Mad Men Haiku!

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Sep 222016

Mark Kearney dinner

Surprise proposal

He thought she was a virgin

Break up birthday meal

Mark Kearney Peggy bed


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  1. Suitcase as Metaphore

    Never says thank you!
    That’s what the money is for!
    Suitcase ad campaign

    Mom thinks it was yours
    Only one to visit me
    Rules about that, cute as hell

    Why is there a dog
    Featured in the Parthenon?
    Let’s go somewhere dark

    Later the same night
    Duck trying to decorate
    With drawers to his knees

    Not the right office
    Roger’s chair as a toilet
    “No!” poor Peggy pleads

    Drunken break room fight
    17 Okinawa
    Don pinned calls “Uncle”

    Kept ignoring calls
    Repeatedly ringing phone
    Anna packed suitcase

    Passed out with Peggy
    Minus limp Anna’s goodbye
    Finally he calls

    • Wow…simply brilliant!

      • Polly Draper,

        I am so rewarded when I check in to see your Haiku page. Thank you for providing this wonderful, creative space. I completely LOVE fooling around with memories of MadMen dialog. You help me to feel creatively productive in my small way.

        Thanks a basket full xoxo
        Susan F.

        • Susan F,

          Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your creativity! And, thanks also to the Lipp Sisters for Basket of Kisses.

          Polly Draper

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