Oct 042016

What happened to Pete and Trudy Campbell?


Do Pete and Trudy find happiness in Wichita with each other or did they eventually return to Manhattan or somewhere on the east coast?


If they stay in Wichita, how often does Trudy take one of the Lear Jets to Manhattan to see her parents?


Do Pete and his father-in-law, Tom Vogel, reconcile now that he and Trudy are back together?


How does Trudy spend her time in Wichita? Obviously not by playing with toys like a kid.


How do you think Tammy turns out?  Is she more like Trudy or Pete?


Do Pete and Trudy become the Wichita Charleston Champs?



Ok Basketcases…..discuss among yourselves!


  7 Responses to “Mad Men: What Happened?”

  1. Late response. I’m not sure about Pete + Trudy. I could see them moving back to New York at some point but it might happen earlier or it might happen later in their life, like maybe after their daughter had started college.

    In a way, I could see how Pete might benefit from a lifestyle that wasn’t quite as competitive. Trudy could probably thrive anywhere and if she stayed in Wichita she’d get involved in social clubs and service organizations and make a lot of new friends.

    Not sure about Tom Vogel. He’d probably stay wary of Pete’s commitment to Trudy at first and then maybe at some point he’d come around.

    • Thanks, Mad Chick — maybe Pete and Trudy decide to retire in NYC! I think you’re right that Tom would eventually come around, especially if that is what Trudy wanted.

  2. VERY late response here! Sorry.

    Much to their own surprise, Pete and Trudy find they don’t miss Manhattan. Pete is a smashing success at Lear Jets, eventually rising to become CEO. Trudy becomes the doyenne of Wichita society, head of the Republican Club, and absolutely the last word on any major social do. And you can tell it’s a truly Major Occasion at the country club when the Campbells can be coaxed into doing their Charleston routine to close the night,

    Tammy, though, is restless in Kansas. Inspired by her father’s stories about his salad days, she decides she wants to go to New York and get into advertising. Pete, realizing she has her mother’s determination and will go no matter what he says, wisely calls an old friend.

    Which is how Tammy Campbell begins her career: As an intern at The Olsen-Rizzo Agency.

    • Melville — “intern at the Olsen-Rizzo Agency” — nice touch! Although I’m pretty sure that Trudy would be the head of the Democratic Club as Pete was always a liberal, more Democratic-leaning guy, especially on social issues and I think Trudy was similarly-minded. Thanks for your response!

      • Not in Witchita Kansas, not in the 70’s,,,,republican or die. It is one thing to be kinda liberal in NYC, but if you want to be accepted ( that is, doing any sort of business) you are going to have to be some form of conservative. The black population in Witchita in 1970 was 9.7%, a doubling since 1955 when it was 5%.

  3. Trudy goes to Manhattan multiple times a year to shop and buy the latest fashions. She has to look the part of the stylish executive wife, and would never want to look frumpy or out of date. While she’s in Manhattan she visits her parents. They spend Thanksgiving or Christmas in Manhattan so Pete can show Tammy New York.

  4. Pete and Trudy would have been the belles of the ball in Wichita. They were Knickerbockers from Back East after all and coming into contact with people who would respect what his lineage meant. Pete will be very successful, but will also miss the pace of NYC….just like when he was in LA. He did well, but missed NYC. Pete finds excuses to visit NYC for business. He stays in touch with Don/ Peggy and sends potential clients to them. Sometimes Trudy accompanies him to shop, see friends etc. Trudy will love being the queen bee of the Wichita social scene and will be asked to sit on many charity boards. Tammy will be sent back east for Boarding School. Tom V will be very wary, but will also want to see his granddaughter. He and Pete will reach detente, and Trudy will be happy.

    Pete will stray, but learned his lesson and keeps his extra curricular activities very far from home. Trudy will stray as well. She has learned a lot over the years and will have one or more very discrete affairs.

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