Helen Bishop


Born approximately 1928.

Recently divorced, and just moving into the Draper’s Ossining, NY neighborhood as of April 1960. Ex-husband, Dan, works in the life insurance industry in Manhattan.

Went to Mt. Holyoke College (studied French and hasn’t used it since her honeymoon in Paris).

Son Glen (Marten Holden Weiner, son of Matthew Weiner) and a 2-year old daughter.

Helen’s divorce lawyer was an old army buddy of her father’s.

In 1960 she drove a VW Beetle (not called a “Beetle” until around ’67). She worked the counter at Benson’s Jewelry. She volunteered for the Kennedy campaign. Smokes Kents. Likes to go for walks.

By December 1964, Helen has remarried and had a baby.


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  1. Had salacious tales of her divorcee status momentarily usurped by being publicly slapped in the face by Betty Draper.

  2. It still really surprises me but just how scandalous a “divorcee” could be but no one really seems to care if everyone is just messing around?? Is it because of society?

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