Bertram Cooper


It appears he and Roger Sterling’s father started the agency. Still more fact-checking to do on this.

His name is on a wall at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

From the working script of The Wheel, we learn that he has a sister named Alice who is on the Board of Sterling Cooper, but we do not know if that will become part of the series.

Knows Ayn Rand.


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  1. I was just posting on another board about Bert, and shouldn't he be around or past retirement age for 1960? I like that he's so forward-thinking and positive, and engaged in the company. He's so different from Pete's parents or Betty's dad. He strikes me as a self-made man, being a Rand fan.

  2. You post on other boards about Mad Men? My heart is broken.


    Bert owns his own business, so he doesn't have to worry about mandatory retirement. If you were an employee in those days, you were forced out at 65.

  3. Well, I started seeing TWoP first, so you know…

    I was helping a new viewer who had mixed up the name Campbell with Cooper and was calling Peggy by Betty. Baby steps…

  4. I started out at TWoP and saw the link here, and the rest is history.

    In one of my first posts here I got Midge confused with Francine, so there you go.

    Bert has no reason to retire when he can go in when he wants and scare people a little.

    Also, you know, he has the cool, clear eyes of a seeker of Randian Objectivism, so there's that.

  5. "I was just posting on another board about Bert, and shouldn’t he be around or past retirement age for 1960?"

    I don't think Bert does too much at Sterling Cooper–other than show up, kick off his shoes, and count his money. Why would anyone retire from that?

  6. Have none of you noticed the artwork above the couch in my office?

    Found here:

  7. Oh, right. I forgot about that. LOL. Just enhances that thar "euphemism" talk, I suppose.

  8. Euphemism nuthin'. Ever wonder why I have folks take their shoes off before coming in my office? Saves the ladies time …

    I'm one randy bastard.

  9. Is it just me, or does Bert Cooper remind anyone else of Hal Riney?

  10. The brilliance of this show is in the casting. Robert Morse as Bert Cooper, founder of the ad agency, is a deliciously perfect homage to Morse's early film role in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." "How to Succeed" parodied the '50s-early 60's Madison Avenue business firm hierarchy and ladder-climbing, with Morse as a more lovable version of a Pete Campbell-type character. And Robert Morse is just one more tasty little nugget of perfection that Mad Men continues to exhude.

  11. i think in his having lunch with his sister that he owns cattle outwest and that his sister doesn't follow his policy of removing your shoes before entering his office

    also, in six month leave sterling replies that they can't tell cooper about rumsen because cooper is a germ freak

  12. Oh My Gosh I Love Robert Morse!!! He's My Role Model… I watch everything he's in. I love How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. (I'm Only 14 and when he did that one interview saying he would go around off set singing a secritairy is not a toy, i would go up sing with him if i could) I think he's AMAZING. My number 1 dream is to meet him. I'm starting to do plays then movies just like him. I'm Going to NewYork and when i'm there i'm gonna stop at all the theaters he's bin in and everything. I'm His number one Fan. Mr. Morse if you read this please try to email me or somthing. Please