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Deborah Lipp is the author of seven books, most recently Tarot Interactions and Merry Meet Again. She is also the author of The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book. Deborah also blogs very occasionally at Property of a Lady. Deborah lives in Rockland County, New York, with her spouse, Melissa, and four cats.

Feb 172015

Better Call Saul--Nacho--Saul at the phone booth

You see? This is why people hate lawyers.

Double dealing! Excessive use of pay phones! Really bad wigs! Episode 3 of Better Call Saul, Nacho, had it all.

So, Vince Gilligan is having fun with timelines. Our “present day” for the series is 2002, but we’re getting flashbacks to really oversized mobile phones and a big poofy wig for Michael McKean, and we’re told that the series will also flash forward to the post-Breaking Bad present. Now, the downside of a master plan like this, where the showrunner knows the whole timeline, the before and after, is that the show can sometimes feel strained trying to get to its designated event at a designated point. Certainly, we’ve seen episodes of The Walking Dead that have dragged painfully because such-and-such was intended to happen in the season finale, whereas the natural flow of the script really needed it to be sooner. Equally, people have objected to the way Matthew Weiner sometimes writes Mad Men backwards from the intended season finale; it can be too much of a chess game. Continue reading »