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The H Word

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Nov 192014

There have been a few discussions of gay people on Mad Men, and the discussions usually get pretty derogatory.

“So Kurt is a pervert.”—Harry in Season Two, The Jet Set.
“I knew queers existed, I just don’t want to work with them.”—Ken in Season Two (same episode).
“You people.”—Don (talking to Sal) in Season Three, Wee Small Hours.

Smitty criticized Ken and Harry for their discomfort and disparaging remarks about Kurt, saying, “What, you’ve never met a homo in advertising before?”  He implied that their attitude was ridiculous because they probably have met plenty of gay men in the industry already (including Sal, although Harry and Ken were seemingly oblivious to Sal’s sexual orientation).  However, although the term “homo” was used in the 1960s, it’s not used much today.  Articles have been written about why “gay people” sounds much better  than “homosexuals.” Continue reading »