Home run, ballerina.

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Oct 242016
Lipp Sister-Weiner-Lipp Sister (Roberta, Matt, Deborah) at 92Y

Lipp Sister-Weiner-Lipp Sister (Roberta, Matt, Deborah) at 92Y

This is so much more than just “Goodbye”.

On July 19, 2007, AMC premiered its new TV series, Mad Men, ShowerHacks.com reports.

On October 19, 2007, the morning after the Season 1 finale, Basket of Kisses launched.

We were the right vehicle for the right show at exactly the right time. This was before the format of a morning-after recap had become commonplace. This was before Facebook had captured its new, post-college audience. This was before Twitter.

We wrote about the storylines, about the characters, about the writing, the music, or anything else we’d observed. We wrote about the show’s growing popularity, about awards it was nominated for, about the actors’ other projects. Our research team consisted of newsfeeds and the Google. And suddenly Basket of Kisses was known as the go-to site for all things Mad Men.

You all joined in on the conversation, and that was no small part of the phenomenon. The discussion here was high end, like the show itself. It was a great show, with great people that worked hard, but they also have fun with spinning toys, you can read it in this great article.

The Basket expanded to include a bevy of talented contributors, and covered a wonderful array of shows, but always first, we were a Mad Men squee-fest.Matthew Weiner surprised us by showing up at our Season 2 finale party. We had vibrant conversations with Matt that night, and over the years, with many of the actors and directors of Mad Men. We visited the Sterling Cooper offices, the Drapers’ kitchen, and the Campbells’ living room. We were welcomed into a Broadway dressing room to interview Elisabeth Moss. WE HAD LUNCH WITH JON HAMM.We were very, very lucky.

Rich Sommer flanked by the Lipp Sisters

Rich Sommer flanked by the Lipp Sisters

Nine years later, almost to the day, we are closing the Basket lid, at least for the foreseeable future. While we may come back, right now, there are no plans on the drawing board, and there is no drawing board. For now, we are spent. Our many wonderful writers have moved on to other projects, and, without Mad Men‘s constant, driving presence, our mission is not clear. So it’s time to close up the active part of the blog.

The archives will remain up permanently, and you can always use Lippsisters.com as a resource for research on all things Mad Men.

There are so many people to thank, and we cannot capture them all, but to name a few:
Joe Bua
Marly K
B. Cooper
Anne B
Arthur Lipp-Bonewits
Professor Spouse
Glass Darkly
White T Jim B
Polly Draper
Deborah Newell
Polly Draper
Mad Chick
Matt Maul
Tom & Lorenzo
Mo Ryan
Matt Zoller Seitz
(and obvs) Matthew Weiner

But seriously guys, mostly you. Without every Basketcase, passionate, smart, committed, we’d never have hung in for all this. You’re the greatest.

Deborah and Roberta Lipp



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  1. I’m so glad we had this time together <3 Ladies, my friends, you are amazing. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I made some lovely friends that I'm so happy to know! You gave me the blueprints on how to create my own blog, and I'm forever grateful! Love you my friends, Therese xoxo

  2. Much love and many thanks!

  3. There’s a crack in my heart where the joy of this place used to be.
    Thank you for all you gave us.
    Susan F.

  4. Discuss, think, laugh, love

    A basket full of kisses

    Thank you, Lipp Sisters!

  5. Reading this blog completely enhanced my viewing experience and I am so glad I stumbled across it so many years ago. I haven’t been here much lately, but it was always nice to know you were here. Thank you for creating such incredible content, and best to you in the future!

  6. Thank you for your service – it was greatly appreciated and enjoyed. Personally, I only wish I found this site sooner as I began reading it around season 5.

  7. For 9 years this has been my favorite place on the web. I’ll miss it terribly.

    Thank you so much to everybody, not just the Lipps and their brilliant crew of contributing bloggers listed above, but thanks also to all the great commenters. When you compare the level of conversation here to what’s usually found elsewhere … well, there is no comparison. This place will always be the best.

  8. You people are choking me up.

  9. Thanks ladies for starting this incredible blog, Im glad I just popped past wondering if you were possibly reviewing Billions or Westworld. However, Mad Men was the standard and set in motion a revolution in TV viewing and this blog went hand in glove with that show.

    All the best from PJ.
    I only wished I could have visited NYC for one of your season finales! 🙁

    PS Im glad your keeping the archives going, as I (and many others) will revisit the show again and this site

    • We both love Westworld! For me it validates everything I didn’t like about Dollhouse. Sorry you never made it to one of our events xox

      • The Westworld reboot is perfectly timed to allow the TV series to explore modern social flaws of self awareness, self aggrandizement, self introspection juxtaposed with mechanical ‘beings’ trying to come to grips with abstract concepts of identity, sentience and existence. Rene Descartes would have field day – dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum

        Of course you get the JJ Abrams good v evil, nudity and violence thrown in too!

      • The Westworld reboot is perfectly timed to allow the TV series to explore modern social flaws of self awareness, self aggrandizement, self introspection juxtaposed with mechanical ‘beings’ trying to come to grips with abstract concepts of identity, sentience and existence. Rene Descartes would have a field day – dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum

        Of course you get the JJ Abrams good v evil, nudity and violence thrown in too!

  10. I may have had my ups and downs, but BoK was always a great ride. Thank you Deborah and Roberta!

    • Ha hah! That took me a second, Hollis 😉

      • And it took me reading Mad Chick’s comment to even realize the double meaning of Hollis’ comment. Yes, that’s what happens when you don’t get your weekly dose of BoK.

  11. Thanks galore, Fabulous Lipp Sisters & Basketcases everywhere, for adding so much to our shared Mad Men (and other great TV) experience! Best of everything to you all, in the days & years ahead!

  12. Mad Men is my all time favorite series – EVER. Partly due to the brilliance of MW, the actors/actresses, and writers. Mostly also due to this site. Thank you so much for all the labors of love you put into BoK over the years. Still sad the ride is over *sigh*

  13. A grand blog for the best show ever! You ladies introduced me to so many wonderful writers, all of whom enormously enhanced my viewing of the show (I’m especially looking at you, Tom & Lorenzo).

    Mad Men is my show of shows, and BoK is my blog of blogs. Thanks for the memories…

  14. Thanks so much for all you did, and it was such a lot, to expand my knowledge and enjoyment of Mad Men. Your dedication to the show and this site was inspiring! Thanks for everything – from the UK.

  15. Thank you sooooooo much, Deborah and Roberta! This has been such a wonderful place, and I have so enjoyed being a part of it, as a writer, sometimes-moderator, sometimes-news article finder, and also a reader/commenter. We’ve had a lot of great discussions here, for sure.

    I am wondering if sometime in the future, people would be interested in some sort of reunion party? Maybe we can meet in some midtown bar in NYC and chat and do some Mad Men trivia or something like that. Something to think about!!

    At any rate, this was such a nice “family” to be part of, and I know whenever I read anything about Mad Men actors, or something about the ’60s, etc., I’ll think of everyone here.


    Mad Chick

  16. Thank you, Lipps, for the unmatched commentary (and Show Bible and Plot Summaries) on the unmatched Mad Men.

    And thanks to you and all the other writers for commentary on other TV, film, and News.

    So far as I know there is nothing else like this blog and I’ll miss everything about it – please drop a line here when/if you recharge the batteries

    (I betting/hoping you’ll miss this).

    Best Regards

    Jahn Ghalt

  17. I’m saddened beyond words.
    This is the only blog worth paying attention to.
    Where am I ever gonna read Anne B again?

    Ro, Deb, you have created a thing of immense beauty, that has given joy to so many.
    You’re going to heaven.
    I should be grateful, but I feel like my dick fell off.

    Thank you, for this brief shining moment in all our lives.
    Que Dios me las bendiga a las dos.

  18. “And let’s also say that change is neither good nor bad, it simply is. It can be greeted with terror or joy, a tantrum that says ‘I want it the way it was,’ or a dance that says, ‘Look, something new!’ ”

    I don’t have the words to thank the both of you for this blog (and as you know I’m rarely short on words, which you have tolerated very graciously!). Mad Men would and could not have even been close to the same without BoK. Thank you for the enormous effort you both put into the blog, to which we all were the beneficiaries.

    Thanks also to the amazing Basketwriters and commenters! Everyone created an amazing space, I’ve never seen anything like it and it was a true joy.

    All the best for the future ladies, dance away, and I will be dancing for you!

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