Francine Hanson


Betty’s neighbor in Ossining. They remain friendly when Betty moves to Rye.

A former schoolteacher. She has a cheating husband Carlton (who plays squash), a son Ernie, and a baby girl, Jessica, born spring/summer 1960. Carlton, who had gained a significant amount of weight by 1962, took up running in the mornings, for solitude, by 1963.

March 1969 Francine is working as a travel agent in Dobbs Ferry, 3 days a week.


  2 Responses to “Francine Hanson”

  1. I enjoy the honest friendship Francine and Betty share. They are not competitive nor petty with each other. Betty seems to rely on Francine's insights and Francine has relied on Betty for emotional support. I hope they have more scenes together in Season 3.

  2. Francine is skilled at laundry. Betty show her a French baby dress of Sally's that she could not bear to give away. Francine believes the stain is chocolate and offers to try to remove it.