through the present day. Pete was 26 when he first married, old for 1960, but we don’t know Trudy’s age. What’s clear, […]

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