Joan Holloway Harris


Born February 24, 1931.

Originally from Spokane, Washington. Mother Gail Holloway. Son Kevin Harris, born approximately March 1966.
Her roommate, Carol McCardy, whom she met in college (Kate Norby) was in love with her.
Also has a childhood friend Kate, who works for Avon.
Wears Shalimar.
Had 2 abortions prior to 1964, one performed by Dr. Emerson, one performed by a woman claiming to be a midwife.

Joan had a brief first marriage to “Scotty”.
Married to Dr. Greg Harris from approximately Christmas 1962 through early 1967.
–Was dating Greg from at least February 1962
–Became engaged around May 1962
–Kicks Greg out July 1966
–Is served by Greg with divorce papers December 1966
–By October 1970, Greg has married a nurse with whom he has twins, and is ignoring Kevin.

By March 1960, an affair with Paul Kinsey is already over.
Dr. Emerson, her gynecologist, implies they’ve slept together.
Has a relationship with Richard Burghoff from June through October, 1970.

Roger Sterling:
–in Bablylon (May, 1960), it is implied they have been having an affair for about a year
–in Waldorf Stories, though, flashbacks to approximately 1955 show the beginning of their affair
–the affair ends in September 1960, following Roger’s first heart attack
–following a mugging, Roger and Joan have sex one last time in July 1965, conceiving Kevin.

Kevin Harris
Conceived July 1965, Kevin’s biological father is Roger Sterling, but Greg Harris is the father of record.
Roger Sterling rewrites his will in October 1970 to make sure Kevin inherits a large portion of the estate.

By 1960 is the Office Manager of Sterling Cooper, which includes supervising the secretarial staff and running traffic meetings.
Joins Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce as Office Manager at its founding in Decemeber 1963.
October 1965 is given the title Director of Agency Operations.
Is made a partner of SCDP with a 5% voting interest in January 1967.
In August 1968, begins accounts work, wooing Avon as her first client.
Is officially made an Accounts person, with no more Operations duty, in February 1969.
After SC&P is purchased by McCann Erickson, Joan accepts a 50% buyout of her partnership in September 1970.
Forms Harris Holloway Productions in October 1970.


  13 Responses to “Joan Holloway Harris”

  1. In F1 we also see the following information on Joan driver's license.

    43 West 12 St, 4C
    New York, NY

    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 140

    About 43 West 12 St., NY, NY: Estimate: $7,367,500 (as of 08/08/2008)

    A spacious home in New York, New York. This 4 story home, built in 1901, measures 2,600 sq ft on a 572 sq ft (0.01 acre) lot.

    Greenwich Village
    School District:
    Academy Charter School
    Nearby School:
    Harvey Milk High School
    64 Student High School

  2. Jeez … hope she held on to that apartment.

  3. Only if she bought out the other units, it's now a single family home.

  4. I find it strange that she lives in the village. I need to find out more about Greenwich Village in the early 60s, but I'm pretty sure it was already kind of artsy, and Joan cares more about appearances than that. (I mean, she might as well live in Newark or something.)

  5. Joan lives in the west village which has the nicest apartments. This is also where there's a large gay population. The Stonewall was located there.

  6. I know. I have no issue with Christina Hendricks living there, but Joan is not exactly dipping her toes into the pool of the counter-culture.

  7. She's on West 12th Street, lotta nice brownstones up there, and not the hotbed of the Village, even though technically the Village.

  8. But you have to go above 14th Street to get a decent screw. It's like, known.

  9. I dunno, I used to screw this guy on Sullivan Street…

  10. Whew, must have been rent-controlled back then, because even office managers in 1960-1962 made jerk sheep.

  11. hmmm Im thinkin at the corner of 14th and Sullivan there is an inside joke

  12. If she's 140 pounds, I'm a monkey's uncle. That's more like 160 pounds packed into a 140 pound girdle, if you ask me. Tatas aren't filled with air, ya know. And WHAT A BOOTIE!

  13. If I recall correctly, Christina Hendrick is, herself, a size 8.

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