Don Draper


See also Dick Whitman.

Born approximately 1926.

Social Security Number 949-52-2702.

Lived in Ossining, NY, with his wife Betty and their two children, Sally Beth (Sally, born approximately 1954) and Robert (Bobby, born approximately 1956). In June of 1963 their third child, Eugene Scott Draper (Gene) was born.

Upon the end of his marriage to Betty, Don got an apartment in Manhattan. As of November 1964 until his next marriage, Don lived at 104 Waverly Place, Apartment 3R, near the corner of Sixth Avenue.

After marrying Megan Calvet sometime between October 1965 and May 1966, moved into a large apartment on the Upper East Side, at Park Avenue and 72nd Street. Megan moved to California in November or December of 1968. Megan and Don decided to end their marriage in late July 1969, and divorced in May of 1970.

Don’s first advertising job was in-house for a furrier (where he met Betty on a modeling job; Don the copy writer, Betty the model). His boss at the furrier was Teddy, an old Greek writer. Roger found him there. He was in night school at the time, at City College of New York. Don earned his degree from City College over several non-consecutive years of night school.

Dick Whitman joined the army and served in the 7th Infantry in Korea, where he switched dog tags with his senior officer, Don Draper, immediately after Draper died in an explosion. Dick Whitman was a private, Donald Draper was a lieutenant.

In approximately 1952, Don was a used car salesman.

Relationships & Affairs:

  • Betty Hofstadt Draper Francis: Don married Betty in May, 1953. This marriage ended in December of 1963. Sometime between December 1963 and November 1964, Betty married Henry Francis.
  • Graphic artist Midge Daniels. Conversation indicated it had gone on for about five years. Ended summer of 1960.
  • Rachel Menken: Met March/April 1960. Began a passionate relationship over Labor Day weekend, 1960. Ended in November. Rachel subsequently married Tilden Katz.
  • Andrea: A freelance writer whom Don runs into in 1966; they knew each other “six years ago” (so 1960) and were clearly connected sexually.
  • Bobbie Barrett: The wife/manager of comedian Jimmy Barrett, Bobbie and Don had an affair from late March through late May of 1962.
  • Joy: Don spends a few days with this wealthy heiress at the end of September, 1962.
  • Shelly: A stewardess, they connect for one night in April, 1963.
  • Suzanne Farrell: Don has a romantic affair with Sally’s former teacher from September through October, 1963.
  • Allison: Slept with his secretary Allison once, in December 1964, and then acted like nothing happened.
  • Meaningless sex: Don had an ongoing “relationship” with a prostitute named Candace in late 1964. In March or April of 1965, he slept with a woman in the ad industry and a waitress named Doris.
  • Dr. Faye Miller: A psychologist consulting with Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Don began a relationship with her in June 1965 and broke it off in October.
  • Megan Calvet: Don slept with his secretary once in August, 1965, and then began an affair with her in October, resulting in a sudden and impulsive marriage proposal. They were married by May 1966 through May 1970.
  • Sylvia Rosen: Sometime before Christmas, 1967, Don began an affair with his downstairs neighbor, which primarily ended in June 1968, although they slept together once more, in September 1968.
  • Amy: In May 1969, Don and Megan have a threesome with Megan’s friend Amy.
  • More meaningless sex: Following the end of Don’s marriage to Megan, Don is seeing several women, including Trish, an airline stewardess, and Audrey.
  • Diana Baur: Don meets Diana, a waitress, in April 1970, and begins a brief affair with her.