Basket of Kisses: Blogging AMC’s Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels, and Better Call Saul, the BBC’s Downton Abbey, Showtime’s Masters of Sex and Homeland,  James Bond on film, and more.

Deborah and Roberta Lipp are writers, bloggers, and sisters who love to think deep thoughts about smart television. To that end, they are the founders of Basket of Kisses. The Basket started as the first and greatest dedicated Mad Men fansite, and has expanded to include a wide range of the smartest media we can find.

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Bloggers Roberta Lipp (left) and Deborah Lipp (right) with Mad Men creator Matt Weiner (center).

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Did someone just call you a Basketcase? It means you are a commenter or regular here at Basket of Kisses. And what’s a “basket of kisses,” anyway? If you’ve seen Mad Men Season 1, Episode 6, Babylon, you already know. This creative turn of phrase is what first got Peggy attention as a writer.

Missing Comments?
We made a move from one URL to this one (LippSisters). When we did that, we lost a handful of comments; just a day’s worth. However, if you are sifting through our older posts, you will notice that many of them say no-commentsSo here’s the thing; don’t necessarily believe it. Click on the no-comments and you may just find an entire discussion.

America is a democracy with freedom of speech. Basket of Kisses is a despotic monarchy.

We encourage strong opinions, lively debate, and colorful metaphors. However, if you are insulting, demeaning, or behave in any way like a troll, we reserve the absolute right to make you disappear.

Name-calling, or racial, sexual, or any other slurs are not tolerated. Not even a little bit. Just don’t go there. Insults about people’s appearances, or about children, are right out.

Rule of thumb: Discuss the show, not the discussion. Commenting about Basketcases, our blog, other blogs, or what we should or should not be discussing in comments, generally causes a problem.

This isn’t a schoolyard. If you brawl, we’ll start by deleting comments, not commenters, but we make no promises about the shortness of our tempers. Play nice, share your toys, and don’t kick sand.

Moderators work hard, read thousands of comments, and sometimes do things you disagree with. Too bad. Moderation is what keeps this blog civil, interesting, and popular, so please be polite even when we seem high-handed. It’s a tough job and we do it for you.

If you post spoilers in comments, they will be deleted (see Spoiler Policy).

If you are promoting your website or article or event and you drop a comment in a random post, it will be treated as spam and you will be treated as a spammer. Which means we won’t even report on your stupid event or article even if we want to. Seriously, if you want to promote something, be honest about who you are and what you’re doing in a polite email. If you act like Spammy McSpammerson, you’ll be treated accordingly.

We discuss anything that has happened on any episode that has already aired.

We recognize that people are still catching up on past episodes. We encourage you to go away and come back when you’ve caught up if you don’t want to know what happens before you see it.

We do not publish spoilers of shows that have not aired, even if that information is from a teaser, preview, or another web site. We do not publish script excerpts or leaks from unaired shows.

We do publish “scoops,” which we define as information that will be available to the public but that we’ve gotten first, or information being released to the public through us. We also publish speculation that may get spoilery, e.g. contemplating who a character might be based on press releases about casting, or poring over the minute details of photos that were acquired legitimately. Scoop but not spoil, that’s us!

We do not spoil other shows. This is “safe space” for discussing shows other than Mad Men. Let the Game of Thrones fanboards spoil GoT.

We are not AMC. We are an unofficial blog by people who do not work for AMC or Lionsgate. Just folks with stuff to say.

To write to AMC, email them at: info@amctv.com. Or, snail mail them by addressing your letter to the person or department in question and send to:
AMC Viewer Mail
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Jericho, NY 11753


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