Ken Cosgrove


Graduate of Columbia University.

Has no basketball skills.

His short story, Tapping a Maple on a Cold Vermont Morning, was published in the Atlantic Monthly. As of 1960, was also working on two novels. Has at least one unpublished short story, The Gold Violin. By August, 1966, he had some success publishing short fantasy/science fiction stories under the pseudonym Ben Hargrove, and was in talks with Farrar Straus about publishing a collection. When found out, he changed the pseudonym.

He is from Burlington, Vermont. and his father is a salesman. His mother is heavyset. Has a brother who works at the stock exchange; there was a farm growing up. (In Season 6 he mentions going to high school in Cabot, Vermont, which is sixty miles from Burlington.)

As of March 1962 he made $300/week.

Lives in Murray Hill, Manhattan.

In 1966, Ken and Peggy had a pact that if one left the company, they would bring the other, but when Peggy went to CGC, she did not honor that pact.

Became engaged sometime in 1965 to Cynthia Baxter, daughter of the wealthy Ed and Lillian Baxter. Ed is a senior executive at Dow Chemical. By May 1966, Ken and Cynthia were married. Cynthia was pregnant by October 1968.


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  1. In Episode 02.03 The Benefactor, Kenneth’s payroll check shows that his Sterling-Cooper Employer ID is 402-972-598.

  2. Knows that queers exist, but isn't sure he wants to work with one.

  3. That $300/week in 1962 would be about $2100/week in 2009. Not bad.

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