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The SPECTRE of Defeat

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Dec 152015

spectreWhen it was announced last year that SPECTRE would be the follow up to SKYFALL in the James Bond series, I could barely contain my excitement. Daniel Craig’s first outing as Bond in CASINO ROYALE (2006) quieted the critics who loudly complained when he was cast. The film is very faithful Ian Fleming’s novel and a return to seriousness of the early Sean Connery outings. CASINO ROYALE goes further and portrays James Bond as a character with real feelings (something the Connery films never did). Furthermore, Vesper Lynd is no garden variety “Bond girl” and Le Chiffre is arguably the most fully fleshed out Bond villain since Auric Goldfinger. Many questioned whether or not James Bond could continue in a post 9/11 world. CASINO ROYALE answered that in the affirmative with an exclamation point.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, that was the zenith of Danial Craig’s Bond arc.

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