Deborah Lipp

Deborah Lipp is the author of seven books, most recently Tarot Interactions and Merry Meet Again. She is also the author of The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book. Deborah also blogs very occasionally at Property of a Lady. Deborah lives in Rockland County, New York, with her spouse, Melissa, and four cats.

Jan 212015

Downton Abbey, the Dowager Countess meets her Russian Prince

Sympathy butters no parsnips.
–Mrs. Patmore

Action packed, my Basketcases, action packed! Every transition was practically racing from upstairs to downstairs and back again. Everyone had PLOT! Everyone had SNAPPY BANTER! Everyone had COSTUMES!

I can’t bear vulgar jokes.
–Lady Mary

…and not for nothing, but Lord Grantham remains an ass. What a snotty little temper tantrum he displayed! It’s not clear to me if Cora is simply unaware of how much Bricker is attracted to her, or if she finds it fundamentally innocent since she knows herself and knows she will do nothing more than walk and talk. I think the latter. Cora is clearly enjoying herself, and reminiscing about being beautiful and having a full dance card indicates her pleasure in the chase. But she is a grandmother and a loyal wife and she is most assuredly not doing the fucking around that the generations on either side of her indulge in. Because there’s not-vulgar Mary in her undies, and there’s the Dowager Countess, denuded in front of the entire family by a sexy encounter with a sexy Russian Prince and his sexy, sexy fan. Continue reading »