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Homeland 5.07: Oriole

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Nov 162015
Homeland, Oriole, Miranda Otto as Allison in the bathroom

Homeland © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

Homeland Episode 5.07, Oriole, was really a great episode, but Allison’s breakdown in Saul’s bathroom went on so long, and through so many changes, that I couldn’t help it. I turned to Professor Spouse and said, There’s Miranda Otto’s Emmy submission reel. And in truth, if I have time to say that, it wasn’t that great an acting job.

Perhaps the problem is simply we’ve never had reason to care about this character. When we found out she was a traitor, it was interesting, and kind of awful, but there was no pain, no “Oh, no! Not her!” If they wanted that kind of reaction, they should have made sure that the mole was someone we’d come to love. Allison is deeply trusted by those around her, but the Homeland audience has never been truly invested in her. That being the case, why should we be utterly fascinated to watch her freak out? I, for one, was not. Continue reading »