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Basket of News, May 16-22, 2015

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May 222015


Matthew Weiner spoke about the Mad Men season finale at the New York Public Library.  While we await a later sitdown with Roberta, you can read a summary on the NYPL event at The Hollywood Reporter, or watch it at Gothamist.

Jon Hamm talked about the finale with the New York Times.

Elisabeth Moss gave an exit interview to the Wall Street Journal, which also ran a piece contrasting the end of Peggy’s arc with the end of Joan’s arc.

Jay R. Ferguson talked about Stan, his beard, and Peggy with Vulture.  Jay also spoke to the Wall Street Journal and TVLine about these topics.

John Slattery talked to AMC about Roger’s transformation and what the future holds for Roger and Don.

Kiernan Shipka reflected on the end of the show — and looked to future projects — at Deadline.

January Jones Instagrammed a final thought about Betty.  Anti-smoking activist Robin Koval wrote about Betty’s fate at CNN.

Evan Arnold (Leonard) hugged it out with Slate and TIME.

Helen Slater talked to People about keeping her vow of secrecy. Brett Gelman talked to Vulture about being in Don’s circle.

“Person to Person” drew about 3.3 million viewers live and on the same day, making it the third-most-watched Mad Men episode ever by that metric.

Kudos to folks at Uproxx and Vox for guessing part of the series finale.  CNN’s Jake Tapper, not so much.

Gothamist rounded up the cultural references in “Person to Person.” Continue reading »