Basket of Kisses is a group effort, founded by Deborah and Roberta Lipp.

Deborah Lipp lives a complex double-life, which is not the life of a secret agent and does not involve changing in phone booths. Instead, she divides her time between being a well-known author on subjects occult, and being a writer about pop culture. She is the author of six occult books, most recently Tarot Interactions and Merry Meet Again. She is also the author of The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book. Deborah also blogs very occasionally at Property of a Lady.

Deborah lives in Jersey City, NJ, with Professor Spouse and an assortment of cats.

Roberta Lipp got her blogging feet wet at Roberta’s Voice, a languid document of personal trials and tribulations, which has often been compared with ‘that Sex and the City column.’ With a strong background in theatre as well as television viewing, she offers a unique insight into the human experience through a deeply personal lens. Also, she’s funny.

Roberta is or has at some point been: a singer, songwriter, guitar player, voiceover artist, rock radio disc jockey, actor, and improv performer. She plans to produce her one-woman show, Not Available in My Size, once she finishes writing it. Roberta also has a day job.

Roberta’s music is housed safely on myspace, untouched by human hands.

MarlyK, the commenter formerly known as Eme Kah, is coming out of hiding to indulge in one of her favorite past-times: pontificating about one of her favorite shows. As a native-born Venezuelan, she grew up on a steady diet of telenovelas and old b&w Hollywood flicks. Upon her arrival on North American shores at the age of nine, her biggest shock was learning that Pedro Picapiedra was going by the moniker Fred Flinstone. She is an after-hours scribbler who hopes her efforts will lead to something more than carpal tunnel syndrome. She lives in NYC.

B. Cooper: New York City is a marvelous machine filled with a mesh of levers and gears and springs, like a fine watch, wound tight. Always ticking.

Karl keeps a watercooler cribsheet covering music, gossip, showbiz and animal stories for fans of Claude Pate (a defunct band of which he was not a member) and thousands of strangers. His day job is in the law. He has a special practice with only one client, but is not like Tom Hagen.

Anne B is married to fellow Basketcase White T Jim B; they live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Anne’s day job is in content strategy and communications. When she’s not writing for work or the Basket, she is the sand in the oyster of conformity, the wacko on the five-hour urban hike, the Bad Santa, the Bad Bunny, the art-supply auntie, the compulsive reader, and the biggest fan Matt Weiner ever had.

You can follow Anne B on Goodreads and Twitter.

Meowser is a Brooklyn-born, NYU-educated resident of Portland, OR. She still loves the Mets, remembers (parts of) the sixties better than she’d like to admit, and would like to get involved with another television series, but is afraid to.

Melissa P. (aka Professor Spouse) is a cultural historian, pop culture geek, Medievalist, and has an alphabet soup following her name. She’s a member of both the Basket family and the Lipp family, since she’s married to Deborah. Her first appearance on this blog was in a dialogue on meta-textuality. She tends to class up the joint.

Mad Chick is an actor/writer/temp assistant. (She’s worked for “Don” types – or at least, modern-day excutives who have his type of personality, though not his looks.)  She lives in NYC (Brooklyn) and loves it. Besides Mad Men, other favorite shows include Shameless, Revenge, Smash, and Nurse Jackie. She is a big movie buff —  especially Woody Allen films and a lot of indies and romantic comedies.

Deborah Newell Tornello: Born in England and educated there, as well as in Barbados, Honduras, and the United States. Received a Bachelor’s from the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications in 1981. Co-author of the book Virtual Vintage: The Insider’s Guide to Buying and Selling Fashion Online, Random House, 2002. Author of the blog Litbrit. Currently working on assorted fiction projects. Lives with her husband, three sons, and several large and loyal attack dogs and trained-assassin felines, in sunny Florida, USA.

Therese was born at the start of the Kennedy Administration, lives in upstate NY (near Binghamton) with her husband, their two ever-growing boys and their hamster, Gus.   She works part-time as a substitute teacher’s aide.  She got her B.A. in Theater production from Binghamton University, with the emphasis on costumes. Lately she’s found a wealth of creative ideas sprouting from her menopausal brain!   She writes occasional poems and short stories, loves photography,  making collages,  photobooks and videos and, as an old Star Trek fan, began her own blog trekkerscrapbook,  in June of 2011. She also has a site on called Tee-Bone’s Euphoria, when she sells her original designs on tee-shirts and other printable items.   She loves old movies, Mad Men, and traveling, (especially to NYC)  and is very happy to be a contributor here!

White T Jim B is married to the illustrious Anne B. He is the Don to her Megan, the Ricky to her Lucy, the ants to her picnic. Born in Japan, about the same time as Bobby Draper, his father was an American GI and his mother a Japanese school teacher. He grew up in San Francisco by way of Indiana and a couple of Army bases, got a California public education back when it worked, graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in Spanish Literature, and lettered in soccer. When not writing for the Basket he works as a pointy-haired IT manager at a large financial institution. His other blog, Jimsakeeper, concerns itself with the vagaries of the Beautiful Game.

His other interests include coaching the Viking Hammer, cooking, and referring to himself in the third person.

Hope Russell Nunki is the author of Release, a debut work of women’s fiction that bridges the literary-commercial divide. Musings about the literary aspects of her life, including her work on Decorum, her sophomore work of fiction currently in progress, can be found at

Laura Carney is a magazine copy editor by day and a proofreader, lit journal editor, essayist, illustrator, marathon runner and blogger by night. Before joining Basket of Kisses, she recapped the last season of Mad Men using the Good Housekeeping archives, and the last season of Lost when she worked for OK! magazine (she’s just a last-season kind of girl). She has worked in magazines for eight years (at women’s, celebrity, art, and shelter mags) and has also worked as a reporter, assistant editor, medical journal production editor and AP business news editorial assistant. She has been a member of the edit staff of the literary journal Monkeybicycle for 12 years. Her current project is a memoir about her father, in whose honor she’s running the New York City Marathon in November (he died in a distracted driving accident in 2003; please visit her page on Crowdrise—to support the cause).

Jenny Chalek, a sarcastic goofball from Louisville, KY, is an amateur comedian, shameless punstress, karaoke aficionado, and out-of-shape former martial artist with a soft spot for superheroines and foreign languages. When she isn’t binge-watching Netflix with her trusty sidekick Yellow Kitty, fangirling over various celebrities on Twitter, or running away to wander the streets of London whenever fiscally possible, she works as a code monkey specializing in server-side web development.

One of her proudest life achievements was being the inadvertent warm-up act prior to Deborah and Professor Spouse’s wedding, when she sat on a questionably-anchored chair at the outdoor venue, toppling over backwards, and nearly tumbling down a giant hill as a result. Her only regret is that she didn’t continue on down the hill, shouting “AS YOU WISH!” But she likes to think she made up for that missed opportunity by singing Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” at the reception karaoke afterward.