Herman ‘Duck’ Phillips


November, 1960 took position of Head of Account Services at Sterling Cooper.

Left SC October 26, 1962.

His father is deceased; had been in advertising in Boston.

He served in the Marine Corps.

Worked for Y&R’s (Young and Rubicam) London office. Left under a hint of scandal and was rumored to have a drinking problem. Was with PP&L prior to Y&R.

Two children: A daughter, Patricia, and a son, Mark, who attends St. Paul’s. His ex-wife Pauline is marrying Franklin Reeves. His (former) Irish Setter is named Chauncey.

His secretary at Sterling Cooper was Joyce.

By summer of ’63 he worked at Grey and attempted to woo Pete and Peggy to come work there.

On July 22, 1963, he sleeps with Peggy Olson.

March or April 1965: Publicly drunk at the Clio Awards ceremony.

May 1965: No longer at Grey. He is drinking heavily and attempting to woo Peggy back into his life.

In July 1968: Duck is a successful headhunter in the advertising industry, apparently sober, and praising the value of family.


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