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What happened to Joy (season 2, episode 11)?

Joy laura ramsay s2

Don meets Joy in Los Angeles when he decides to take Paul Kinsey’s place on a business trip with Pete Campbell after Betty has kicked him out of the house because of his affair with Bobbie Barrett.

Joy is a member of the “Jet Set” who Don meets in hotel lobby when she says. “I’m Joy.”

Joy meets Don

Don ditches Pete and accepts Joy’s invitation to drive to Palm Springs when she asks him, “Why would you deny yourself something you want”?

joy drives don

Don joins Joy, her father Viscount Alsace (“Willy”) and the rest of the “globe-trotting idle aristocrats” in Palm Springs, where they have their affair.

Joy Don Willy

What happens to Joy after Don decides she is all wet and he leaves her after writing Anna’s address on a page out of the Faulkner novel she was reading?

Joy and don all wet

Where does Joy end up?  Does she ever get to read the last page of Faulkner’s “The Sound and the Fury?”  Does she ever meet Don Draper again?

OK, Basketcases….discuss among yourselves.


  4 Responses to “Mad Men: What Happened? Don Draper’s Lovers (part 2)”

  1. “She loved him not only in spite of but because he himself was incapable of love.”
    William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury

    Joy had her own twisted childhood with Willey and the pack of Euros she traveled with alerted her to the radar reading she felt when seeing and talking with Don at the very beginning.
    He was appealing, familiar and lost as she was in the way she operated. Was she the female emotional version of Don?

    She ends up on a long trail of sleeping around with strangers while globe trotting until her looks give out. She has a shelf life of only a decade more until she realizes she is posing for pictures nobody is taking.

  2. I think she realizes her family is fucked up and distances herself from them. She ends up married to Old Money, possibly nobility in Luxembourg or Austria or someplace, and lives a staid, conservative existence pretending her youth didn’t happen.

    • And when under stress she acts out in sexualized charged behavior as a form of detachment/coping? Is she a female version of a Don Draper type?

      Can she be satisfied with a “normal” life?

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