Basket of News, September 30, 2016

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Sep 302016

Rolling Stone has listed the 100 greatest tv shows of all timeMad Men and Breaking Bad are right there in the illustration!  I count four additional Basket shows in the mix. The Hartford Courant criticizes the list, in part for leaving off Better Call Saul.

Mad Men cast included in “really big Emmy snubs”.

Matthew Weiner, as well as The Walking Dead producer Glen Mazzara, have been elected to the WGA board.

According to, Jon Hamm will guest star on Billy on the Street.

From Basketcase Susan F: Jon Hamm had a cameo on Last Man on Earth (which stars January Jones). Behind the scenes photos of that!

Apparently, Hamm has made enough cameos that they’re now called “Hammeos”: Here’s a hilarious compilation. But that’s not enough for him!

Extremely attractive men with and without beards. One of our favorites is included.

Metro interviews Elisabeth Moss about many things, including Mad Men of course.

John Slattery is working to end the water pollution crisis.

Christina Hendricks is a far cry from her Mad Men days in “first look” stills from the gritty series Tin Star.

Billy Bob Thornton hits on Christina Hendricks in hilarious new Bad Santa 2 trailer NOTE:  NSFW (major potty mouth content).

Video clip of Abigail Spencer (Suzanne Farrell) on how Mad Men changed her career

America Ferrera talks about co-starring with Mad Men’s Ben Feldman. Feldman weighs in on Ferrera elsewhere.

Basketcase rl1856 found us a vintage Coca-Cola ad that may have inspired the Mad Men episode Shoot.

TV’s best couples in a knock-out round.

Sam Page, the odious Greg Harris of Mad Men, welcomes his first child to the world.

Ross Marquand hints that if Aaron survives on The Walking Dead, he may have to adjust his loyalties.

Norman Reedus talks about Negan’s strategy on The Walking Dead.

Frank Darabond and AMC are still fighting over Walking Dead monies.


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